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dutrrintrt @nicht (lttitr.
d ,n i wf" /HnRi/EY B. DENNY, or WASHINGTON, Dlsinio'r or COLUMBIA. Leners Baten No. 85,515, dass .ra/omg 51'8cs.
mrnovnnrnnr IN Pnnr'rrNePRI-:esrne The Schedule referred to Ln theaeLetters Patent `and making pint of the lamo- -vw-v-w l To all 'whom it may conce'mrw Be it known that I, Hnnvnr B. DERHY, of the city and county of Washington, and District of Oolumhia,
have invented certain new and useful'lmprovements in Printing-Presses;` and I do hereby declare that the following is a suiiiciently full, clear, and exact description thereof, to enable one skilled in the art to which my said invention appertains, to make and use it, refenenee being had to the accompanying drawings, which i'orrn a part `of this spccication.
My improvements consist- First, in a device for turning the platen from avertical to a horizontal position, andofics corso.
Second, in a device for bracing the platen rigidly on its supporting-arms while taking auimpression,
Third, inproviding the lower cylinder with horizontal adjustment, s o that it may be placed out of action when no t required.
FourthL in a device im' supporting andiopcmting the inking-roller or rollers.
Filth, in the employment; of a section-ral ink-i`ountain knife, for the purpose of more freely ie'gulating or varyin the supply of ink to different parts of the form.
Figure 1 represents a plan of a press illustrating my invention. 4
Figure 2 represents a vertical section in the plane indicated by the line a: a: in iig. 1, showing the platen in position to receive a sheet to be printed.
Figure 3 represents a section, in the saine plane, of the front portion ofthe press, showing the parts in position for taking an impression.
Figure 4 is a perspective view of one lower corner of the pieten and its attachments, illustrating the man ner of ylooking it in a vertical position, as hereinafter e'xLj pllihd.' Y 'i 4 4 A A A represent various parte of the stationary 'frame B.B are two uprightarms, fulcrumedat their lower ends, and having pivoted to their upper ends the platen 0,the 'trunnions c c of which are connected by rods D D to the driving-wheels E E, which are` rotated in unison to impart theforward aud backward motion to mechanism, not necessary to be described.
and receive a fresh sheet, and permit itto be turned into the vertical position represented in iig.,3, when it is drawn forward to take an impression. Y
A The frisket F is hinged at j; and elevated i'rom the platen, as the latternioves bank iiom the iorm, by means of a lever, G, projecting rigidly from said frisket, and working against a stationary pin g, on the frame A.
the iisket against the fece ot' the platen, when it is released from the pin y,
A spring, H, serves to press tical position. p
I represents a horizontal bar, adapted to slide in vertical slots in the nrmsB, and pressed upward by springs i.
Stationary cams JI on the frame A depress lthe har I, as the arms B B are drawn forward, and cause it to engage (when released) with lugs I', near the lower edge of the platen, to brace the latter in its vertical position, and nesist any excessive pressure which may -bevv applied to its upper part in the act of printing.
K represents the form-bed, to which the chase may be connected in any usual or proper manner.
L represents an ink-iouuteiu.
The ink-ibuntain knife or regulating-plate is made in anumher oi separate sections, M M M M, in each of which one ormone set-screws, N, are' swivelled, so that either section may be drawn up or pressed down by the platen moving' forward and turning into a verindependently oiftliepthers.
. The dow of' ink muy thus .be regulatorias-required, and varied at'diierent parts, so that a larger or smaller quantity of ink may be applied to diierent parts of the form.
To insure the more uniform inlring of the upperand lower edges Aof the form, I employ two separate inkcylindere, O P, over both of which the' inlringroller Q g is passed at everyfull strolreof the press.
The lower cylinder P is mounted in hinged brackets p, or provided with ahorizontal adjustment, in any other suitable way, su that it may be removed from contact with .the inlring-rollerwhen the upper cylinw der only is required to be used.
