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    • H01R12/00Structural associations of a plurality of mutually-insulated electrical connecting elements, specially adapted for printed circuits, e.g. printed circuit boards [PCBs], flat or ribbon cables, or like generally planar structures, e.g. terminal strips, terminal blocks; Coupling devices specially adapted for printed circuits, flat or ribbon cables, or like generally planar structures; Terminals specially adapted for contact with, or insertion into, printed circuits, flat or ribbon cables, or like generally planar structures


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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N 0.538,083, dated April 23, 189,5.

Application filed November 28, 1 893. Serial No. 492,268. (No model.)

T0 M V171/0m may UOHGEWI/f transversely and the two parts are fastened Be 1t known that I, DAVID N. OSYOR, a cititogether sufciently firmly by means of a pin zen o f the United States, residing at Oclum- D of insulatingmaterial which passes through bus, 1n the county of Franklin and State of the pintles. Preferably the shank parts h are 55 5 Ohio, have invented certain new and useful shaped so as to be as nearly as possible semi- Improvements in Separable Terminals for circular in cross-section as-such shape I have Conductors, of which the following is a specifound to be convenient, but in that respect fication, reference being had therein to the there can be more or less variation. The accompanying drawings. pintles are adapted to enter and be seated in 6o Io This invention relates to an improved dethe aforesaid throats or passages a5 in the tachable terminal or contact device for constationary contact A. By examining the necting electric conductors which are more or drawings, it will be seen that they can be so less portable or movable with other conducintroduced when the terminals B, B are in tors, particularly for connecting portable contheir relative positions shown in Fig. 4. The 65 15 ductors with such as are stationarily secured distance between the pintles b2 and the lugs upon wall-supports or similar places. b3 is such that when the parts are in the said Figure l is a face view ofadevice embodypositions in Fig. 4, the terminals B, B are ing' my improvements. Fig. 2 is a side view. permitted to move inward between the parts Fig. 3 is a side view showing the parts in the a, a until the pintles come to the bottom of 7o zo positions occupied at the time of coupling or the throats or passages d5. Then, if the teruncoupling. Fig. 4 is a cross-section on the minals B, B be rocked or turned down in the line oc-x of Fig. l. Fig. 5 shows the termiposition shown in Fig. 2, it will be impossible nals of the detachable parts after uncoupling to separate them from the terminals ma', the them from the stationary parts. Fig. 6 is a lugs bgacting to stop any outward movement 75 2 5 longitudinal section of one of the detachable of the pintles.

terminals. Fig. 7 is aperspective of a termi- In order to bind the opposing surfaces of nal or contact piece to which one like that in the metal firmly together, the peripheries of Fig. Goan be detachably coupled andlocked. the parts a, a are preferably shaped so that In the drawings, A indicates the part of they have a cam-like action upon the lugs b3, 8o 3o the device which I shall term the stationary so that the latter and the pintles are drawn contacts or terminals, althoughl wish it to be tightly against the metal on the parts d, a', understood that many of the features of the and consequently a superior electric contact present invention can be employed where it is provided. is desired to connect the ends of two portable I am aware of the fact that detachable ter- 85 35 or removable conductor sections. minals and contacts of numerous sorts have The part A comprises two insulated secbeen devised for various purposes, many of tions a, 0L. These are preferably castings the earlier ones employing springs or elastic with base pieces a2, plates a3, binding-screws bars or sheets of metal; but I believe myself at a4 and grooves or throats a5. The periphto be the first to have devised detachable or 9o 4o eries or external surfaces of the plates are subterminal contacts possessing the features of stantially concentricv with the inner ends of construction which have been hereinbefore the grooves or throats a5. f y described.

The portable terminals comprise two me- One of the present character is particularly tallic parts indicated by B, B', which are welladapted forusein connection with mining 95 4 5 preferably castings with sockets at b for the apparatus, where the devices which are used reception and the fastening of the ends of are liable to be subjected to severe usage. In

conductor wires. They are separated from such cases the contacts d, a are secured to an each other by means of insulating material C. insulating base A adapted to be fastened to a Each is formed with the shank b', a short wall or other support; or they may be seroo 5o tubular pintle b2 and a locking lug 3. The cured directly or indirectly to the resistance tubular pintles h2 are in line with each other box or rheostat ofthe mining machine. In

tachable contacts or terminals in connectionv with the use of mining and similar machinery, and find the one herein to be superior to any with which I have become acquainted.

I have shown one of the several ways of embodying my invention, but do not limit myself to precisely the features shown and described, as modified devices will suggest themselves to those skilled in such matters without departing from the essential feature of the invention which relates to having a conductor coupling formed in two members, a male and a female part which can have a rocking or axial motion as to each other as well as a movement bodily one toward the other, together' with means substantially such as described which will act to force together the contact surfaces and also act when in cer- 1 tain positions to prevent the terminals from moving bodily away from each other.

What I claim is I. The herein-described detachable termi` nals for a portable conductor section having the insulated bars B, B', provided with pintles1 or projections and locking lugs, in combina` tion with the opposing insulated contacts a, a', having grooves orthroats for the said pin-1 tles and locking surfaces for engaging the said lugs, substantially as set forth.

2. The detachable terminals or contacts B, B formed as counterparts of each other Withj a sheet of insulating material between then1,

and having the herein-described pintles and locking lug in combination with opposing contact pieces having throats or passages for ible conductors, enlarged metal terminals sel cured together with insulating material between them, each terminal being provided with a contact part, and a wedge like or c am like pressure device, said terminals being adapted to be simultaneously and detachably connected to opposing terminals formed with sockets or cavities and with cam like o r wedge like means for coacting with those on the aforesaid terminals, substantially as set forth.

4. The combination with the stationary terminals a, a, insulated from each other and having sockets or recesses, of the portable conductor section having insulated terminals B, B', with contacts in opposition to contacts on the parts a, a', one of said pairs of terminals being detachablytitted to the other, and having devices rigid therewith adapted to bear or press against the other during the rocking movement, substantially as set forth.

5. The combination with the stationaryinsulated terminals having electric contact surfaces and the sockets or seats a5 opposite to each other, of the opposing detachable terminals secured together but insulated from each other and having the projections b2 adapted to be moved bodily in the aforesaid sockets or recesses a5 when the terminals B, B are in one axial position, and means for locking the said projections b2 against such bodily movement when the terminals are in another radial position, substantially as set forth.

6. The combination with the terminal ct having the socket a5 and a cam like edge a3,

` of the detachable terminal B having the pinmeans for insulating the said terminals B and ot', substantially as set forth.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.



R. GRos. HUToHINs, J. S. DOE.

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