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No. Baisse.

v P. R. iowa PORTABLE fuismaY sans@ KINK FLOOR. APPLUTN 'LED APR. 2, 3.907.





rw. 867,330;V

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Oct.- 1, 1907.

Application filed April 2,19. Serial No. 366,042.

United States, residing at Brookfield, in the county of Linn and State o Missouri, have invented a new and uscinl Portable Roller-Skating-.ltink Floor, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relatesto portable ioors erplsterrns 'of that general class designed for roller sluiting, ilsncing,

bicycle riding and the like and has for its object rto pro vide a sectional floor or platform capable of being rondily set np for use and quickly knocked dow'n and coinA psctly loldod for transportation or shipment.

A further object of the invention is to provide n portahlc floor which may be set up for use on s lawn, grass plot. or other inclosure or placed in position over n sta tionary or permanent floor of a building or similar stru cture. I .f

A further object is to provide a floor including a. plurslity of separable sections arranged to breek joint and having interlocking parts whereby tiresevcml sections may be quickly assembled witheftt the enirioyment of nails, and similar fastening devices.

A further object. is to form the loor with one or more boxes or compartments adapted to receive and support a. tent or canopy pole when the floor is set np for use in tho open sir and further to form the boxes with dmn openings or `rpeitures to permit the waiter from the tent or canopy to bo discharged beneath the floor in wet or inclement weather.

A further object is to provide n portable floor having collapsible seats or benches associated therewith and furtlier't/o' provide a guard mil or closure for the floor.

Further objects and advantages will appear in the following description, it being understood that various changes in forni, proportions and ininor details of constructiondnray he resorted to within the scope of the appended claims` V n the accompanying drawings forming a. part of this specification: Figure l is a top plan viewo s portable floor for platform constructed in accordance with my invention. Fig. 2 issn end elevation of tiresome. Fig. 3 is an end View of one of the sections constituting the floor. Fig. 4 isa perspective view o one o the pole supporting boites or compartments. Fig. 5 is a sec'- tional side :elevation of a portion of the loor showing the arringerncnt of the ioi'sts orsills. Fig. 6 is s aid elevation o oneo the posts or standards constituting the guard rail. Fig. 7 is a front elevation of Fg.`6. Fig. S is o top plan vic1r of one of theV sockets for the fastening devices of the floor sections. Fig. 9 is a transverse seeA tional view token on the line Ib-9 of Fig. 8. Fig. 1G is nn end- View showing the manner of piling the joists for transportation or shipment. Fig. ll.' is n vertical soctionnl view showing the nnmncr of connecting the dbnl.- ling ends ol the lop niil to the adjacent post. Fig. 12in on enlarged top plan view showing the locking strip and wedges. Fig. .i3 is en enlarged end elevation showing the manner of supporting the seats. Fig. 14 is s side elevation partly in section of one of the longitudinal sills showing n level in position thereon. Fig. 15

. is oitopplan view showing n different forni of locking wedge. Fig. 16 is o. detail sectional view illustrating s inodilied form oi clamp lor connecting the trtmsverse ciente.

Similar nu merels o reference indicate corresponding paris in all of the figures oi the drawings.

The portable floor or platform forming the subject matter of the present invention is preferably formed of a plurality of separa-ble sections 5 lnid to break joint and having their abutting ends provided with tongue and groove connections (i und 7, :is best shown in Figs. l and 5 o the drawings.

The sections 5 are supported in elevated position above the ground on spaced transverse joists 8, the lets ter being mount-ed on longitudinal sills 9 which rest on the ground, as shown, and serve to prevent thejoists lroin coming in Contact with the ground and decaying when exposed to the elements.

Secured in any suitable manner to the bottom oi each el the floor sections 5 are transverse cleats l0 preferably spaced apart a distance equal to the distance between the joists and adapted to beer against one longitudinal lace of the latter when the floor is set up for use.

Some ol the transverse cleats 10 are provided with astening devices preferably in the form of bells l1 each having one end extended laterally beyond the adjacent cleat and adapted to engage a. correspondingly .shaped opening formed in the transverse Clo-nt of n contiguous section, seid sections being fastened together by means ol' a. cla'inping nut l2 which engngos the threaded end of the bolt'll and serves to drew the adjacent cleats togather,

its s means for anchoring the lloor to the longitudinal sills 9 there are provided o plurality oi vertically disposed holts 13 each lowing one end thereof engaging e.

. socket 14 formed in the bolt carrying cloni while its op posit@ ond is fastened to n bracket carried by ibo adjacent transverse juist, the letter being in tum secured to the adjacent longitndinalsill, as shown.

The sockets 14 are each covered bye plate or closure l5 hsvig an elongated slot iii formed therein and communicating with the socket l-i, the hond of thebolt. 13 being adapted to he passed through the slot 1G into the socketl and thence partially r1 nned .so as to canse the opposite corners ol the squared p rlion oi the bolt to bear against the adjacent wsllsei the platoon each side o the slot 1.6.

Tlic head of the holt lil is elongated in shape to con form to the Shnpe o the slot lll so the bolt muy be readily introduced iin-oooh sind slot into the socket,


the shank oi said bolt beneath the head thereof being provided with rounded corners 17 and squared portions 18 which bear against the opposite walls oi the slot n] when the head ol the bolt is rotated within the socket '5 and serve to prevent iccidontal rotation of said bolt.

