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Patented June 15, 1909.
Specication of Letters Patent.
Patented' June i5, i909.
Application led September y24,; 1907. Serial No. 394,408.
.10 lytic ignitinga paratus ofthe kind, in which a small piece o ethiops or black of platinum, of n'idlum or a similar metal, preferably combined with thin wires. of latinum, is
Y moved from its sheltered posit1on withinV a` ]5- box or casing on to the top of another chamber of the saidbox or casing containing a wick or some other fibrous or porous material impregnated with a volatile inflammable fluid, such as methylic alcohol, the
vaporsof which, owing to the catalytic action lof the black of latinum, cause the same to be heated to reaeheat in the well-known manner.
Igniting apparatus of the kind referred to,
in general, are known. The catalytic igniter proper, viz. the piece of black of platinum, n'idium or other suitable metal, heretofore, has been combined. either with a sliding lid or with a spring-lid of the box or casing, and
with the apparatus of the latter kind, the
piece of black of'platinum moved linto contact'withthe vapors of alcohol, was' retained in position and 1n contact with such vapors during the whole time of use of the apparatus,
4 35 the red-heat of the black of platinum being employed to -ignitea cigar or other inflamma le matter by direct contact of the glowing piece with the material to be ignited.
According to my invention, the piece of 40 black of platinum, on being heated by the catalytic action, does not serve to .lgnite other objects brought into direct Contact withisuch glowing piece, but it ignites the vapors ofthe wick, or fibrous or porousmatter containing methylic alcohol or the like, and the said vapors continue to burn when the igniting piece of platinum has been withdrawn, thereb allowing the burningvapors to be'utilized or igniting other objects, -such '50"as cigars,gasllames, and any other inflammable'rnatter.V A considerable advantage of the'kind of igniting a paratus last described consists in that the b ack of platinum, being greatlyvliable-to wear and tear, ma be withdrawn romthe lighted lameof a cbhol immediately' after lighting saidv flame, and by this means, the igniting device'proper, say the ethiops or black of platinum, or iridium or the like, and the thin wires of platinum attached thereto, are preserved in a good working state for a considerable extent of ,i
According to my invention, the box or casing of the improved ignitin apparatus, containing wad or any other brous or porous material to be impregnated with a suitable, inflammable fluid, such as methylic alcohol, has a spring-lid tightly closin said box, and at one of the sides of said ox, separated from the chamber formed by saidbox, a frame or channel is arranged to receive a slide connected to the igniting device proper,
consisting of an open frame carrying the piece of black of platinum and the thin wires of latinum'connected therewith, the said elli e being hinged to said igniting frame.
he spring-lid of thebox or casing 1s re# tained in its closed position by a suitable catch,which will be released by the' slide on moving the same into the operative osition,
and thus, on actuating the said s ide, the spring-lid of the box will be thrown open and the igniting frame simultaneously be thrown over the open end of the box, from which theV inilammable vapors are r1sin to be ignited by the black of pllatinum an thin Wires of platinum, whic have been heated by the said vapors. As soon as the said vapors have been ignited, the ignitln'g frame connected to the slide may at once be Withdrawn and returned into its sheltered position Within; the side-frame or channel of the box, there to remain up to the next igniting o eration-l To ma re my invention properly understood, I have illustrated the same 1n the accompanying drawings, in which:
Figure 1 is a longitudinal section'of the apparatus, with its lid or cover closed and all arts in the state of inaction. kFig; 2 is a ongitudinal section of the apparatus, show ingthe lid or cover open and the parts 1n position to light the flame. F1g. 3 1s a sideview of the apparatusagainst the channel or guide-frame o the slide. Fig. 4 -is a lon tudinal sectionvof the apparatus showing t ke slide'in course of its upward movement and ready to throw the p'ring-lid ofthe box into its lopen position. 1g.l 5 is a topv1ew of the ap aratus, the lid ofthe box being removed ang the slide being shownin' horizontal section. Figs; 6, and 7. serve toillustrate the combination ofthe catalytic igniter with a pocket lamp formed or secured to the box of the igniter.
v"Referring to Figs. 1., to 5, b, is a box, pref- 'I the vapors of which will rise from the box as soon as the lid d, has been thrown, open and the atmosphere enters into contact with the wad and hquid .therein contained. Formed or secured lto the side of box b, is a frame or chamber 1", separate from the chamber inclosed by the box b, and thesaid chamber 1,
serves as a guide for a' slide s, and Vfor a frame z, carrying the black of platinum and thin wires vof platinum which .constitute the igniter, the said frame z, being hinged to the slide s, as at c, with a springv o, to act upon said frame z, whichspring o, however, may be omitted. l
The frame or chamber 1, has a slot y', through which a pin or knob c, projects to the outside, said pin or knob being secured to the slide s, for shiftin the same up and down within the frame or c annel 1'.
