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choices MPH.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, THOMAS A. EDISON, a, citizen of the United Ststcsresidiuget Llewellyn Park, in the county of Essex and State of New Jersey, have inventeti a certain new and useful Improvement in Ihcuogrephs, [Case No. 868,) of which the following is e specification.

The invention consists iii novel means for adjusting a phonograph reproducing-point into exact aligmnent with the phouogrmnrecord.

The invention also consists in means for limiting the movement of the diaphragm which supports the recording and reproducing point when turned to piece the reproducer out of operative position anti the 1'1." corder into operative position,

In the aocompanyingdrziwiugs, which illustrate the invention, Figure l is a plate View of so much of s phonograph as is necessary to illustrate the improvement. Figs. 2, .l, and

4 are views of details which will be hereinafter referred to. coal reproducer on single lever connected to the diephregm. p

l is a phouogrembleuk mounted on a phonogramcyliuder 2, which is turned by the screw-shaft 3 in the usual manner.

, 4 is the guide-rod on which the sleeve 5, cui-rying the arm 6, which supports the recorder and rcproducer, end which is moved along by a, feeding-arm cooperating with the screw 3, is mounted in the usual or any suit able manner.

6' is the phonograph-diaphragm, which, as is well known, supports both the recorder and reproducer, so mounted that; when the diephregui is in one position the recorder 6 is in operative relation to the honog'ram-blauk, and in a second position tl ie reprodncer 6" is in operative relation to said blank.

The recorder and reproducer on the under side of the diaphragm are shown in Figs. 5

mid 6 of the drawings, the arrangemeutbeing the some as describeti in my application, Serial N 0. 330,789, filed November 18, 1889. The diaphragm is supported in ring or frame 7. To this ring is fastened an extension S. The ring is held in place by s flange 9, which oxteuds under the plates or other holding (lovices 10.

Figs. 5 and 6 show the records: L

11 is a screw with a. cam-shaped head placed in such posiiioirt-lmt it serves to limit the movement of tlie'arm 8 away from the adjust $5 iugdc'vice l5, mid hence to limit the turning movement of the diaphragm. On one side of the cxteiisiou S is an arm 12, preferably in the form of a spring with a projection 13.

ii is on extension of the arm 6, in which'is mounted a thumb-screw 15, the point of which is conical and which is grooved near said point, as indicated. at 16, or is otherwise so arranged as to positively-engage with arm 12 or with the recordecsupport.

'ihe'opperetus above described isusetl as follows: When the arm 8 is moved downward, bringing the recorder-support oran extension thereof against the limiting device 11, it will be understood that the recording-point is in position over the block. The screw 11 is set in the best position before the phonograph is sent out, and is not intended to be moved. excopi; when the mugs of movement of the arm 8 varies, owing to wear of any parts of the instrument or other cause. When it is desired to reproduce, the arm 8 is moved upwsrcl by the hand until arm 12 is positively engaged by the point of screw 15. Thelieartug-tube is put to the car, and if it appears from the sound that the reproducing-point is not in line with the monogram-macro the eGjusting-screw is turned, hus moving th'ecx-' tension, and hence the diaphragm arid reproducirig-poiub until the reproducer is brought into the track of the record, It will be seen that the diaphragm and the supporting-ring turn arouiicl an axis, but do not move bodily from one position to another. When it isdesired to-again put the instrument into posi-. tion to record, the extensions, 8 and the ail-m 12 are grasped by the hand and presse to-" gether, thereby disengaging the latter rom the screw, when the parts may be moved downward.

Having thus described. my iuveutiomwhat I claim is- A 1. In a, phonograph, the combination of a mommy-supported phonogmphdiaphragm, t mi adjusting-sc1'ew, and means for making a. tee positive engagement between said screw and diaphragm, whereby the diaphragm may be moved to adjust the reproduces substantially as described.

ma as 2. In & phonograph, the cmnbi'nation, with a ciiaphmgm and a support therefor, of an aszmmimh'fmm said znggpers, an was an mid axiiamima maxi am u'ijustingscrew the point of which hm m-aans for engaging with said.

extsnsioss, siabsiamtially as zleacribed.

3. In a. phonograph, time eambina'tion, with 'a 'iaphrggm and. a support-thereiog', of an exi'ansiom fmm said support, a spring-arm on saiwi extexmien am} an adjusting-screw tho paint of which is cenicai and which is groovefi fer engsgamem with the spring-mm, substan- .fliha mmbinatim, in as phcnogra ph, of a dmgmm gm, a, mappmis thamfor, m ext enslon is? memisg and suppart, mud an adjusting- Y mmwmtingw said ext ensi n in the direcflail??? its moifion to bring 'iha diaphragm in pamimn 5m mpmdaming, subfitantialiy as de- Witnesses: E. COURAN, W. PELzu-b'

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