Secured to the lower longitudinal edge oi each snp porting joist 8 are securing brackets 19 provided with laterally extending flanges 2() which boar against the longitudinal sills 9 and are secured thereto in any suit- 1() able manner, as by lag bolts or similar fastening devices 21. The anges 2() :tre preferably ol the saine length and thickness as the joists 8 so that when tbe lioor is knocked down for transportar ion or shipment the joists may be piled one upon the other and compactly nested, as best shown in Fig. l() of the drawings.

`As a means for drawing the several ser-tions of the ilooring together aiter the sinie have been assembled there are pniyided a plurality oi Wedges 22 which bear against the adjacent longitudinal edge of the floor and also against the inclined face 23 oi' a. stationary strip 24 secured to the joists 8 so that by moving the wedge longitudinally of the floor the several sections may b. forced together.

They.wedges 22 are provided with one or more ver- 25 tically disposed openings or recesses 24 adapted to receive a nail or similar lastening device 25 so that after the Wedges have been adjusted to force the Hoor sections together `the fastening devices 25 may be driven into the adjacent joists thereby to lock thil ioor sections in adjusted position.

.The joists 8 preferably extend laterally beyond the opposite longitudinal edges of the floor and secured to the projected or free ends of the joists are spaced posts or standards ZG each having its lower end provided with a loop or stirrup 27 which engages the adjacent` joists 8, there` being wedges or keys 28 interposed br.- tween the stirrup and the bottopi of the joist for lorking the standards 26 in position on the joists Secured to the upper or free ends oi the standards 26 is a board or timber 29 whiclrconstitutes a` bench or sat for the spectators, skaters, dancers, or other persons,

I said bench being provided with a. pivoted back section 30 adapted ` folded'downwardly on the seat 29 when the iloor'is knocked down for transportation or shipment.

Associated with the portable floor is a guard rail or closure preferably consisting oi spaced posts 3l provided at their lower ends with depending loops or stil-rups 32 similar in construction to the stirrups 27 and locked in position on the adjacent joists by keys or wedges 32. The upper ends of the posts 3l are connected by top rails 33 each combined with or secured to the adjacent post by` means of a suitable bolt and nut fastening 34.' The abutting endseii tho` top rails ar'e fastened to the adjacent posts'by clips 34 which `$5 wedges `22 are normally govered by a wood or metal strip 23 which forms a housing for tbc suine so as to prevent the foot from catching between thc stationary strip and adjacent odge ol' the iloor.

The intermediate portions oi the posts .'il are formi-d with horimantally alinod recesses 35 in whit h is .sented :tu intermediate rail fili, the latter being lockt-d williin tlnrecesses 35 ol thc post by moans oi' pivoted clips 37 one nd of ouch oi which is provided with a lcrininal l| .ok'38 adapted to eng-ago a stud or locking pin 39 ox-A tcndiug laterally l'roni the adjacent vertical cdgc oi thc post, as shown` 4 The iioor sections 4(1ol` the central row are preferably narrower and stimo ol' them shorter than the adjacent sections 5, and interposed betwctn the adjacent ends ol' intcrnudixitc scctii'ins 40 are one or more` boxes or receptacles 4l which rest on the ground and arc provided with recesses 42 for the reception oi the longitudinal sills 9. The boxes or receptacles 4l anA adapted to be fillrd with saw-dust. sand or similar. material so :is to ici-mn support for a tent or canopy pole wbr-n the door is sot np for use in thc open air. The boxes 4l are provided with one or more diagonalpartitions 43 forming compartments 44's() that any watcr flowing down the sides of the polc will cntcr the compartments 44 and thence drain laterally and outwardly through suitable openings 45 communicating with the compartments 44, :is shown. It will thus bc seen that when thc cover ol the tent is lowered on tho pole in wet weather tho moisture from th(l top of thc tent will enter the coinpartinenis and be discharged beneath the fiooring so as to prevent the watt-r from coming in contact with the Hoor and warping or otherwise distorting the same.

If desired, the opposite ends of the floor may also be provided with a guard rail and in order to support the end rails 46 one or more posts or standards 47 are secured to the adjacent joists 8 in any suitable manner, as by fastening devices 48, the 'end rails 46 being conn'ectedwith the adjacent side rails by corner brackcts 49,

As a means forindicating the level of the iioor, some of the joists and longitudinal sills are provided with suitable spirit tubes 37 as illustrated in Fig. 14 of the drawings.

In assembling the several sections comprising the floor the sills are first laid in position on the ground or over a permanent or stationary floor when said portable iioor is to be used in a building or similar structure after which the joists 7 are secured to the transverse sills by means of brackets 19. The Hoor sections 5 and 40 are then placed iu'position on the joists and adjusted longitudinally until the transverse cleats 10 b ear against 'the juist in which position some ofthe cleats will be ar- 24 andthe adjacent longitndinalfedgo of the Hoor and fastening said wedges in adjusted position by driving the nailsor` screws 25 into the joisls. thus set 'up the standards are placed in position on the projecting ends of the joists and the top and interme- When the floor is`

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