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(No Model.) v 2 Sheets--Sheet 1.
WATER GOIL BOILER. No. 409,056. Patented Aug. 13, 1889.
fiwzzaa Moore.
J U h 4 g 2 N PETERS. Phuwumum w, Wuh'mgton, v.0
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 409,056, dated August 13, 1889.
I Application filed May 8, 1889. Serial No. 310,000. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern: is turned upward, as shown at 7 in Fig. 3, Be it known that I, EVERETT D. MOORE, while its outer end projects beyond the shell citizen of the United States, residing at Balfor attachment of a piece of flexible tubing timore, in the State of Maryland, have in- 8, that may be connected when desired with vented new and useful Improvements in Waany convenient gas-supply pipe. On the inter Coil Boilers, of which the following is a ner end of the pipe 6 is supported any suitspecification. V able gas-burner.
The object of my invention is to provide an InFig. 3 I have shown a construction that effective and convenient means for steaming, embodies the advantages of the Bunsen and I0 flushing, and thoroughly cleansing the pipes Argand'burners; but I would have it underthat are frequently employed for conducting stood that I do not confine myself to a burner beer, wines, and other liquids from a keg, of any particular form of construction. barrel, or other source to the tap or faucet of As shown in Fig. 3, the upturned inner end a beverage-drawing apparatus, which pipes 7 of the gas-pipe G is surrounded by a verti- 15 are liable to become fouled and internally cal gas and air mixing tube 9, that is open at coated with sediment from the liquors orbevits lower end and closed at the top. A numerages passed through them, especially when ber of horizontal tubes 10 radiate from the standing therein over night. The impurities upper portion of the gas and air mixing tube that are thus deposited in the pipes of a bev- 9 and support an annular burner 11, having 20 erage-drawing apparatus are liable to taint a series of perforations 12 for the exit of gas. the liquor and are often injurious to health. These gas-exits are preferably arranged on I'Ieretofore the pipes of a beverage-drawthe outer and upper portion of the annular ing apparatus have been cleansed to some burner tube 11, as shown, so as to direct the extent by forcing through them solutions of flames outward.
25 potash, lime, and other substances, which, On the upper closed end of the gas and air however, are liable themselves to form injumixing tube Dis secured a deflector-plate 13, rious compounds in the pipes. My invention that is of greater diameter than the annular obviates these. difficulties by providing a burner, so as to project somewhat beyond the means for thoroughly cleansing the pipes with same. The edge of this deflector is curved 3o steam and hot water, as hereinafter described. upward and outward, as shown, to direct the In the annexed drawings, illustrating. the jet-flames of the annular burner against or invention, Figure 1 is an elevation of my imtoward the lower portion of a spirally-coiled proved pipe steaming and cleansing apparawater-pipe 14, that is supported within the tus. Fig. 2 is an enlarged plan of the steamgenerator-shell.
3 5 generator with its cover removed. Fig. 3 is The coil let extends vertically through the an enlarged sectional elevation of the steamgreater part of theheight of the generator-shell generator and steam-separating chamber or and is preferably in the form of the frustum manifo1d,with attached gages and relief-valve. of a cone, having its smaller diameter at the The steam generator comprises a cylintop or upper leg of the coil, where it receives 40 drical metallic shell 1, resting on a flanged water through an elbow 15,that connects with bottom plate 2, having legs 3, by which the a horizontally-arranged pipe 16, Fig. 2, havgenerator is supported at a suitable height. ing a check-valve 17 and a hand-valve 18 lo On the upper end of the cylindrical shell 1 is cated therein, the check-valve being arranged placed a removable cover 4, which is preferin that part of the pipe 16 which is within 45 ably formed as the frustum of a cone, and is the shell 1, while the hand-valve 18 is near 5 provided at the apex with a cylindrical chimthe outer end of the pipe 16 and exterior to ney 5 for the escaping products of combusthe generator-shell, where it will be readily tion. accessible. The outer end of the pipe 16 is In the lower part of the shell 1 is supported preferably screw-threaded, as shown, for at- 50 ahorizontal gas-pipe 6,theinner end of which tachment of a flexible tube 19, Fig. 1, that too may connect with a faucet 20 on a stationary or fixed house-service pipe 21, that connects with a city water-main or other suitable supply having a sufiieient head. The lower leg of the coil 14 communicates through a pipe or tube 22 with the lower part of a drum or manifold 23, that serves as an expansionchamber for the steam generated in the coil 14, and in which chamber or manifold the steam and water are separated.
