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    • E01H1/00Removing undesirable matter from roads or like surfaces, with or without moistening of the surface
    • E01H1/02Brushing apparatus, e.g. with auxiliary instruments for mechanically loosening dirt
    • E01H1/04Brushing apparatus, e.g. with auxiliary instruments for mechanically loosening dirt taking- up the sweepings, e.g. for collecting, for loading
    • E01H1/042Brushing apparatus, e.g. with auxiliary instruments for mechanically loosening dirt taking- up the sweepings, e.g. for collecting, for loading the loading means being an endless belt or an auger


(No Model.) 2 sheets-sheet 1.
No. 838,721. Pa-'elledv Mar. 30, 1886.
m) VEJVTOR W' TNESSES (No Model.) 2 sheets-sheet 2.
. STREET SWBBPING MAGHINB. No. 338,721. Patented Mar.` 30,1886.
SFECFEATGN forming part o1 Letters Patent No. 338,721, dated March 30, 1886. Application filed December 5, 158:1. Serial No. 149,579. (No model.)
To all whom, t may concern:
Be it known that l, CHARM-3s DRILL, a citizen of the United States, residing at St. Louis, in the county of St. Louis and State of Missouri, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Street-Sweeping Machines, of which the following isa specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings.
My invention has relation to street-sweeping machines; and it consists in the construction and novel arrangement of parts, as will be hereinafter fully described, and liiarticularly pointed out in the claims.
In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a side elevation of a street-sweeping machine embodying my invention, the discharge-chute being removed. Fig. 2 is arear elevation, the wheels and brush being removed and the ele- Vator being shown in section. Fig. 3 is a top plan view of the rear port-ion of the machine.
Referring by letter to the accompanying drawings, A designates the main frame, which is mounted on the front wheels, A', and the rear wheels, B and B, the latter being the driving-wheels.
C designates the hinged frame, in which the revolving brush D is supported. The frame C is hinged to the rear axle, E, of the machine, and entends forward between the drivingwheels B B, and is connected at its forward end by rod O to the rear arms, C2, of a rockshaft, O", journaled in bearings O5 on the main frame, infront of the driving-wheels. A vertical arm, C, of the rock-shaft C* is connected by rod D10 to a lever, D', in front of the drivers seat D27 and this lever D10 is used to raise the lower end of the hinged conveyer and the brush from the ground simultaneously when desired. The rear axle is provided at the right side of the frame with a cog-wheel, E2, which engages a cog-gear, E', on the brushshaft and drives the brush when the gearwheel E is in gear with the drive-wheel B. The axle E is also provided with a sprocketwheel, F, which is located near the opposite end ofthe axle from the gear E. This sprocket-wheel F is connected by a sprocketchain, F', with a smaller sprocket wheel on a transverse shaft, F, journaled in bearings F3 rising from the main frame; and a sprocketchain, F12, connects a sprocket-wheel, F13, on
the shaft F2 with a sprocket-wheel, F, on the end of the upper or forward shaft, F5, of the conveyer G. The wheels B B' are loose on the shaft E, and sliding on said shaft are feathered clutches a, which engage with the wheels, and thereby render them fast with the shaft. In order to operate these clutches, I provide the levers b, which are fulcrumed on brackets c, that project from the rear sides of the frame andare connected at their rear ends to the clutches. A rod, d, is fulcrumed to a handlever, e, at the front of the frame, in reach of the driver, and to the rear end of this rod the free ends of the levers I) are connected by means of the rods f. It will be readily understood from this construction that the brush, conveyer, and elevator may be thrown in or out of gear by moving the lever c. The conveyer G articulates on its shaft F5, and its lower or rear end is connected by vertical pivoted rods G to the arms C2 of the rock-shaft Of, so that the lower end of the conveyer will be raised at the same time that the brush is raised, as before stated. The lower end of the conveyer-frame is provided with a shoe that slides upon the groundin front of the revolving brush and protects thelower rollerof the conveyer. The shaft F5 of the conveyer has one of its bearings secured to the elevatorframe H, and its other bearing is secured to a vertical arm, H, depending from the main frame. at the side opposite the elevator-frame. The elevator-frame H is secured to the outside of the main franie,at one side thereof, and extends below the main frame to within about a foot of the ground, and rises Verticallyabove the frame to a height sufficient to permit the chute l to discharge the sweepings into a cart or wagon driven along beside it.
