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CIGAR BUNOHING MAGHINE. No. 367,916. I Patented Aug. 9, 1887.
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lllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllhlli UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 367,916, dated August 9, 188
Application filed September 1, 1886. Serial No. 212,353. (No model.)
.To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, EDWARD A. KrrzMIL- LER, residing in Braddock township, in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, a citizen of the United States, have invented or discovered certain new and useful 7 Improvements in Cigar-Bunching Machines,
of which improvements the following is a specification.
In the accompanying drawings, which make part of this specification, Figure 1 is a view partly in elevation and partly in section of myimproved cigar-bunching machine. Fig.
2 is a sectional elevation of the feed-hopper.
Fig. 3 is a detail view showing the tension device. Fig. 4 is a top plan view of my improved machine, the hopper being removed.
I-Ieretofore in what might be termed hand cigar-bunching machines, as distinguished from power-machines, the filler-feeding mechanism has been operated by one hand of the operator and the bunching and binder'applying mechanism by a treadle. As it is frequently necessary for the operator to use both hands to properly adjust thebinder, the operation of such a machine is necessarily slow and laborious.
The object of theinvention herein is to provide for the operation of the filler-feeding mechanism by or from the bnnching and binding mechanism; and it is a further object of said invention to provide a sufficient slack in the "wrappingapron for the formation of a comparatively large pocket or loop for the re ception of the filler, and'to take up such slack during the wrapping operation, so as to form a firm and closely'oompacted bunch.
To these ends the invention consists, in general terms, in the construction and combination of parts, substantially as hereinafter dc scribed and claimed.
Upon the table A are formed suitable ways or guides for the frame or carriage 1, between the sides of which is journaled the bunchingroller 2. To the under edges of the frame 1 are attached the racks 3, intermeshing with the toothed wheels 4, mounted on the shaft 5, said shaft being journaled in the legs or supports of the bed A. The toothed wheels are reciprocated back and forth by a treadle (not shown) connected by a rod, 7, to either one of the arms of the wheels 4:, or a crank formed in the shaft 5.
The feed-hopper 8 is supported a suitable distance above the table by brackets 9,secured to the table at or near its rear end. In the lower end ofthc hopper is mounted a cylinder, 10, provided with a groove or recess, 11, constructed to effect the proportional feed and distribution-of the tobacco from the hopper to the loop in the wrapping apron,all as fully described and shown in an application filed by me November 12,1885,Serial No. 182,517. To one one of the brackets 9, and the pinion 17 engages in turn the rack 18, attached to the upper edge of oneside ofthe frame 1. Two sides of the hopper are made to bear against the cylinder 10 for a portion of'its periphery,to prevent the escape of tobacco, and at the lower end of the hopper is formed an opening for the discharge of the filler.
On the table Ais attached the wrappingbed 20, said bed extending from a point a little in front of the discharge-opening of the hopper to the front end of the table, and from a roller, 21, mounted in suitable bearings at the front endof the bed,a wrapping-apron,22, passes back over the top of the bed and in front of the bunching-roll, to a roller, 23., to which it is secured. The roller 23 is mounted in the ends of levers 24-, said levers being pivoted on ashaft, 25, secured at its ends in the brackets 9, and being provided at their outer ends with weights 26,adj nstable back and forth,
as required. To the inner ends of thelevers 24: are secured arms 27, curving down to a level with the under side of the shaft of the roller 2, then extending forward horizontally, as shown at a, under said shaft at the ends of the roller to a point a little beyond the rear end of the,
bed, then bending downward with a comparatively abrupt curve, as at I), and then extending horizontally forward, as at c, to the front end of the bed 20.
The operation of my improved machine is as follows: The parts of the machine being in the position shown in Fig. 1, the groove in the cylinder 10 having dischargedits contents into the loop in the apron 22, the treadlc is depressed, thereby revolving the wheels 4.,which engage and move the frame 1 forward, carrying with it the roller 2. As the roller 2 passes forward onto the bed 20, it closes the loop in the apron, and advancing across the bed causes the apron to roll the filler into a firm and comparatively-compact mass, and simultaneously wraps the binder around the bunch. \Vhile the roller 2 is moving from its rearward position to the bed, the ends of the shaft supporting the roll 2 bear upon the straight portion a. of the arms 27 and hold the inner ends of the levers 2t and the roll 23 carried thereby stationary; but just as the roll 2 reaches the rear end of the bed 20, and closes the loop in the'apron, the shaft of the roll 2 reaches the downwardly-bent portions 1) of the arms 27, which are then free to move up under the action of the weights on the outer ends of the levers 21-. This upward movement of the inner ends of the levers and the roller 23, to which the apron is attached, will draw said apron tight and hold the same under a tension throughout the bunching and binding action of the apron and roll 2. As the frame 1. is moved forward, as above stated, motion is imparted to the cylinder 10 through the medium of the system of gearing above described, or any other suitable system of gearing, turning said cylinder until the groove or recess therein is uppermost, so as to receive a charge of the tobacco in the hop per; and when the motion of the frame 1 is reversed, to return the same to the position shown in Fig. 1, the cylinder is rotated back, so as to bring the groove or recess thereininto a position to discharge its contents into the loop in the apron, the gearing being so proportioned as to bring the groove to this position just as the roll 2 reaches the rearward limit of its movement, as shown in Fig. 1. During the rotation of the cylinder 10 a brush or rubber, 28, on the shaft 16 is also rotated in a direction opposite to that of the cylinder, said brush or rubber serving to prevent any of the filler from entering in between the cylinder and the side of the hopper adjacent thereof loosening the tobacco in the hopper and facilitating its feed into the recess or groove in the cylinder 10.
I claim herein as my invention 1. In a cigar-bunching machine, the combination of a reciprocating frame provided with a rack, a stationary frame having a fillerfeeding mechanism, gearing mounted on the stationary frame and interposed between the rack on the reciprocating frame and ii ller-feeding mechanism, a bunching-roller mounted in the reciprocating frame, and a wrappin g-apron substantially as set forth.
2. I11 a eigar-bunching machine, the eonr bination of the wrapping-apron, a movable support connected to one end of the wrappingapron, a reciprocating bunching-roll, and an arm attached to the movable support and operated to change the position of said support by the bunching-roll during its to-and-fro movement, substantially as set forth.
3. In a cigarbunching machine, the combination of the wrapping-apron,the bunchingrollcr, weighted levers connected. to one end of said apron, and arms, shaped as described, connected to the lovers and engaging the bu nching-roller, substantially as set forth.
4. In a eigar-bunching machine, the combination of ahopper, a cylinder having a feedpocket formed therein and mounted in the discharge end of the hopper, a rotating brush or rubber mounted in the angle formed by the cylinder and the side of the hopper toward which the cylinder rotates in feeding, and a bunching andbi ndiug mechanism consisting of a table, a roller, and an apron, substantially as set forth.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand.
DARWIN S. \VoLoo'r'r, R. H. Wnrr'rLEsnr.
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