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"ID-675,783. Patented June 4, IBM. J. W. MELOUN. GUIDE FOR SHOE SEWING MACHINES. (Application filed Oct. 19, 189g. Renewed NW. 22, 1899.)
(Io Iodol.)
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 675,783, dated June 4, 1901. Application filed October 19, 1893. Renewed November 22, 1899. Serial No. 737,965. (No model.)
T on whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, JAMES W. MELOON, of Brockton, in the county of Plymouth and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Guidesfor Sewing-Machines, of
which the following is a specification, reference being had to the drawings, in which- Figure 1 represents a front elevation of the presser-foot and adjustable guide. Fig. 2 rep- IO resents a top plan view of the same, showing the adjustable upper guide moved out for making a full stitch and showing a portion of a boot or shoe in dotted lines. Fig; 3 represents a similar plan view showing the upper guide moved inward for makinga close stitch. Fig. 4 represents a bottom plan view of Fig. 2. Fig. 5 represents a cross-section online 5 5 in Fig. 2. Fig. 6 represents a cross-section on line 6 6 in Fig. 2.
Similar letters refer to similar parts wherever they occur on the different parts of the drawings.
.This invention is an improvement in a guide for sewing-machines for stitching the outer sole to the welt on shoes on the last and varying at the will of the operator the distance of the row of the stitches from what is termed the feather-edge of the upper and producing what is generally known as a Scotch o edge--that is, a full stitch on one or both sides of the fore part of the shoe and a close stitch on the remainder thereof.
In Fig. 5, A represents the upper of a boot or shoe as usual, on which 13 is the insole, C
the Welt, and D the outer solo, in the ordinary way.
A represents that portion of a boot or shoe upper adjoining the welt, and in the trade it is generally termed the feather-edge, and
40 it is this portion of the upper which is held and guided against my improved presser-foot continuously during the stitching operation, so as to cause the row of stitches E, by means of which the Welt and outer sole are united,
5 to follow the contour or outline of such upper portion.
In the art of making welted shoes it is often desirable to vary the distance of such row of stitches E from the upperthat is, a full stitchnamely, a stitch at a comparatively greater distance from the upperis made on one or both sides of the fore part of the boot or shoe and a close stitch that is, a stitch nearer to the upperis made on the remaining part of the boot or shoe sole. This mode of stitching is used on aprotruding or extension sole, which is generally called a Scotch edge, and it is for the purpose of enabling the operator at will to make such a full or close stitch that my invention is constructed; and. it consists of a resser-foot F, which is attached or connected to the frame of a sewingmachine in any well known manner and serves as a rest for the sole and welt, said foot having a suitable perforation f, through which the awl G and needle H pass While puncturing the material, carrying the thread, and forming the stitch.
The welt C of the boot or shoe is held (when the latter is on a last) against the under side of thelpresser-foot F in the usual manner during the sewing operation, as shown in Fig. 5.
In connection with the presser-foot F, I use a longitudinally-adjustable feather-edge or upper guide I, which is guided in suitable grooves or otherwise in the presser-foot F, and against the guide the feather-edge A of the upper is held by the operator during the sewing operation. The said upper-guide I is adjustable to and from the presser-foot F, preferably by means of a lever K, pivoted at k to an arm or bracket L and connected or jointed in the forward end to the adjustable upper-guide, as shown at 70' in Fig. 4. The outer end K of the lever K serves as a handle or finger-piece for rocking it for the purpose of moving the guide I in or out relative to the presser-foot F, as occasion may require. To the outer end of the bracket L is secured an adjustable locking-dog M or 0 similar locking device, by means of which the handle portion of the lever K may be held, so as to retain the guide I in its adj ustable outer position, as shown in Figs. 2 and 4. By releasing the handle portion of said lever 5 K from the looking or holding device M and pulling it forward to the position shown in Fig. 3 the guide I is moved close up to the forward edge of the presser-foot F.
It will thus be seen that the device is at all times under the control of the operator, who by moving the handle K in or out can thereby actuate the guide I and cause it to be moved more or less from the path of the needle, and by holding and guiding the featheredge of the lasted boot or shoe against such guide I the desired eifect, as hereinabove mentioned, is produced.
What I claim as my invention is 1. In a sole-sewing machine for uniting the outer sole and welt of a shoe while the shoe is on the last, the combination with the stitchforming mechanism, of means external to the shoe for engaging the outer sole and welt and holding both against the endwise movement of the needle, and a guide for engaging and externally guiding the shoe, the said guide being movable during the stitching operation for the purpose of varying at the will of the operator the position of the guide with relation to the stitching mechanism, whereby the line of stitching may be located nearer to or farther from the upper, as set forth.
2. A sewingmachine comprising stitchforming mechanism, a presser-foot adapted to serve as an external rest for the work, in combination with a bracket secured thereto, an adjustable upper or feather-edge guide carried by said presser-foot, a lever connected with said guide at one end having an operating-handle at its other end and pivoted intermediate its ends to the bracket, whereby said guide may be adjusted with respect to said presser-foot, and means for securing said guide in adjusted position, substantially as described.
In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification, in the presence of two subscribing witnesses, on this 18th day of October, A. D. 1803.
US73796593A 1893-10-19 1893-10-19 Guide for shoe-sewing machines. Expired - Lifetime US675783A (en)

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