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    • G06C21/00Programming mechanisms for determining steps to be performed by the computing machine, e.g. when a key or certain keys are depressed
    • G06C21/04Conditional arrangements for controlling subsequent operating functions, e.g. control arrangement triggered by a function key and depending on the condition of the register




Specification forming part o'l Leiters Patent No. 39,904, dated September 15, 1853.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it linown that l, JOSEPH S. ELLO'lT, ci the city ot' Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania,have invented anew and useful improvement ii Gas-Meters 3 and I do hereby declare that the following is ai'ull, clear, and exact description of the construction and operation ot the saine, reference being had to the accompanying' drawings, making a part of this specitication, in Which- Figure l is a plan view ot' the register 0f a gas-meter having its back plate removed and showing; myiinprovemeut applied thereto and Fig. 2 an edge View of the saine.

Like lettersaud numerals indicate the same parts when in both iigures.

Letters Patent bearing date the 17th day ci September, 1861, were granted to me for a certa-in improvement in the registers oi' gas-meters, andthe present invention has relation to the same part ot' the apparatus. In the use ot' the registers manufactured under the said patent it has been found, although perfect in their operation under the usual speed at which meters are run, that when run at the high speeds sometimes required, the drivers are liable to become interlocked with the driven wheels at the time the recesses in the pcripheries ot the former are receiving or passing the siop-teeth of the latter, and to remedy this defect is one of the objects of my present invention.

in consists, substantially as hereinafter described and specified, in stopping or holding the driven Wheels by means of levers, each arranged to vibratebetween the periphery of driver and the stop-teeth oi' the driven of each pair of wheels only at the time the former moving the latter.

i the drawings, A A AZAS A4 A5 are the. index-wheels, und l5 B' B233 Bt the levers `which ccnnect the said wheels together in pairs. The iirstwheel, A, hasin this instance two drivingteeth, l l, while each of the four succeeding wheels, A A2 A9 A4, has only one driving-tooth, 2, as indicated by dotted lines in Fig. i. The sixth Wheel, A5, not being used as a driver, has not any driving-tooth. 0n the opposite side ot' each of the disks of the wheels provided with a single driving-tooth, 2, there :ne ten teeth, 3 3, and on the saine side oi' the disl; oi' the last or sixth wheel, A5, there are also provided teu tectb, in both cases to correspond with the usual ten numerals of their respective dial-plates D D. The teeth are all in the form ot short cylinders rising perpendicularly from the planes of the disks, and also arranged in the relative positions to each other and to the centers ot' the disks. (Seen in the drawings.) The teethdisk ot the tirst Wheel, A, has two curved recesses, e 4, in its periphery, while each of the four succeeding wheels, A. A2 A3 A4, has but one recess, The levers B have their arms made of equal leinethsL and are xed to respective shafts, which are supported by journals or pivots between the plates E E, in positions parallel to the shafts of the wheels A, as seen in the drawings. Theyfare each formed out of -sheetbrass in the curved form seen inthe drawings, fixed to their shafts, and bent so that While one cud is in cont-act with the periphery or" a driver the Ather end will he in loose Contact. with or between tivo of the stop-teeth 3 of the driven wheel of its pair, and so arranged also that when one end of. the lever is being raised and passed by the stop-teeth ot' the driven wheel, the other end will oe permitted to freely enter the curved recess 4 in the periphery ot' the driver, the drivin g-teeth being placed so drivenwheelas the curved recess of the former passes under the end of the lever with which itis connected. The teeth are cast smooth with the disk and shaft in a suitable mold, and the peripheries of the disks afterward turned oli' smooth in a lathe. The curved ends of the levers B are also dressed smooth on their edges.

it will 1oe readily seen that in operation the levers B will stop or hold the driven wheels stationary while the drivers are being rotated, until the curved recesses 4 of the latter arrive under, the respective ends of the levers and the drivin g-teeth 2 engage the stopteeth 3 and thus move thejdriven wheel-its stop-teeth now being permitted to pass freely under ther respective ends ot' the levers; and `that the rubbingsurfaces being of diii'erent metals and smooth, and the levers-free in their motions, the friction to be overcome is necessarily very slight, and thatthe drivers cannot at any time become interloclred with the driven wheels. lt will also be readily seen that by casting the shafts, disks, and teeth otl thc wheels each in one solid piece at one opas to en gage the stop-teeth and thus move the` eration, as escribed, must seduce the oost their equivalents, arranged to operatein oomand insure greater uniformity in their conbinatiou with the recesses and teeth of the struotio. l whee-s A, substantially in the .manner de- Hzwiug thus fully described my improve scribed and set forth,for the purpose'specied. ment in gas-meters ami pointed ont its utility, who@ l claim as new therein of my invent-ion, y J' S' ELLIOTT' and desife to secure by Letters Patent, is- Witnesses Producing the stop-m0tious in the registers BENJ. MORISON, of gas-meters by means ot the evers B, or JONATHANELLIOTT.

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