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' .thereby ysaving all the stock.

4line ot' separation, from UNTED STATES PATENT @EEICE.


Specification forming v To all'whomv it may concern:

Be it known that I, MOSES G. CRANE, of Boston, in the county ot'- Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented' -an mproved Match-Card 5 and`I do hereby declare that the following, taken in connection with the drawings which accompany and forni partof this specitication, is a description of my invention sufiicient to ena-blcl those skilled in the art to practice it.` 1

The common andwell-known match-card is made from a thin blank or' strip ofwood cut to the requisite dimensions and slitby a gang of saws into a row or seriesot' match-sticks of convenient length, these sticksbeing united by OtA the band or strip left unslit by the saws. course, the material removed by the saws is lost, and `as the very ployedin the manufacture, it is a desideratuin to utilize `all opt' said stock, which Object is attain'edv by my invention;

'consists in match-cards so made that the material removed from each card in the process 'of cutting the-row of match blanks or Sticks may form the match-sticks of another card,

illustrated by Figures l and 2 ofthe drawings.

. The' black lines in each represent the outline'ot' .the blank or strip of wood to be made into cards, while the redlines in each'indicate the which it will be readily seen that `whilc the strip (t and sticks or projections b form oncfcard the strip c and sticks d will form another, and that no material is cutaway other than that entering directly into the'formation of the two cards.

In Fig. 2 tbe'match-sticks are shown as tapering, the ends to be covercdby the igniting composition'being the smallest part of each. The common form of match-cards is shown in Fig. 3, the match-sticks being formed by cutting into the blank or block a series of slits by a gang of saws, as before alluded to. y

i -fBy inspection ot' Figs. l and 2 it will be Seen that by having a blank or block ot'eXtra width,

- enough to form a second end piece, double the number ofmatches are made from an equal length ofV blank to what is obtained by the old process.

Figs. 4 and 5 show, respectively, a plan and side eleva-tionpf a machine which maybe'used in the manufacture of the improved cards and in the application of the igniting composition to the fends ofthe sticks. A thin band or ribtwo anged rolls or best stock has to be emand this iuven'tioir" vtion by the This is clearly.

bon ot wood is fed in between the roll e and a series ot knivesvor cutters projecting from fthe Surface of a'cylinder or drum, f. The ribbon is ofa width sufficient to form the matchsticks for two cards, each set and the cutters .are soar-ranged that as they revolve they divide-the ribbon into two sheets, forming the respective match-cards, guides, g, serving to keep the ribbon in proper position with respect to the cutters. After passing beyond the critters, one vsirlc'ottlie ribbon or strip passes between two rolls, L h, and the other between similar rolls, it, placed in a different horizontal position. and' this effects the detachment ot' the two'strips of card material from each other. The lower one of each of the sets ot' rolls h h and i may rotate in a pot ot' sulphur, so that as the points of the match-sticks pass between them they shall bc covered with the sulphur, and'iuwtne'ir continued feed movement the. ends'oi` the match-sticks may pass in contact with rolls L' 7.7, the surfaces of .which Shall', be provided with phosphoric or other composirrtbbing of which the match is ignited. Thence the strips pass between feedrolls Z l, having cutters which split the strips into card-lengths. This is one method of man'- ufacturing thecards and applying the match composition; butmy invention does not contemplate a 'confinement to thisor any other specitic mechanism, this being shown and (lescribed merely as one means of cutting a ribbon of wood of suitable width into two Strips, each ot' which has a series ofprojecting matchsticks, and these strips into cords, whileit also serves to show a means devised for applying the composition without the process of dip- .ping7 rlhe sa me meclninismmay be employed for cutting match-splints to form matches of a taper form, the ribbon of wood used being of a width corresponding to the length of the cutters 1n thc cylinder f, and being cut into splints of the form shown at A.

As a new article of manufacture, matchcards having a construction Substantially as described.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set vmy hand this 14th day of June, A. D. 1865.

. MOSES G. CRANE. Witnesses: F. GOULD,


,and the pieces uniting. l

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