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,(No Model.) 4 Sheets-Sheet 1.



Patented Jul zs, 1893.

(No Model.) 4 SheetsSheet 4. A. W. SAVAGE. MAGAZINE GUN.

NQ. 502,018. Patented July Z5,- 1893.





SPECIFICATION forming part 0t Letters Patent-N6. 592,018, dated July 25, 1893,

Application filed April 10. 1889. Renewed February 28, 1892. Serial 1%. 422,512. (No model.)

zine-guns in which'the magazine is located just to the rear of the barrel,=the main ob- 'ects of the invention being tofacilitate the dung of the'gun from the shoulder, to prevent the escape of gas to the rear, to secure a positive action of all parts, to. provide for the safe storage of the cartridges, andfinally to so arrange the parts-that the arm may be.

used as a single loader or a magazine g-un without adjustment;

To the ends above named the invention consists of theconstructions, arrangements and combinations of elements to 'be hereinafter described and specifically pointed out in the claims.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings forming apart of this specification, in which similar figures and letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the views. v Figure 1 is a plan view of a portion of an arm embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is aside view thereof. Fig. 3 is an inverted plan view.

Fig. 4 is a central, longitudinal, sectional view of my improved magazine gun, the parts being shown as they appear when the breech is closed and the gun is ready to be fired. Fig. 5 is a sectional plan view, the parts being shown as they appear whemthe breech is open, theview being taken on line a:-m of Fig. 6. Fig. 6 is a central sectional view of the gun, the parts being shown as they appear when the breech is open, Fig. -7 is a central, longitudinal sectional view of the frame, the central spindle and-the parts.connected thereto being removed. Fig. 8 is a crosssectional view taken on line 1- in Fig. 6, in the direction of the arrowa. Fig.9 is

a cross sectional view. on line zz of Fig. 6; and Fig. 11 is a cross sectional view on line v-o of Fig. 6, the parts, however, being shown as they appear after a single cartridge has been placed in the cartridge chamber of the barrel, or after the bolt has been slightly advanced, the view'being taken in the direction of the arrow b.

. In the drawings, 10 represents the frame, which contains a forward compartment A,constitutinga magazine chamber, and a rear compartment B in which the action is housed, the twocompartmeuts being separated by a partition 11. There is a longitudinal opening in the bottom of the frame, which opening is however, normally closed by a strap 12 formed with twoupwardly-extending projections 13 and 14, and with a downwardly-extending 1 arm 15 which constitutes a trigger guard,and serves as the support and fulcrum for the operating lever 16, said lever being forn 'edto constitute the other portion of the trigger guard. The upwardly-extending projectionl3 is .apertured to receive the squared or irregularly formed rear end of a spindle 17, the connection being such that the spindle will be held from turning. The forward end of the spindle rests in a recess formed in-the upper edge oi the projection 14, said forward edge being shaped .to receive and hold a projection on a cylindrical hood or cage 18; having a side opening 19 and an upper slot or opening 20.

