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VIVI. W. MOORE. FOUNTAIN PEN Patented Sept. 8, 1896.
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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 567,152, dated September 8, 1896.
Application led Nvlnbl 13, 1894:. Serial N0. 528,617. (NIO model.)
To @ZZ whom t may concern:
Be it known that I, MORRIS W. MOORE, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Holyoke, in the county of Hampden and State of Massachusetts, have invented newand useful Improvements in Fountain- Pens, of which the following is a specification.
The object of this invention is to improve the construction of fountain-pens, especially 1 o with reference to the formation of the parts at the tip end of the pen, whereby the penbar and pen may have reciprocatory movements downwardly or forward to present the pen for writing and also upwardly or inwardly to withdraw the pen within the end of the tip when the pen is not to be used, and the capabilities for the upward inward movement of the pen-bar are to be such, by reason of the construction of the internal portion of the barrel relative to which the pen-bar operates, as to permit the iillin g of the barrel or reservoir by pouring` the ink into the tip endv lindrical pen-supporting bar, which practically fits the contracted portion of the foi ward end opening and which is adapted to be moved to present the pen outwardly beyond said forward end and to be moved upwardly within and beyond the contracted end portion of the barrel, then leaving an unobstructed space between it and the adjacent surrounding larger internal wall of the barrel for the entrance therethrough into the barrel of the ink; and subordinate to the foregoing statement of invention the invention consists in a fountainpen having a barrel or reservoir the chamber or internal bore of which is tapered toward its lower Open end, combined with a substantially cylindrical pen-bar adapted to be projected outwardly beyond andto be withdrawn within said open end of the barrel; and the invention furthermore consists in constructions and combinations of parts, all substantially as will hereward end, combined with a substantially cyinafter fully appear, and be set forth in the claims.
Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of a fountain-pen embodying the present improvements, this view showing the positions of the various parts when the fountain-pen is in position for use. Fig. 2 is a view somewhat similar to Fig. 1, but showing the parts as in such changed positions as to enable one to introduce ink into the barrel at the tip end of the pen.
In the drawings, A represents the barrel which constitutes the reservoir.
3 represents the tip portion of the barrel, which preferably is externally of conical form and is wrought integrally with the barrel proper.
The reservoir portion 2 of the barrel has a greater diameter internally than has the opening lthrough the tip portion. As shown in the drawings, said reservoir portion or bore .of the barrel tapers toward its open end.
7 represents the pen-bar, which, especially at its lower end portion, at which the writingpen 2O is carried, is of a substantially eylindrical form, so as to, when the cylindrical portion is at the orifice of the tapered portion of the barrel, substantially fill and close such orifice. This forward portion of the pen-bar is to be so constructed as to constitute a feeder of the ink to the writing-pen, it either having ducts within and along its side or being provided with a slabbed or flattened side or formed in any Of the multitudinous ways to efficiently carry the ink down to the pen.
The pen-bar is projected centrally through and beyond the upper end of the barrel, so as to be Operated at such upper end for the various objects-namely, to forwardly present the pen for writing, to withdraw the pen within the tip when the pen is not to be used, and again to so place the pen-bar inwardly beyond the orifice of the contracted forward end of the barrel as to leave between the penbar and the portion of the barrel whichsurrounds the forward end of the cylindrical portion of the pen-bar an annular space through which may be injected the ink to supply the reservoir.
The upper extremity of the tubular barrel is counterbored to leave an internal rabbet or seat 5 for the reception of the centrallybored stopper G, which is preferably of cork, and this ts so closely into the upper end of the barrel and so closely aroundV the upper end portion of the pen-bar which extends through it that no leakage of ink can take place either between the cork and the upper orifice of the barrel or between the central portion of the cork and the portion of the penbar which has the sliding tit through it.
The upper end portion of the barrel isexternally screw-threaded, as shown at 1S, upon which threaded portion is screwed the cap 8, of extended cylindrical form, the upper end of which, preferably, is closed. Said cap S is provided within its opposite sides with the longitudinal slots o o. Fitted to slide upon the outside of the cap is the ring 9. The pen lO is passed transversely and diametrically through, and is supported bythe sliding ring Sl, and also has an intersecting engagement with the portion of the pen-bar which is pro jeeted above the upper stoppered end of the barrel.
By sliding the ring 9 upwardly and downwardly and in the required extents the aforementioned several objects which are dependent on the movement of the pen-bar will be fulfilled.
. 12 represents the tip-cap, which is to cover the forward end of the fountain-pen when the writing-pen is inwardlywithdrawn and the fountain-pen is to be carried in the pocket. This tip-cap may beset upon the upper end of the cap 8, which it iits,\vl1en the pen is in use.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent7 isl. A fountain-pen having an ink-fount with its bore tapering toward the outer end coinbined with a substantially cylindrical pensupport within the bore, and adapted to be drawn into the bore for filling.
2. In a fountain-pen, the barrel having a bore tapering toward its outer end, the substantially cylindrical pen-support Within said bore, a bar connected to said support and extending through a suitable .packing near the upper part of the barrel, and means for moving said bar so as-to project or withdraw the pen-support, all combined substantially as described.
In a fountain-pen, the barrel and tip in one piece, said tip conical and tapering toward the point and having a bore tapering in the same direction, a substantially cylindrical pen-support moving within said tapering bore, and means for moving said support longitudinally, substantially as described. MORRIS YV. MOORE.
lVitnesses: v
WM. S. BELLows, K. l. CLEMIoNs.
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