From the upper end of the chamber or manifold 23 the steam passes, through pipes 24, 25, and 26, connected by elbows 27, into the upper leg of a steam-superheating pipecoil 28, that closely surrounds the upper portion of the steam-generating coil 14, and is preferably extended downward to near its lower end, leaving, however, sufficient space for the circulation of heated air between the coils and the generator-shell. The lower leg of the steam-generating coil 28 is bent upward and extended to the top of said coil in the form of a vertical pipe 29, as shown by dotted lines in Fig. 3, to connect with horizontal pipes 30 and 32 through elbows 31, Fig. 2, the pipe 32 being extended through the upper part of the generator-shell and provided on the outside thereof with a hand-valve 33 and with a threaded end for attachment of ahose or flexible tube 34:, through which water and steam can be conveyed to the pipes to be cleansed. In order to facilitate attachment of the hose 34, it may be provided with couplings 35, of ordinary construction.
For the purpose of obstructing the direct ascent of heat from the burner centrally through the coils to the chimney 5 a baffleplate 01' deflector 36 is supported in any suitable manner in the lower part of the spaceinclosed by the inner or steam-generating coil let in such a manner as to deflect the heat outward into more direct contact with the steam generating and superheating coils, and thus cause the greater part of the products of combustion to circulate freely in the space between the coils and the gen crater-shell before escaping through the chimney.
It will be seen that the coils ll and 28, one surrounding the other, aiford within a compact space an extended heating-surface for generating and superheating steam,whieh surface is further extended by the manner of effecting communication between these separate coils through the drum or manifold 23, in which the steam is allowed to expand before passing to the superheater.
A suflicient supply of air to support combustion and to provide for a proper mixture of gas and air in the burner is afforded through air-inlets 37 in thelower part of the generatorshell.
In order to retain the heat of the apparatus as much as possible, the generator-shcll 1 and the conical portion of the cover 4 are each provided with a lining 38, of asbestus or other suitable material. For a similar purpose a piece of asbestus 39 is attached to the under side of a metallic balile-plate 40, that is supported horizontally above the coils 14 and 28 in the upper part of the generator-shell, so as to cut off the direct upward passage of heat through the space surrounded by the steam generating and super-heating coils. It will thus be seen that the heat is confined around and in proximity to these coils as long as possible, with the result of producing the most economical results in the heating of water and the generation and superheating of steam for the purposes to which the apparatus is to be applied.
The drum or expansion-chamber 23 is provided with a detachable bottom plate 41, that can be removed to draw elf the water in said chamber and to facilitate cleansingthe chambers when required. The chamber is provided also with a detachable top plate 42, that can be removed for cleansing said chamber. In this top plate 4.2 is supported arelief-valve 43, the stem of which is provided with asprin g -14, having a bearing at its upper end on a cross-head -15, engaged with guide-rods 46, that are threaded for attachment of nuts 47, by which the valve can be adjusted to any required pressure.
A pressure-gage 48 is connected with the expansion-chamber 23 by means of a pipe 4!), that communicates with the upper part of said chamber. The expansion-chamber or drum 23 is provided also with a water-gage 50, of any suitable construction. Either the relief-valve or the steam-pressure gage may be dispensed with, if desired. Should the relief-valve 43 be omitted, the hand-valve 33 can be used for blowing off steam, while by employing the relief-valve and setting it at the desired pressure the gage 48 may be omitted.
In using this apparatus for cleansingpipes through which beer, wines, and other liquids have been conveyed from a keg or barrel to the draft-tap or faucetof a beverage-drawing apparatus I prefer to first heat the coils 14 and 28 and the surrounding shell 1 by means of the atmospheric-gas burner in the lower part of said shell. The hand-valve being closed and the hand-valve 18 partly opened, I admit water gradually into the coil 1% through the pipes 16 and 19, that connect with the faucet 20, as before described. For the purpose of generating steam in the coil 14 it is desirable that only a quantity of water sufficientto partly fill said coil should be supplied thereto, thus facilitating the generation and disengagementof steam in said coil After circulating slowly and in a comparatively small volume through the coil 14, the water and steam pass into the expansionchamber 23, Where the steam is wholly disengaged and then passes through the pipes 24, 25, and 26 into the superheating steamcoil 28, while more water is admitted to the steam-generating coil. The quantity of water and the pressure of steam in the apparatus will be indicated by the water-gage and steam -pressure gage, respectively. When a sufflcient quantity of superheated steam has been accumulated in the apparatus and the hose or flexible tube 34 has been attached to the pipe to be cleansed, which pipe has been previously disconnected from the keg or barrel, the hand-valve 33 will be opened and a quantity of steam allowed to pass from the superheating-coil 28 into and through the fouled pipe, whence it escapes at the tap or drawing-off faucet. The superheated steam thus conveyed into and through the pipe or pipes to be cleansed will soften, disintegrate, and detach the slime, scale, and sediment that have been deposited in said pipe or pipes and will remove quantities of the same through the top or faucet at the exit end of said pipe. This sediment or scum in the fouled pipes being thus softened, the hand-valve 18 of the steam-generator will be fully opened, so as to give the coil 14 a full supply of water, which quickly becomes heated, and passing through the chamber 23, coil 28, and hose 34 into the pipe to be cleased removes therefrom the loosened and detached scale or sediment. The supply of gas into the burner 11 can now be cutoff and a continuous stream of cold water passed through the apparatus and the connected beer or wine conveying pipe to cool the same and remove every vest-ige of sediment.