' Upon the spindle 17 there is mounted a sleeve 21 that'is made integral with, or rigidly connected to a disk 22 formed with an annular flange 23, upon the peripheral face of which there appear as many numbers asthere are cartridges in the magazine chamber when said chamber is fully charged, such numbers being arranged so that they may be brought successively into register with the side opening 19 of the hood or edge 18, as will be hereinafter explained. A spiral spring 24 is coiled about the spindle 17- within the sleeve 21,0ne end of the spring spindle, and the other end to the sleeve in a inanncr such that the tendency of the spring is to carry the sleeve and the flanged disk 22 in the direction of the arrow shown in Fig. 4. The sleeve 22 carries aleaf oriiange 25 which portion of the being connected to the IOO Xfentls at. an angle to the axis of the sleeve, the sear holdingthe firing pin against the tenis shown in Fig. 4. sion of its spring until the trigger is pulled to In order that the parts above described as release'the pin. The bolt 42 extendsabovethe 7 cing carried by the strap 12 may be placed plates 41 and 41, the end of the bolt. proper rithin the chamber A after they have .been formingashoulder, which, when the partsare djusted to place upon the strap projections, invfi'ring position, abuts against a shoulder 11 he frame is cut away at con both sides, and formed upon the frame 10above andjustto the he strap provided with side flanges 26 of rear of the boss 23), and in order that the bolt 75 roper fo m to close the openings 0, the open-- may be so brought to bear upon the shoulder 11. ugs being necessary in order that the hood or I provide athre'e-armed dog 50 that is pivotally age 18 mafbeplaced within the chamber A. 'nonnted on a pin 51 in advance of the trighe strap 12 may be held to place in any ger 46, the arms and 0' of the dog 50 being roper manner, but I prefer to form the frame providedwith rearwardly-extending fingers 80 0 with a lip 27, and cut the strap away at d, 1 or projections 12 and-p, which when the bolt nd thus provide for the support of the foris forced forward by the upward movement ard end of the strap, the rear end being of the lever enter recesses q formed in the eld by a screw 28 arranged as shown. plates 41am} 41. Just asthe projections 19 The right hand side of the frame 10 is and 1) enter the recesses q, the dog arm rwill mned with a boss 20 which overhangs the enter a recess .3 formed in the arm 40, and nnular space eabout the sleeve 21, the forthe lower edge of the forward end of the bolt 'ard portion of this boss extending over the 42 will strike the frame just below the cartge or hood 18 to apoint beneath but a little tridge chamberf, the point upon which said the right of the cartridge receiving chamlower edge of the forward end of the bolt 9 er f of the barrel 30, while the rear portion bears serving as a fulcrum, all forward movef the boss extends downward in the form of ment of the bolt being prevented, but the flange to bear closely against the peripheral rear end of the bolt being free to move up- I08 of the sleeve 21,sucl1 flange being shown ward 'in advance of the shoulder a. After :g. the lower edge of the forward end of the bolt 95 To the opposite orleft hand sideof the frame has struck the fulcrum point, any farther iere is hinged a leaf 31, which, when-the upward movement of the lever 16 will rock L'eech is open is forced outward over the the dog 50 in the direction of the arrow shown )ace 6 by aspring 32. A tongue 33 ishinged in Fig. 6, so that the projectionsp and p of t the rear end of th leaf 31, said tongue bethe arms 0, 0 will bear against the lower o: g guided by a projection 34 which extends edges of the plates 41 and 41, and the rear n-ward from the partition 11. 7 end of the bolt will consequently be moved As before stated, the lever 16 is pivotally upward in advance of the shoulder on, to the lpported on the arm of the strap 12. This position in which the parts are shown in Fig.

ver is provided with a segmental arm 4, and having been so moved, the bolt will'be 5 hich extends upward within the chamber B, locked to place. A reverse movement of-the issing through an opening it formed in the lever ltibrings a hook-like projection tformed rap12. The end of the arm 40 rests between on the arm 40 beyond its recess is into en:

plates 41 and 41 which are rigidly congagement with the dog arm r, and the dog acted to or made integral with the breechwill consequently be rocked, so that at the H )lt 42,said plates extending to the rear from initial movement of the lever, the rear end of e bolt, and being slotted at i to receive the the bolt .will be carried downward, this downldS of a-pin 43 that is carried by the arm 40, ward movement being continued until the e arrangement being such that as the lever rear end of the bolt is below the shoulder 02. thrown downward, the bolt will be drawn By arranging the parts as set forth I secure :1 5 LCkWitlti, and when the lever is moved upa very powerful leverage for my extractor, 1rd, the bolt-will be forced forwa'rd,the slots such extractor consisting of a spring 51 that ing necessary as the end of the arm 40 deis connected to the bolt 42, the forward end ribes an are as the lever is thrown. The of the spring being formed with a hook u eech bolt 42 is chambered to receive the firadapted to engage the cartridge flange: I20 g pin 44 audits spring 45, the spindle con- In order that the bolt 42 may be properly tuting the firing pin extending to the rear I guided, I form said bolt with a longitudinal yond the breech bolt, there to carry a' slot 2; in which there ridesa rib 52 that exwnwardly-extendin-g projection 70 which entends upward from the partition 11, and the "s a slot Z formed in the arm 40. 'forward edge of this rib serves as an ejector, 5 The trigger is pivotally mounted betweenacting to tilt the forward edge of the car- 0 arms 47 and 47 which extend to the rear tridge shell upward, and freeing such shell an a block 48 that is held to place by pins from engagement with the hook to.

