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e Cooking Stove. I No' 6719' Patented Sept. 18, 1849.
Specification of Letters Patent No. 6,719, dated September 18, 1849.
To all 'whom t may concern Be it known that I, WVILLIAM WHEELER, of Troy, in the county of Rensselaer and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cooking- Stoves, and that the following is a full,
. clear, and exact description of the principle or character which distinguishes them from all other things before known and of the usual manner of making, modifying, and using the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which make a part thereof, in which- Figure l, is a perspective view. Fig. 2, is a vertical section longitudinally through the fire chamber. Fig. 3, is a horizontal section. Fig. 4; is a vertical cross section. Fig. 5 shows the grate separate.
The nature of my invention consists in the mode of constructing the fire chamber, grate, and ash-pit, and in combining two ovens therewith, by which I can economize heat, and can cook a great variety within the ordinary space allot-ted to the purpose.
The stove is constructed in the following way; but I do not confine myself to any proportions, but vary the same according to circumstances, while I retain the features hereafter described. The outside 0f the stove is nearly cubical, and it is elevated in the usual way, on legs; the re chamber (a,) is equidistant from each end, and is placed between two ovens (b, (2,) and eX- tending from near the back to the front, as clearly shown in Fig. 2, leaving only a space sufficient for a double flue behind, to be presently described. The sides of the fire chamber are vertical or inclined and there is a narrow air space (2f,) between it and the oven; on a level with the top of the grate there is a ledge or projection (fl,) inward, suiiiciently deep to support a fire arch, or lining (6,), a front view of which is shown in Fig. 2. The grate (f,) occupies and fills a narrow space in a frame (f,) that rests on the projection (fZ,) this grate consists of aseries of bars or plates, having a V shaped indentation on the upper side, and with their under side formed into the segment of a circle, as clearly represented at Fig. 4, and on an enlarged scale Fig. 5, these grate bars are connected by the bars (f,) that extend from end to end, and placed a little within the ends of the grate bars, so as to admit a current of air to pass up outside of them next to the side of the recess.
The grate thus constructed is suspended in its place on journals (t, L,) projecting from each end at the center of the circle, of which the lower surface of the grate bars form a segment, so that when the grate is shaken the bars will always form a joint with the space in which it is located; this space (z",) contacts upon the sides of the grate, and then the sides (2', r,) composed of single plates, descend perpendicular to the bottom of the stove between the ovens; an opening is made through the bottom of the stove, corresponding in size with the space (z',), and below it there is anv ash drawer (10,), in the front of which a lattice damper (EQ) is Xed.
The ovens 6,) are situated as before named, at each side of the fire place, with their doors at each end; a flue (m, m, m, m,) surrounds the top, front, back, and bottom of each of these ovens,and the direction of the draft is regulated by a damper (n, 01,) over each oven, opening into the back flue; and two others (0, 0,) that open into the front flue; a partition (20, 20,) rises from the top of the oven to the top of the stove on each side of the fire chamber, that extends from the front plate of the stove, back a suflicient distance to leave only a proper opening for the escape draft at (Q, g,). With the back dampers both closed, and the front ones open, the course of the draft will be through the openings (g,) on to the oven top, thence forward in the direction of the arrows down through the front dampers and front flue to the bottom, thence under the bottom and up the back flues to the pipe at (73) (Figs. l, and 3,); if both the back dampers are open, the draft passes directly off through them to the pipe; by closing both the rear dampers, and one of the front ones, the whole heat is turned on to the oven on t-he opposite side. A tube (8,) passes through the back of the stove and back flue, opening a communication between the external air and a space (15,) surrounding the fire arch; the air in this space receives the direct heat radiated from the fire; and after it is heated it passes off through lateral openings (u,) into the front descending flues to convey additional heat to the bottom of the oven. I also form an air space o see Fig. 4 between the top of each of the ovens and the upper flues, into which I admit a portion of the air from the space ((6,) through small apertures, shown by dotted lines at (w,) Fig.
2 behind the re arch; another opening at (06,) into the front, descending flue, serves to keep up the circulation of the air, the course of Which is indicated by the red arroWs in Fig. 3 by this construction and arrangement all the surplus heat is conveyed from a point Where it is not only not needed, but is absolutely injurious, to the bottom and other parts of the ovens, so as to disseminate the heat, and cause the ovens to bake equally. One of the journals (LQ) of the grate eX- tends out toward the front door of the stove, and is made square for a Wrench to fit, by which the grate can be shaken. The grate, by its figure inside, concentrates the coals toward its center when the fire is low, and the connecting bars (f,) being placed Within the ends of the cross bars, the air has a free circulation outside of them; thus are they prevented from clogging or melting. The fire arch is composed of separate plates, having on their face next the fire diagonal projections, so arranged as to keep the coal or other fuel from coming in contact With the plate; they also form channels for the -admission of air by vvhich the outside of the fire and plates of the fire arch are kept free from ashes, cinders, &c., and in a gloW- ing state, Without any impediment to radiating heat, and producing a greater and more perfect combustion; by this arrangement the use of fire brick is superseded and the quantity of coal consumed in proportion to the effect produced is much less than when fire bricks are employed. It is obvious that many changes can be made in the form and details, Without altering the general principles of this part of the stove. The
angular channels (e,) running obliquely upward in the direction of the draft, there being a channel opposite each opening,
through the grate, which conveys a supply of air up into the coal on the side, While the projecting ribs keep the coal off from the main surface of the sides, and free from ashes, so as to radiate all its heat for heating thehair in the chamber (L) behind the fire arc Having thus fully described my improved stove, What I claim therein as new, and for which I desireto secure Letters Patent, is-
1. The contracted opening in Which the ire grate is situated, extending down through the bottom of the stove, in part under the grate and permitting the ovens to be enlarged at that point through which the ashes is discharged and air supplied for combustion, and forming a heated chamber, by which a greater heat is given to the oven quite to the bottom of the stove. f
2. I claim the fire arch, plates Wit-h their overhanging -projections or ledges forming diagonal channels so constructed as to vprevent clogging With ashes, and admitting air on the sides, as set forth.
3. I claim the combination of the grate, and its frame, constructed substantially as described, having an angular depression on the upper surface of the grate and a segmental curvature on the underside combined With the lire arch, as, above set forth, and with the connecting bars placed Within the ends of the cross bars of the grate to complete the draft.
4. The combination-of the air passages t &c. with the center fire arch and oven flues, substantially in the manner and for the purpose herein above described.
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