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(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 1.
CHROMATIC PRINTING MACHINE. No. 305,207. Patented Sept. 16, 1884.
Emmi-IN 6'11 llllilllllllllll N. Farms Photo-Lithography. wa mm n. c.
(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 2.
No. 305,207. Patented g e hfm, 1884.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 305,207, dated September 16, 1884.
I Application filed September 3, 1883. (No model.)
T0 (l/Zl whom, it mag concern.- the inking-rollers upon the distributing-sur- Be it known that I, DENNY ELBERT MneK, faces and upon the types or printing-surfaces.
ofBi-ooklyn, in the county of Kings and State The inking-rollers are shown as three in of New York, have invented an Improvement number, and marked h is Z, and they are made 5 in Chromatic-Printing Machines, of which the of composition. The respective shaftsz' of the 55 following is a specification. rollers pass into the jOllll1i1.1-bOX6S e, and the Presses have been made for printing in coldisks h 70' Z are upon the shafts of the rollers ors, and in some instances the inking-roller having the same letters.
has been raised or lowered by the action of L is a drum or cylinder, forming a distribstationary offsets. In these cases a press had uter for two or more colors. This is revolved 60 to be constructed with special reference to by gearing or otherwise by the motive power color-printing. of the press.
My improvement is made for rendering the The distributer H is a roller geared to and distribution of the ink more uniform, for prerevolving with the drum L, but not in conventing the i'nkingrollers coming into contact therewith.
tact with any wrong color, either on the M N are working-rollers, the surfaces of distrilniting-surfaces or upon the types, and which are in contact, and the roller M is refor using one distributing roller or cylinder volved by contact with the roller H;hence the for two or more colors without risk of the colone color that is applied to the rollers H MN ors becoming mixed or blurred, and for using is thoroughly distributed and worked, and the 70 the ordinary press with but little changes. inking-roller h, which comes in contact with In the drawings, Figure l is a front eleva- H, receives therefrom the proper color, and tion of so much of a printing-press as is rethat color is rendered uniform and even. As quirecl to show my invention. Fig. 2 is an the roller h passes by the distributer-drum L,
elevation endwise of the inking-rollers. Fig. it is lifted so as not to touch the same. This. 75 3 represents a portion of one of the ink-dis is effected by the cam-lifters p p, fastened upon tributing cylinders and rollers in larger size. the track or edge of the frame J3, which are Fig. 4 is an end view of the same. Figs. 5 and in the path of the disks h upon the shaft of 6 are front and side views of two forms of liftthe roller h; hence as the carriage D travels 3O ers, and Fig. 7 represents rollers for applying with the roller h, up or down, the lifters p, 80
the colors in stripes or patches. 4 g acting upon the disks 7/, force the roller h bod- The form of types is represented at A. The ily away from L, and prevent the contact of same may, however, be wood cuts or any other the surfaces and prevent the colored inks on printing surfaces, such as stones in lithothe respective surfaces becoming mixed.
graphic presses, &c. The means for giving The distributer-drum L is represented as- 8 5 the impression are not represented, as these adapted to working and distributing two difmay be of any known character. ferent-colored inks-one color to each of the The side frames, B, of the press form also two rollers k Z. It may be used for more than the track for the traveling carriage D, contwo colors if the parts described be increased 40 taining the journal-boxes e of the composition in number.