A springf, is arranged inside the box b, to engage with a'proper catch v, carried by the cover or lid d, and a pin a, is so located within the partition between the box b, and ch amber 1', as to be operated upon by a lug or shoulder t, of the slide s, in its way up the said chamber or channel 1'. When the said slide s, is pushed u the channel 1, the said pin a, will e pushe against the springf, and the said spring, on being bent back, will come out of engagement with'the catch o, thus allowing the spring g, to at once throw the lid d, into its open position. It will be seen, that, although the slide s, acts'to throw oplen the lid d, the said lid has no connection w atever with the igniting frame z, the latter being exclusively under control of the slide s.
On pushing the knob c, u within the slot y', the slide s, as has been ereinbefore described, open the spring-lid d, of box b, and on further being raised within the chamber or channel 1', the said slide s, will, immediately after opening the lid, push the frame z out of the chamber 1', thus making the same fall down u on the open box b, by its proper weight, or e thrown down by the aid of spring o, wound about the hinge-pin c. The frame z, being brought u on the open box b, as shown in Fig. 2, will) readily' ignite the vapors developed from the impregnated porous matter in the box b, and as soon as the piece of black of platinum carried by the frame z, and the thin wires of platinum attached thereto, have performed the ignition of the vapors, the slide s, with frame z, connected to it, may at once be withdrawn and returned into the chamber 1, by simply pulling the knob or pin lc, down within the slot y'. To push the knob 7c up and to pull it down within the slot j, the thumb of the hand which holds the apparatus needs only to act upon Said knob c, in one or the other direction of the slot, and thus, for using tlie appa-I ratus, a single hand may readily perform the whole operation. The vapors at the open end of the box b, will continue to burn, after the black of platinum has been removedinto its sheltered position, and if the flame is no more used, it may be blown out and the lid be closed, or by simply closing the lid d, of box b, the iiame will be extinguished at once.
As will be seen in Figs. 2 and 4, the upper end of slide s, is bent to the inside, toward the box b, to form a cover for the chamber 1, when the said slide s, has been pulled down and the frame z, connected to it, has been lodged Within said chamber 1. Atmos heric air having ready access to said cham er 1', through the slot j, the black of platinum will readily cool down, as soon as the frame z, has been returned into said chamber 1", after use.
The little pocket-lamp l, Figs. 6, and 7, placed at the side of box b, and consisting of a tube or casing containing a wick or other fibrous matter to be impregnated with petroleum, benzin, ligroin or some similar fluid which readily will catch the liame from the burning alcohol on box b, is, by itself, of
a known kind. The iame h, of said lamp l,
will burn with a white flame. 'A cap w, serves to extinguish theilame h, after use. I claim as my invention:
l'. A lighting device of the class described comprising a casing adapted to contain an inflammable liquid, a separate chamber connected to said casing, a slide in said chamber having vertical movement therein, a
frame having one end hinged to said slide, a spring for forcing the free end of said frame toward the casing when the slide is raised, and an igniting substance carried by said frame. u g
2. In a catalytic igniting apparatus, the combination, with a casing adapted to receive an inflammable liquid, of a spring-lid adapted to close said casing, a slide adapted to be moved toward and from the open end of tlie casing and guided within a chamber outside of the said casing, a frame hinged to said slide and carrying the igniting substance, and means actuated by the said slide for throwing open the spring-lid of the casing, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.
3. In a catalytic igniting apparatus, the combination, with a casing adapted to re. ceiver an inflammable liquid, of a spring-lid adapted to close said casing, a slide adapted to be moved Within a separate chamber outside of the casing, a frame hinged to said slide and carrying an igniting substance,
means for retaining the spring-lid of the ceive an inflammable liquid and having a spring lid, of a separate chamber outside vof said'casing, a slide adapted to be moved within said outside chamber, a pin projectl5 ing from a slit in said outside chamber andv secured to the slide Within, a spring-actuated catch Within the casing to retain the springlid in its closed position, means controlled by the slide for releasing said catch, and a frame carrying an igniting substance and hinged to the slide, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.
In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specication in the presence of tWof subscribing Witnesses.
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