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    • B62M1/00Rider propulsion of wheeled vehicles
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No. 88,872. Patented April 13, 1869.

ILLLUII mum In?) aft/a [muun |1 [mnmm N. PETERS, Pholo-Lilhognphor. Waahingtun. D c.

" tiuitxl tire.


Letters Patent No. 88,872, dated A ril 13, 1869.


m Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same.

and I do hereby declare that the following is a full,

clear, and exact description-thereof, which will enable others skilled in the art to make and'use the same, reference being hadto the accompanying drawings,

' forming part of this specification, in which- Figure 1 represents a side elevation, partly in section, of my improved velocipede.

Figure 2 is a rear elevation of the same.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

This invention relates to a new three-wheeled velocipede, which is so constructed that it will, when passing over uneven ground, or when describing a curve,

not lose its balance, but will be adjustable, to retain the centre of gravity in the proper position.

The invention consists in pivoting, or rather swivel- .ling, the rear end of the reach, in the rear axle, and

in braces projecting therefrom, so that the reach can freely turn, to enable the rider, when on uneven ground,

or when describing a circle, to maintain his equilib rium.

The invention also consists in forming projecting arms onthe reach, and in having springs act on the upper-or lower sides of said arms, so that the reach will be automatically retained in the central position by the said springs, unless pressed to one side by the weight of the driver.

The invention finally consists, in the application of sliding fOOlESHPPOl'tS, which move in fixed guides, and which are, by rods,connected with cranks on the front driving-axle. The feet of the. driver will have to move up and down only, instead of having to follow the mo tion of the revolvi'in crank. The operation is therefore made simpler andfeasier. I

A, in the drawing, represents the rear. axle of my improved velocipede. 1

It is supported on wheels B B, and is of suitable shape and size. 7

O is the reach of the velocipede.

Its rear end is of cylindrical form,and is fitted through boxes 0 a, formed on the rear axle, and on braces b b,

projecting from the same, so that the said reach can swing to either side in the said boxes.

The axle D of the front wheel E is hung in aframe,

' F, which has a vertical projecting pin, 0, that isfitted through the front end of the reach, so that the frame F will thus be swivellcd in the reach.

The upper part of the pin 0 may be fitted through a tube, d, projecting from the reach, as shown.

To the upper end of the pin 0 is securedacross-bar,

a, which has projecting lugs ff, in which a horizontal bar, 9, is swivellcd, so that it can turn in said lugs on its own axis.

The ends of the bar g form the steering-handles, by means of which the frame F can be so swung as to cause the wheel E to stand in any desired direction.

To the bar g is secured one end of a cord, or string' h, which has its other end fastened to a brake-rod, G, pivoted to the reach, as shown. By turning the bar 9, the string It will he wound upon it, and will cause the brake to be applied to the front wheel.

H is the drivers seat, secured in suitable manner to the reach.

are thecranks, on the front axle D. D I They are, by means of rods j j, connected with slides I 1, respectively, said slides working in slottedplates,

or guides J, that are secured to or formed on the frame F, as is clearly shown in the dra\ving.

The foot-supports K are secured to the slides I, and are or may be adjustable on them. Friction-rollers may be provided on the slides, to facilitate their motion in the guides. The driver has his feet on the supports K, and, by working them up and down, hewill cause the front wheel to revolve.

L is "a cross-bar, secured to the rear part of the reach 0, so as to project from both sides of the same.

Under its ends are arranged, on the rear axle, A, springs l, which tend to keep the bar L in ahorlzontal or other equivalent position, in which the reach retains the pin 0 in avertical position. Still the springs allow the reach to swing, when the rider should desire to retain his equilibrium while on uneven ground or turning on a curve, by throwing his weight more or less to one side.

The various improvements hereinbefore specified may be separately or jointly applied to velocipedes of different construction. Thus, the swinging reach may be used on all kinds of three-wheeled velocipedes, while the slides I may be used on two, three, orfour-wheeled velocipedes, as well as the brake-attachment.

Having thus described. my invention,

I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent- 1. The combination of the cross-bar L and spring I, with the axle A and swivellcd. reach 0, substantially as described for the purpose specified.

2. The cross-bar L, formed on the swinging reach 0, and acted upon by springs l, as set forth, for the purpose specified.

3. The combination of the slides I, foot-supports K, connecting-rods j, and slotted vertical frames J, with the cranks i of the front axle D, all arranged and operating as described, for the purpose specified.

' Witnesses: W. S. HILL.


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