inkingrollers. The carriage D receives its At the respective ends of the distributermovement up and down uponthe tracks or drum L are the segmental lifters p p and q q, frames B in the ordinary manner. WVhen and these are placed so that the lifters pp raised, the respective composition rollers 00- act upon the disks 7c of the inking-rollerk cupy the positions shown by dotted lines in and lift them during that portion of the revo- 9 5 Fig. 2, and when drawn down they pass over lution of the distributer L in which said lifters the surface to be inked, the links or conare in contact with such disks is; hence the necting-rods fusually being employed to move roller is will not be in contact with the portion the carriage D. The springs and slide-barsn Z of the distributer L, but it will be in conto the journal-boxes a give the pressure for tact with the portion 7a". The same may be I00 said in relation to the segmental lifters q q. They act to raise the roller Z from contact with the surface 74-, but allow such roller to come into contact with the surface Z of the distributer L. It will be observed by reference to Figs. 1 and 3 that the lifters p are in the line of movement of the disks It" as they are moved up and down by and with the carriage D, and that the disks Z are in line with the lifters q; hence the lifters q, as they revolve with the drum L, will not come into contact with the disks 7c, neither will the lifters 19 come in eontact with the disks Z. These segmental lifters p and q are of a length corresponding to the surface required for the different colors. I have shown them as equal in length, andhence as separating the distributing-drum into two equal varicolored inking-surfaces. The said distributor might be divided into more than two varicolored inkingsurfaces, if desired.
The working-cylimlers r ands, Figs. 2, 3, and 4, are upon shafts that occupy inclined slots in the frame, and hence they move to ward the distributing-drum L; but upon the shafts of the roller r there are the disks 1', Figs.'3 and 4, corresponding in position to the disks Z, so that the lifters q prevent the roller 0'' from coming into contact with the surface 76- of the drum L, and upon the shaft of the roller 8 there are the disks .9, that correspond in position to the disks 7;, so that the lifters p,aeting on these disks, lift the roller 8 and prevent the same from coming into contact with the portion Z of the distributing drum L. By this means the rollers r and s operate to work and distribute the respective colors of ink, and are raised from contact with the other color. The lifters pqare connected to the distributing-eylinder L by screws pass ing through slots, so as to be adjustable and also changeable, as required. There are rollers s and 0" running in contact respectively with the rollers s and r, and to these an end movement is given by cams or screws,as usual in printing-presses, to spread the ink evenly. The roller N should also receive a similar end mot-ion.
Upon the tracks or frame 13, at the sides of the form A, I employ lifters t u o of any desired length. The lifters, being in pairs, are on each track or frame. These lifters u '0 act with the disks a 11 upon the shafts of the rollers 7- Z, and the lifters t with the disk hf upon the shaft of the roller 72 so that as the rollers are carried bodily over the types or printing-surface the varieolored rollers will be lifted-from the surfaces at the places where their respective colors are not to be applied, and the absence of the lifters at any interval or space in the path of the disks on' any particular roller allows such roller to come in contact with and to ink the types or printing-surface at that interval. The lifters are to be of suitable length and attached by screws through slots, so that they are adjustable and may be applied exactly where it is desired to remove any of the varicolored rollers from contact with the print ing-surface, and by their absence allow such roller to be in contact with the types or print ing-surfaees.
The rollers h k Z may be in sections, as shown in Fig. 7, and receive their ink from the dis tributing-surfaees aforesaid and ink the types in longitudinal lines or patches. Lifters are not always required upon the frames at the sides of the printing-surfaces; but they are always needed with the distributing-rollers.
\Vhen the printing is upon a web drawn along progressively, I am able to ink two or more different surfaces, and to complete the impression in different colors simultaneously impressed; but each picture or device has its parts impressed successively.
I do not claim ink-rollers made in sections and receiving different colors from sectional rollers or drums, nor lifters that act to raise the ink-rollers 'or their carriages from the surfaces that supply the ink; neither do I claim a drum of segments for different colors by which the ink is applied in bands to the inking-rollers for the types. In my improvement the plurality of colors are applied to the surface of one cylindrical ink-distributer and taken therefrom by the composition inking-rollers, one color upon each roller, and applied to the desired portions only of the types.
I claim as my invention 1. The cylindrical ink-distributing drum and the sectional lifters applied upon the end portions thereof, in combination with the composition inking-rollers and the respective disks on the shafts of the same, and the lifters at the sides of the form ,whereby' one ink-distributing drum is employed to ink each of a plurality of composition inking-rollers in different colors and the same are applied to the different portions of the types, substantially as specified.
2. The combination, with the inking-rollers h 76 Z, of the ink-distributors L H, the lifters p p and q, and the disks h 7; Z, substantially as set forth.
Signed by me this first day of September, A. D. 1883.
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