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(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 1. A. EMF-RY, Deod.
F. 0. EMERY, Administratrix. STEAM BOILER.
Patented Apr. 15,
m: uonms warms co., Pnmo'uma, msmnamu, 0. n4
(No Model.) 2 SheetsSheet 2.
A. s EMERY, Deod.
F. 0; EMERY; Administratrix.
Patented Apr. 15, 1890.
. STEAM-BOILER- a SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 425,766, dated April 15, 1890.
Application filed April 2, 1888. Renewed February 1' 1 9 $Brial1 1 (N0 111M191) To all whom, it may concern.- of the inner shell or case 2,'and through these Be it known that l, AVARD S. EMERY, of the water-chambers vertical flue-tubes S pass, and city and State of New York, have invented an these are usually cast with the rest of the Improvement in Steam-Boilers, of which the water-chamber, and I prefer to make use of following in a specification. fines S in one of the water-chambers,that are Boilers forsteam-heating apparatus have nearer to the center of such water-chamber been made wlth two cases, with the water bethan the similar fines in the next water-chamtween the cases and above the inner casing, ber above, so that the products of combustion there belng a steam-space below the top of in passing through these vertical flues pursue [O the outer casing, and in some instances pipes a tortuous or zigzag course, as indicated by through which the water is allowed to circuthe arrows. late have been within the inner casing; but There are central openings with hubs at the these plpes are exposed to a greater degree of top and bottom of each water-chamber, and heat than the casings, and hence the expanthese are screw-threaded to receive the ends [5 sum and contraction are unequal and the of the iron tubes or thiinbles B, by which one 6 5 oints are liable to become loose and leak. water-chamber A is connected to the next,
The ob ect of my present invention is to inand a tight joint is thereby made between crease the area of surface with which the one water-chamber and the next, and the upheated gases come intocontaot without maper water-chamber is provided with hubs at 20 eri lly obst ucting the draft through the fire, 10, that are screw-threaded for the reception and also to allow for. expansion and contracof the iron tubes B, that pass up through own without the risk of injury to the joints. holes in the crown or top 4 of the inner case In the drawings, Figure 1 is a vertical sec- 2, and the joints at these points are made tion of my improved boiler. Fig. 2 is a plan tight by jam-nuts above and below the top 25 of the lower water-chamber. Fig. 3 is a plan 4., and it will be apparent that by these pipes of the second water-chamber; Fig. 4, of the B and B the range of water-chambers is susthird, and Fig. 5 of the fourth,Water-chamber. pended from the top of the inner case, and it The boiler is preferably cylindrical, and is free to expand and contract, according to composed of an outer casing 1 and inner cats the temperature to which it is exposed.
3o ing 2, the outer casing being the longest, so At the bottom of the lower water-chamber as to allow the necessary steam and water A the branch pipe R is connected by an elspace between the top 3 of the outer casing bow and screw-nipple, and such branch pipe and the top at of the inner casing, and the two R passes oft laterally and freely through an cylinders are connected together at their lower opening 2 in the cases 1 and 2, and then such 35 ends, as shown at 5, and there is an opening pipe R is provided with an elbow and deat F for the fire-door, as usual, and openings scends vertically, and is connected at the outat C for cleaning off the respective chambers side of the case 1 to the waterspace, and at and removing dust and soot. The doors for this same place the water of condensation is these openings are of any ordinary or desired returned to this boiler or heater, and it passes 4 character, and I prefer to allow the products not only into the water-leg between the cases 0 of combustion to pass out through the verti- 1 and 2, but it also ascends through the pipe cal fiue 6 at the top of the boiler. B into the water-chambers A, and passes up I have shown four water-chambers within through the same and through the pipes B theinnercasing2. Thenumber,however,may and B to the water-space at the top of the 45 be more or less.- Each water-chamber is prefboiler, and should therebeanydifference in the erably circular and the top and bottom thereof expansion or contraction of the cases 1 and 2 slightly conical, and these are usually of castand the water-chambers A and pipes B the iron and of such a size that the products of horizontal portion of the pipe R will spring combustion are free to pass between the outer and allow for this variation without either of 5 edges of the water-chambers and the interior the joints being injured or made to leak, and I00 I place around the pipe R at the opening 12 a plate or septum 13, that prevents the escape of gas at this point; but it does not interfere with the slight movements of the parts due to expansion and contraction.
The top of the upper water-chamber A may be provided with avertical pipe 0 within the flue-space 6, with lateral branches S into the steam-space of the boiler, so that any bubbles of steam from the water-chambers A may ascend directly into the steam-space of the boiler and not interfere with the circulation of the water.
I claim as my invention- 1. The combination, in a heating-boiler, of" the cases 1 and 2, connected at their lower tially as set forth.
2. The combination, with a boiler having the cases 1 and 2, with the water space or leg between them, of a vertical range of horizontal water-chambers'each water-chamber having vertical flue-openings passing through the same, and the pipes B, secured into the respective water-chambers and connecting them together, and the horizontal pipe R, connecting the bottom of the lower water-chamber with the shell of theboiler, substantially. as set forth. 4
3. The combination, with the boiler-shells 1 and 2, of a vertical range of Water-chambers, each of which has passing through the same vertical flue-pipes, and the pipes B, connecting one water-chamber with the next, the pipes B, connecting the upper water-chamber-with the innershell of the boiler, and the pipe 0 and branches S within the flue 6 of the boiler and opening into the steam-space of the same, substantially as set forth.
Signed by me this 24th day of March, 1888.
' AVARD S. EMERY. Witnesses:
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