\Vhile the apparatus is in use for heating water and producing superheated steam, the hand-valve 33 being closed and the handvalve 18 partly open, the check-valve 17 will prevent the regurgitation of hot water and steam and cause a steady circulation through the coils. By making the shell 1 detachable from the flanged bottom plate 2. and the cover 4. detachable from the shell, as shown, the steam-generator can be easily taken apart for clean sing, repairs, or transportation. The coil 14 may be supported 011 brackets 51, arranged in the lower part of the generator-shell.
For convenience in supplying the steam generating coil 14 with the proper quantity of water to generate steam, which supply should not be sufficient to flood the coil, I prefer to provide on the water-inlet pipe 16 a bypass tube 52, one end of which connects with the pipe 16 between the hand-valve 18 and the flexible tube 19, while the other end connects with the pipe 16 between the checkvalve 17 and the steam-generating coil. In this by-pass tube 52 is a petty valve 53,which is to be opened for supplying the coil 14 with just sufficient water to generate steam, the hand-valve 18 being meanwhile closed. After steam has been generated, superheated, and delivered to the pipes of the beverage-drawin g apparatus, as before described, the handvalve 18 may be opened to flood the coil 14 and enable a sufficient quantity of water to be heated for the purpose of thoroughly flushing the pipes of the beverage-drawing apparatus with hot water. It is obvious that by this arrangement of valves 18 and 53 the apparatus can be successfully managed without requiring the services of a skilled engineer. If desired, the check-valve 17 may be omitted.
This apparatus will be found to be of great convenience and usefulness in cleansing pipes and tubing from the sediment of beer, wine, and other liquids, and as it does not require the use of lime, potash, or other chemicals to soften and remove the scale it provides a means for thoroughly cleansing the pipes without the deleterious consequences to health that frequently result from the formation of injurious chemical compounds in such pipes during the process of cleansing.
WVhat I claim as my invention is 1. The combination of a steam-generator comprising an outer shell having air-inlets near the bottom, a gas-burner located in the lower part of said shell, a steam-generating coil supported above the burner, a steam-superheating coil surrounding the steam-generating coil, a drum or expansion-chamber located outside the generator-shell and communicating with the generating and superheating coils, a valved pipe for conveying water into the steam-generatin g coil, and a valved pipe leading from the superheating-coil, substantially as described.
2. The combination of a steam-generator comprising generating and superheating coils inclosed by a shell, a drum or expansion-chamber located outside the generator-shell in communication with said coils and provided with water and steam gages, a pipe for supplying the steam-generating coil with water, a pipe for conducting steam and water from the superheating-coil through a hose to the pipe or pipes to be cleansed, and valves for controlling theinlet and outlet pipes of the generator, substantially as described.
3. The combination of a steam-generator comprising an outer shell having air-inlets and a chimney, a gas-burner located in the lower part of the generator-shell, a steam-generating coil located above the gas-burner, a steam superheating coil surrounding the steam-generating coil, a deflector-plate located above the burner in the lower part of the space inclosed by the steam-generating coil, a baffle-plate located above said deflector, a heat retaining plate located above the supcrheatin g and generating coils, and an as bestus lining for the generator-shell, substantially as described.
4. The combination of a steam-generator having steam generating and superheating coils, baffle-plates for retaining the heat in contact with said coils, a drum or expansionchamber communicating with the generating IIO and superheating coils, a valved pipe for delivering a regulated supply of water to the generating-coil, and pipes for conducting steam and water from the coils to the pipe or pipes to be cleansed, substantially as described.
5. The combination, with a steam-generating coil 14, having inlet-pipe 16, provided with provided with a valved by-pass, flexible tubingfor delivering water to the said coil, and flexible tubing for conveying steam and Water from the coil to the pipe to be cleansed, substantially as described.
In testimony whereof I have allixcd mysignature in presence of two witnesses.
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