The lnkiug-rollerQ is carried by arms or lever-slt RT, fnlcrumcd on a transverse shaft, S, and vibratcd by a stud and roller, T, upon one or each of the arms B, working in a oem-groove, U, on the inner face .of 'one or each of the driving-wheels E.
rThese cam-grooves are so formed `that while the press is in continuous operation, the inlring-rcller will rest or dwell for a short time in contact with each of the cylinders O P, so as toA change the surfaces which will 'come in contact with the various parte of the form, and also the eontactsurfaces of4 the cylinders.
'lhe various-rollersv may be driven by any suitable The inking-roller Q, works in longitudinal slots in theiree ends of the arms R Rl, and is drawn inward bysprings V, so as to cause it to press with suiiiient force against the distributing-rollers O P, and all parts of the form, as it passes over them. The rear ends of the vibrating armsRR' are weighted, as shown, to counterbalance the longer ends, andthe inlcingrollcr thereon. 4 l The following may be'namedamong the advantages of my invention: i
First, the general construction of the press comyblues simplicity and oheapness with ease and regularity of movement.
ASecond, my mode of turning the platen to and fromt its horizontal position, aiords i greater length of tlnie for putting on and taking o the sheets of paper to be printed.
Third, it is sometimes' desirahle'to printer form of type above the centre of the pleteu. The platen, if not locked Irmly :Lt/the time of the impression, would tilt up, end not present a fair surface to the type.
Fourth, I provide additional and more eiective distribution of ink, by employing a double set of ink-cylieders and distributing-rollers, and locating them both above and below the form.
AFifth, on coarse work, where it is desirable to save power necessary to run the press, or for other reasons, b'y throwing thc lower cylinder out of contact willi the ink-rollers, the lower cylinder and its distributing-rollers will be stationary, and'the power necessary to run them be saved. A
Sixth, by constructing the arms that carry the inkrollers of one piece of metal, instead of the number usually employed, a saving is made on the originel oost of construction, in the power necessary to run the press, and all play ru the the' press can be run at e higher speed than the majority can, and much` noise und danger of breakage nre avoided.
Seventh, by giving the ink-rollers a dwell for the purpose of receiving,r a charge of ink, both above and below the form, a change is made in the distributingsurface, and the ink spread over a much greater snrface. The ink-rollers pass from the top distributingcylinder down over the type-form, tothe lower cylinder, where they stop, redistribute the ink1 and again go over the type to they top cylinder.
Eighth, where the ink-knife of the fountain is oonstructcd of one piece, and the set-screws merely pressk down on the top of it, one screw aieets the knife to some connections being avoided,
distsuoeon each side. It is sometimes desirable to allow a. good supply of ink et e certain point, and but little above and below it. This it is diiiioult 'to accomplish bythe old style of fountain, for the reason above stated.
Having thus described my invention, the following is what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent:
1. In combination with the platen 0, pivoted to the rocking arms B B, I claire the inclined surface c, employed to turn the said platen from its horizontal position, as described.
2. Locking the platen firmly when in a Vertical position, and at the time of taking an impression, between the upright arms,"by which it is carried, hy means substantially as set forth.
3. Making the lower cylinder adjustable, so that it can, if desired, be moved back out of contact with the losing-rollers.
4. I claim, in combination, thriuk-eylinders O and l?, above and below the form, the rigid arms R R', fulcrumed irrterrnediately between their ends, and earrying the .iuking roller Q and the cam U, all arranged subsa-utilly as described, to pass the form, and canse it to dwell on the cylinders botli above and below.
5. Constructing the ink-fountain knife of two 01j more pieces, and passing the regulating-screw through the knife, for the purpose of more thoroughly controlling the supply of ink, and rendering the sections of the knife independent in their operation.
, H. B. DENNY.
Oorsvrus KNIGHT, WM. H. Bnnrmros.
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