screws 49 within a recess formed in the up- In loading the magazine, the cartridge rims r face of the strap 12; or the trigger could are forced downward beneath the tongue 33 supported by flanges made integral with and then beneath the leaf 31, the first cara strap. The scar m engages the projection tridge introduced resting on the flange or leaf f the firing pin 44 when the bolt 42 is forced .25, which said flange is forced in the direction ward by the action of the operating lever, indicated in Fig. 8 against the tension of the scams; 9

spring 21; then as each successive cartridge introduced, the leaf will'be advanced step by step until it finally abuts against the fiangc g. As the flange 251novesin thennanner just set forth, the sleeve 21 and with it the disk 22 and its annular flange 23 will be moved to a position .such that a number "corresponding to the number of cartridges within the chamber fwill bebrought into register with the aperture 19 formed as. before'set .forth in the cage or hood 18, and as tlie'said aperture registers with an aperture pro-' duced by semicircular recesses. formed in the frame and strap, I obtain an accurate indicater by. means of which I am ablebyaglance toascertain how many cartridges-Ihave in breech is open. I provide the usual gas vents, such as those shown sin-,jand I prefer to continue-thea-gascheck n.

the magazine. After the magazine has been charged as above set forth,-therim of the up per cartridge upon the left-will bear against the lower end of the tongue 33, the upper} edge of the cartridge rim extending into the path of the bolt 42 when said bolt is in the position in which it is shown in Fig. 6, so that when the bolt .is forced forward it will strike the cartridge and press it forward andi-nto the chamberf, the leaf 31 being forced in- 'ward as the bolt-advances, said leaf being.

fomned with an inclined face 2 against which the cartridgerim bears after it passes from engagement with the tongue 33, and consequently the spring 24 is free to act to throw the sleeve 21 and with it the leaf 25forward,

thus raising the cartridge in advance of the.

bolt until its flange is' engaged by the ex-- tractor hook u, anda second cartridge is brought to bear upon the tongue 33. I p v When the cartridge .is inserted by hand,

that is, when the gun is used see. single loader, the point of the bullet is inserted in the chainber f and the cartridge dropped against the leaf 31, which will move slightly toward the left and carry the tongue 3-3 downward,-andf as the tongue so moves downward the-uppermost cartridge in .the magazine will becarried to a point'beneath the line-of travel of the bolt 42, which bolt in advancing will-carry the cartridge placed by hand against the leaf 31 forward and into the chamber f. v In order that the sear may be held in .en-

gagement with the firing pin projectioml-p'ro- .vide a spring 60,which also bears upon the dog 50, acting to return said dog to the.posi

tion in which it is shown in Fig-Gwhenthe shoulder 92 upward,- as shown, and thus form Having thus described my invention, I

claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent v 1. The combination with the frame and reciprocating breech piece, of a lever having its fulcrum connected to the frame, and an arm projecting from'said lever, from a point at the rear of the fulcrum, and extending upof thetrigger guard portion of the lever to a point in'advance'of the pivoted support of the lever such support constituting a portion of the trigger guard and connections between the arm and the bolt substantially as described. '4. Theiframethe'reciprocatingbolt,having :a plate extending to the rear thereof and provided with a cam bearing, and the lever pivoted in the frame and haviuga projection ongagingfsaid cam bearing toactuate the bolt, incombination substantially, as described.

