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    • F22B13/00Steam boilers of fire-box type, i.e. the combustion of fuel being performed in a chamber or fire-box with subsequent flue(s) or fire tube(s), both chamber or fire-box and flues or fire tubes being built-in in the boiler body
    • F22B13/02Steam boilers of fire-box type, i.e. the combustion of fuel being performed in a chamber or fire-box with subsequent flue(s) or fire tube(s), both chamber or fire-box and flues or fire tubes being built-in in the boiler body mounted in fixed position with the boiler body disposed upright


(No Model.)
No. 400,462. Patented Apr. 2, 1889.l
I llllrlluwnnwi E .i chamber shell H.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 400,462, dated April 2, 1889.
Application filed July 27, 1886. Serial No. 209,191. (No model.)
' To all wwm it may concern:
Be it known that I, HERMAN AKRoEscHuLL, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Steam-Boilers, of which the following is a specification, reference being had thereinto the accompanying drawings.
This invention has for its object to produce a portableboiler that, with compactness of-construction, will provide a large heatingsurface, and in which the fuel will be utilized with economy.
In the accompanying drawings, Figure l represents a longitudinal vertical section through the center of the boiler, and Fig. 2 a sectional plan on line .fr x in Fig. l.
Corresponding letters in the several iigures of the drawings designate like parts.
A denotes the oval or oblong shell of the boiler, into one end of which is located the cylindrical furnace B, with fuel-feeding cylinder C, of smaller diameter, connected with furnace B by Hue -ring a.. To the downwardly-projecting end of cylinder C is se-vr cured the Vfeed-mouth b, as `usual for baseburning furnaces. In the bottom of this furnace B is placed the grate c, and below this is provided the ash-pit I). The opening for furnace-door E is Vformed in the usual manner by securing with riveting between the front walls of the shell and furnace a cast ring, d, so as to form a hermetic rim around such door through the water-space. The bottom flue-sheet, F, is secured between the rear of furnace B and shell A, and the top fluesheet, G, is secured to the bottom of smoke- The shell H has on its lower end a flange projecting from the fluesheet into the water-space, which prevents the foreign substances which cause foaming to rise to the surface of the water, and thus the steam is kept in apurer state than' if this deiiector were not there; 'also by the tapering form given to the shellthe products of com- I bustion are made to impinge against the wall of the steam-jacket, thus drying the steam before its exit, which shell is also oval or oblong in shape and sufficiently smaller than shell A, to provide a water and steam space between, and is closed on top by crown-plate I, which has covered 'openings e for cleaningv the flues, and has smoke-pipe nozzle J. The fuel-feeding cylinder C is projected through the upper Hue-sheet, G, through the smokechamber I-l, and through crown-plate Land is pro vided with a cover, f. The water and steam space between shells A and I-I is closed by crown-sheet L. Flues M are secured be- 6o tween liuc-ring a and upper fine-sheet, G, to form communications between the furnace and upper smoke-chamber, and flues N and O are secured `between flue-sheets F and G,
to form communications between the upper and lower smoke chambers, which upper smoke-chamber being divided by a partitionplate, P, the gases from the fuel passing up through lues M will have to take a down course through iiues N and up again through 7o flues O before escaping through nozzle J into the chimney. i
The opposite parallel sides of shell A are braced together by bars m.
As will bereadily seen, a boiler thus constructed can be moved through narrow doors or openings, is complete in itself without any brick-work, and its submerged returnflues not only aiford a large heating-surface for generating steam, but utilize the heat from 8o the fuel with the best results.
This boiler may be built with or without the feed-cylinder C.
I am aware that it is not new to locate a fuel-magazine' over a fire-box. I am also 8 5 aware that up and down return vertical ues have been used heretofore, and therefore do not claim broadly such construction; but
The combination, in a steam-generator con- 9o sisting of a wafer-jacket composed of an inner and outer shell, the latter extending the I full height of the boiler and the former terminating on a line nearly with the grate-bars and the upper tube-sheet, of asecond inner upper shell secured to the tube-sheet and to the crown-sheet of the boiler, provided at its lower end with an outwardly-deflecting flange and tapering inwardly to form an increased steamspace, said water-jacket being made of two roo oblong sections secured by angle-irons, a fire box and magazine surrounded by a nest of re-tubes, a downward set of tubes, and a nest of upward return-tubes, each set of nubes Communicating with a smoke-chamber Colnmon to two nests of tubes, the upper chambel` being arranged to have the hob gases in Contact with the steam-chamber and the tubes submerged, substantially as set fort-h.
In Testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.
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