Vithin the elevator-case are provided four pulleys, J J and K K. rlhe pulleys J Jhave their bearings J J secured to the left sides of the uprights I3 of the elevator-frame, the bearings Jz being near the upper ends of said nprights 13, but above the bearings J 1 on the opposite sides of said uprights F, and the bearings J3 being on the same sides of the uprights I3, near the lower ends of the same. The pulleys K K have their bearings J 3 J on opposite sides of the uprights I3, the bearings J4 J3. A fifth pulley,
being below the bearings L, has its bearings L secured to the vertical arm H', depending from the opposite side of the machine. The endless carrier I runs over the pulley K, under the pulley K', around the pulley L, and thenunder the pulley J back to pulley K. The endless pressure-belt or assistant carrier lVI runs around the pulleys J and J. Ihe sweepings are thrown or swept upon the conveyerG, which conveys them to the endless carrier l?, which takes them to the elevator, where they are carried up between the two endless carriers and discharged through the chute into the cart or wagon. The endless carrier I is operated through a sprocket-wheel, P', on its shaft outside of the elevator-case by a sprocket-chain, Pl, which latter is driven by a sprocket-wheel, Q, on ashaft, S, having a miter-gear, Q. The mitergear Q' engages a mitergear on the shaft F2.' The brush is made of steel wire. By this arrangement the street can be swept and the sweepings deposited into the cart or wagon driven along by the side of the sweeper, so that the machine is not only a sweeper, but a sweeper and loader combined. 'Ihe belts or carriers run over the wheels or pulleys in such a manner that two sides of the belts will be pressed together, so as to hold dry or sticky matter between them and carry it in the direction in which the belts travel, either vertically or horizontally.
Ihe frame in .which the brush is journaled is articulated on the rear axle, which allows the frame to move vertically or to remain stationary to accommodate itself to unevenness of the ground.
The frame which supports the conveyer belt and wheels is pivoted or fastened at one end to its shaft in such a manner as to allow the other end of the frame to move in a vertical direction or to remain stationary.
The belts, if sticky matter adheres to them, will be cleaned by two scrapers, Z Z', arranged in thechute so as to scrape the belts.
Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new, and desirey to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-
1. In a street-sweeping machine, the combination, with the main frame, of the endless vertical carriers having opposing faces in con- 5o y tact and located at one side of the frame, one
of said carriers having a horizontal extension running transversely under the frame, the endless inclined conveyer hinged at its upper end and arranged at right angles to the horizontal extension of the vertical carrier andcommunicating therewith, and the rotating brush for feeding the sweepingsonto the conveyer, substantially as described.
2. The combination, in a street-sweeping 6o machine, of the vertical endless carriersihaving opposing faces in contact, and the scrapers at the upper ends of the carriers, substantially as described. f
3. The combination, in a street sweepingvs machine, of the vertical carriers, the conveyer, the brush, driving mechanism therefor, and the clutches and operating -levers therefor, for throwing the brush, the conveyer, and the vertical carriers into or out of gear with 7o the driving mechanism simultaneously, substantially as described.
4. The combination, in a' street-sweeping machine, of the vertical endless carriers having the opposing faces in contact, the Scrapers at the upper ends of the carriers, and the discharge-chute leading from the upper ends of the carriers, substantially as described.
In testimony that I claim the foregoing las my own I have hereto aixed my signature in 8o presence of two witnesses.
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