5. The combination with. a sliding breech bolt provided with plates which extend to the rearand downward from the bolt and are formed with segmental'slots, of a lever, an arm" which is rigidly connected to the lever and extends between the bolt plates, the arm beingsegmeutal and sub'stan tiallyiconcentric with-the axis of gthelever support, and a pin :ca rriedfby the arm and riding in the plate [Q0 slots substantially as described. g

'6.v The combination with a sliding breech bolt' havinga forward fulcrum point, of a le-. 'ver mounted to swingbeneath the frame, an arm connected-to the lever, connections be- "tween' the armfand-the bolt, and'a rocking dog arranged to be operated upon bythe lever. arm and to operate upon the boltto raise and lower the same, substantially as describethf no v 7. 'lhe'coinbinationwith a breech bolt pro--- vided with slotted and recessed plates that extend downward from the'rear end of the bolt, of alever mounted to swing beneath the frame, an arm-rigidly connected to the lever v andextend-ing between the bolt plates, a pin carried bythe arm, said pin entering the plate sl0ts,'and a rocking dog whichis engaged by the bolt'plates and bythe lever arm and islocated to. the rear of the magazine chamber substantially as described.

8. The frame and reciprocating bolt there in, the magazine opening at its side toward 1 the boltand having a follower therein, and a cartridge retainer atthe mouth'of said magazine having a cam face with which the bolt engages in its forward movement to-press back'the retainer, all combined substantially as described.

9. In a magazine firearm the combination with a frame formed with a magazine chamber of a spring actuated cartridge advancing leaf or flange, located therein,'a spring pressed retaining leaf and a tongue connected to said retaining leaf substantially as described.

10. In a gun, the framehaving a magazine chamber-consisting of curvedwalls around a central axis, a cartridge follower, a spring pressed retaining leaf-at the mouth of the magazine having a cam face with which the bolt engages, and the reciprocating breech bolt, all in combination substantially as described.

11. In a breech loading firearm the combination with the breech block or bolt of an extractor carried thereby,and a fixed flange or, rib constituting a com bin ed guide and ejector, mounted beneath the bolt and riding in a slot formed therein substantially as described.

12. In a magazine firearm the combination with a frame formed with a magazine chamber of a spring actuated cartridge follower mounted to move about the axis of the magazine chamber and a number carrying flange mounted to move with the cartridge follower substantially as described. 1

g 13. In a magazine firearm, the combination with a frame formed with a magazine chamber adapted to receive a number of cartridges placed side by side, a means for advancing the cartidges about the axis of the magazine chamber, a cartridge retaining. leaf, a breech holt,a firing pin carried thereby, downwardly extending and slotted plates connected to'the breech bolt, said plates having recesses, q, a dog having a projection r and projections whiclrat times enter the recesses q, a lever, an armccnnected thereto, and formed wltha hook like projection which at times engages the dog projection and a trigger, and a spring arranged in connection therewith, substantially as described.

14. The frame, the breech bolt reciprocating therein and having aside projection with a cam :t'ace, the firing pin having also a projection with a cam face of diiferent contour, and the operating lever having projections engaging said cam faces toretire the pin in advance of the retiring of the bolt, all combined substantially as described.

'15. In a fire arm, a magazine havinga curved wall and a spring-actuated cartridge-advancing core havinga leaf with an inclined face in the direction of the muzzle, substantially as set forth.

16. In a fire arm, a magazine havingacurved wall in cross-section and a partially-rotated spring-actuated cartridge advancing core having a flange with numerals on the edge or face of the flange, substantially as set forth.

17. In a fire arm a magazine within the frame, a partially rotating cartridge-advancing core having a portionprovided with anmerals on the periphery, and an opening in the wall of the magazine to expose the numerals, substantially as described.





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