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J. BATGHELDER, Jr. HEATER Patented May 4, 1886.
(No Model.)
EPECIIZ'GATION forming part of Letters Patent No.341,124, dated May 4,1886.
Application filed June 8, 1885. Serial No. 168,005. (No model.)
To (LZZ whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, JOHN BATCHELDER, Jr., of Jamaica Plain, county of Suffolk, State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improve ment in Heaters, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specification, like letters on the drawings representing like parts.
This invention has for its object to improve that class of heaters known as hot-air heaters, the aim of my invention being to enable large quantities of air to be heated and discharged into the apartments to be warmed, the heated air being taken directly from the interior of the heater to the different apartments thereof, independent pipes, parts or continuations of which pass through the combustion-chamber, and which are supplied separately from outside the furnace-room by atmospheric or cold air. By conducting air heated in a pipe extended through the combustion-chamber directly to the apartment to be heated, rather than first discharging the heated air into a hot-air chamber and then leading the hot air from the said chamber by separate pipes, as now commonly practiced, the different apartments may all be equally heated, notwithstanding the condition of the wind, &c., which 110w at times renders ordinary heaters entirelyinsufficient to warm certain apartments on certain days.
The particular features in which my invention consists will be pointed out in the claims at the end of this specification.
Figure l,in vertical section, illustrates a hot air heater embodying my invention; Fig. 2, a section thereof in the dotted line as m, and showing additional pipes in dotted lines; and Fig. 3, an enlarged detail to show the dam pers in the main hot'air pipes.
The body of the heater is composed of a wrought or cast metal shell, A, having acastiron iire-pot, A, the bottom of which will contain a dumping-grate, of any usual construction, an ash-pit, A", being arranged below the fire-pot and having a door, A*. The top of the shell A is closed by a crown-sheet, S. The metal shell A is surrounded by a jacket, B, of wrought metal, leaving about the shell and between it and the jacket an air-space, B, and above the crown-sheet an air-chamber, B
from which extend hot-air conducting-pipes 13 B, the air in the space B and chamber B entering at the inlets B and being heated by radiation from the fire-pot A and shell A, all the said pipes in practice being provided with dampers to regulate the flow of air through them. The jacket and shell are both provided with openings in line for the reception of the door-frame C and door 1). The products of combustion generated by the burning of fuel in the firepot A rise in the shell and pass out therefrom through the outlet-pipe D, which is extended somewhat into the corn bustion'chamber, to thus enable the products of combustion to be taken from the combustion-chamber, near its center.. The combustion-chamber has extended through it aseries of pipes, a a a a a, the pipe a being lower down in the combustion-cha1nber than the pipe at has one end open and in communication with the cold-air inlet E, leading the atmosphere from the outside of the furnace-room into the said pipes at a, &c. Each pipe also has a damper, (Z, and an elbow, d, in which is a damper, 0. Each pipe of the series of pipes a a, &c., is bent and directed upward in the combustionchamber and into and through the crown-sheet S, through the hot-air chamber B", and through the top of the jacket, and from thence each pipe is led in any desired direction to enter the apartment to be heated by the air passed into and through the said pipe. The pipes at a, 850., are shown as of increasing diameter from their receiving to their delivery ends, to thus afford space for the expansion of the air contained in and passing through the said pipes, the increase of diameter or area preventing choking of the pipes. Should it be desired to direct the air located in any one or more of the series of pipes a a into the pipes 13 B, it is only nec essary to turn the damper (l to close the pipe and to open the damper e, as in Fig. 3, the hot air in the pipes containing the dampers so turned being directed into the hot-air chamber B", as represented by the pipes a and a in Fig. 1.
To keep the hot air moderately moist, I have provided the fire-pot externally with a shelf, f, upon which I have supported a wa- Each pipe of the series referred toby side in an inclined direction from near the top of the fire-pot to and above the top of the door I), as shown in the drawings, so that the feeding of the coal into the ire-pot through the door I) will not be obstructed.
I claini- 1. The shell A, jacket B, surrounding it and leaving a space, 13, between them, coldair inlets B, the hot-air chamber B and outlets 13 13* for it, the combustion-chamber within the shell, and the air-inlet E,opening through the jacket, and the series of pipes a a, &c., opening into the inlet E and extending thence horizontally across the combustionchamber, and then rising-in increased diameter through the said chamber and hotair chamber, sub stantially as and for the purpose described.
2. The shell A, the jacket B,surrounding it, leaving a space, 13, and hot-air chamber B,
and one or more inlets into the space B and the cold-air inlet E, combined with the series of pipes a a, having their lower ends open,in communication with the inlet E, and being extended horizontally through the combus (ion-chamber and up vertically into the hotair chamber, and provided with outlets to permit the air heated in the said pipes to be discharged into the said hot-air chamber, the pipes at c increasing in diameter from the horizontal portions toward the crown-sheet S, to provide for expansion of the air heated in them.
3. In a hot-air heater, the shell A, external jacket, B, fire-pot A cold-air inlet E, and series of pipes a a, 820., provided with dampers d e, substantially as and for the purpose described.
4-. In a hot-air heater, the shell A, fire-pot A", jacket B, and cold air inlet, combined with the water-pan g, the upper end of which terminates in the said cold-air inlet, substantially as described.
In testimony whereoflhave signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.
G. \V. GREGORY, W. H. SiGsToN.
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