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(No Model.)
No. 390,311. Patented Oct. 2, 1888.
mx ...h www N. PETERS. Phuluthugmpher. washngten. D. c.
NITED STATES Artnr trice.
SPECIFICATIONforming part of Letters Patent No. 390,311, dated October 2, 1888.
Application filed Januar-10, 1888. Serial No. 260,2?8. (No model.)
To all whom, t may concern.-
Be it known that we, CYRUs A. PINOKNEY and CLARENCE J. HAMILTON, citizens ofthe United States, residing at Plymouth, in the county of Wayne and State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Spring Air-Guns, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawings.
This invention relates to new and useful im provements in spring airguns; and the invention consists in the peculiar construction, arrangement, and combination of the different parts, all as more fully hereinafter described,aud specifically set forth in the claims.
In the dran'ings,which accompany7 this specication, Figure lis an elevation of the gun with thelever and gun-barrel shown in dotted lines in the position as in charging. Fig. 2is a central longitudinal section showing the position of the parts after the gun is discharged. Fig. 3 is a similar section showing the parts in a different position. Fig. 4 is a detached view of the gun-barrel. Fig. 5 is an end view of the gun. Fig. 6 is a crosssection on linea' a' in Fig. 3;and Fig. 7 is an end view corresponding to Fig. 5, but with the gunbarrel differently located.
A is the stock. B is afalse barrel constituting apart of the stock; and C is the true barrel, hinged at its forward end at a in a recess formed at the forward end of the false barrel, and within which it is adapted to move in a vertical plane sufliciently above or below the false barrel to close and open the breech end sufficiently to insert a bullet or dart,as shown in Fig. 3. This breech end of the barrel is provided with an elasticpacking, l, through which there is a restricted opening, c, adapted to hold the bullet or dart inserted therein against accidental displacement until it is forcibly displaced by compressed air. The rear face of the packing b is on an incline for the purposes of making a compressed joint when the barrel is closed against the breechblock. This true barrel is also providedwith the usual fore and hind sights, d and e,the latter of which may be sufficiently enlarged and so shaped as to form a convenient handle with which to move the barrel from its open position and also to form a stop to hold the rear end of the gun-barrel in proper position when closed.
W'epreferably limittheopening movement of the gunbarrel by means of a suitable pin or stop engaging with a groove, f, in the side of the barrel, as shown in Fig. fl.
The breech-block D is formed as an integral part of the false barrel and provided with the opening g, adapted to register with the bore h in the gun-barrel,aml its face/L' is correspondingly inclined with the flexible packing at the rear end ofthe barrel.
E is the air-cylinder formed within thefalse barrel, and F is the air-compressing piston. G is the spring controlling the air-compressing piston. H is the piston rod, which eX tends rearwardlyand terminates in the returnbend I, which runs in aguide-groove, J, formed in the stock. The free end of this return-bend j is adapted to engage with the hooked end 7c of the trigger L, which is of the usual construction and operation.
M is a lever pivotally secured at l in a slot extending through the stock of the gun and adapted, when moved as shown in Figs. l and 2, to conform to the shape of the stock, being held in this position by a suitable cat-ch, m, at the butt-end of the stock. The forward end of this lever extends into the rear end of the false barrel and is pivotally connected to the link N, which connects the lever pivotally with the r( arend of the piston-rod.
The rear end of the spring G abuts against the plug O, which is cored out at its forward end for some distance to receive the coiled spring and secure it in position centrally to the piston-rod. This plug is secured in the rear end of the false barrel, and is slotted upon the under side to permit the free movement of the piston-rod and the link N and guide these parts in operation.
In practice the gun is charged by disengaging the rear end of the lever M from its catch, and then by moving it forwardly in its plane of moven1ent,whi'ch compresses the spring by means of the connections described until the free end] of the return-bend of the piston-rod engages with the hook k of the trigger. The lever M may then be brought to its former position. The insertion of the bullet or dart having also been accomplished and the barrel l'OO brought; into its closed position the gun is ready for shooting by operating the trigger in the usual manner.
While We show in the drawings a gun-barrel as opening in a vertical plane above the false barrel,we do not Want to confine myself to this construction, as it is obvious that no invention is required to construct the parts in such a manner that the parts will open in a downward or horizontal position. As the gun-barrel is entirely concealed Within the false barrel, the gun has the appearance of a perfect gun by giving the false barrel through its Whole length the outside appearance ofa gunbarrel of round or polygonal shape, as desired.
It Will be seen that our manner of constructing and arranging the gun-barrel is conducive to exact shooting qualities. Being hinged and secured as described, it cannot be thrown out of line by any ordinary usage when in position for shooting, provided the groove or recess in the false barrel is made to tit it and hold it firmly in position.
It will be seen that in case of accident to any of the parts ofthe operating mechanism they may be readily removed by simply removing the detachable block O.
What we claim as our invention is- 1. The combination,with the false gun-barrel containing the actuating mechanism, of a true gun-barrel pivotally secured at its forward end within a slot ofthe false barrel and adapted to move in a vertical plane to close and open the breech, and a hind sight secured to the rear end of said barrel and extended 35 beyond the end thereof and adapted to form a handle and a stop, substantially as described.
2. The combination, in aspring air-gun,ofa stock and actuating lever,M, pivotally secured thereto, the piston F, the spring G,the piston- 4o rod H, the return-bend I, formed in the piston-rod, the link N, pivotally connects with said return-bend, and the trigger L, pivotally connected with said link and lever, the parts being arranged to operate substantially as de- 45 in presence of two witnesses, this 4th day of 55 January, 1888.
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