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(No Model.)
Patented .Feb. 5, 1884.
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' By his .dttomeys, I
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the top of the stove into the fire-pot.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 293,056, dated February 5, 1884:.
Application filed April 20. 1883. (No model.)
1' 0 all whom it may OOILCBI'IL:
Be it known that I, JOHN A. MILLER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Newark, Essex county, New Jersey, have invented certain Improvements in Cooking and Heating Stoves, of which the following is a specification. I
My invention is designed to heat the air admitted to the fire-pot of the stove to mingle and combine with the unconsumed gases on their way'to the gas and smoke outlet. I have herein shown it as applied to a cooking-stove constructed otherwise substantially in accordance with the patent of IV. A. Greene, N 0. 220,530, dated October 14, 1879, and known as the Greene Stove. This stove employs a hollow pendent partition arranged to partially divide the fire-pot by depending from This partition is perforated along its bottom or lower edge, and as ordinarily constructed takes in air at its ends, which is emitted in jets through the apertures or perforations in its bottom.
My object is to supply hot air to this chambered partition, so that the air, when it meets thegases from the fire-pot, may be of substantially the same temperature as the said gases. To accomplish this I close the ends of said partition to the outer air; and provide fines to supply it with air at its ends, which fiues extend down along theinner face of the stove-wall and open into the ash-pit below the grate. Thus the air which enters the ash pit at the registered apertures in the front .of
the stove, and which is highly heated under the grate or fire-bed, enters the said flue or fines, and passes thence to the said partition,
. its heat being also considerably augmented by its passage through said flues, the walls of which are quite hot. 7
In the drawings, which serve to illustrate my invention, Figure l is a vertical section through the front portion of a Greene stove provided with my improvements, the plane of the section being taken on line 1 1 in Fig.2. Fig. 2 is a horizontal section of the same on line 2 2 in Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is an oblique crosssection on line 3 3 in Fig. 1. Fig. 4 is a vertical section illustrating a slight modification, which will be hereinafter described.
Let A represent the fire-pot or fire-chamber of a Greene stove, B the fire-bed, O the ash-pit, and D the flue or passage leading back to the smoke and gas outlet.
E is the hollow pendent partition, perfo rated on its under side or lower edge for the emission of air into the fire-pot. I close the ends of this partition and provide apertures a a in it near its ends, which apertures I arrange to open into the upper ends of flat flues or tubes 7) I), set next to the side walls or plates of the stove, and arranged to extend down into the ash-pit O.
In Fig. l I have broken away a portion of the fire-brick or tile 0, which lines the firepot, to show how these fines are set in and embraced by said lining. The lower ends of the flues b are open, and the air whichenters the ash-pit and is heated therein is drawn by the natural draft of the stove up through said fines and into the partition E, from which it is in its bottom to the uncombined gases which pass under said partition on their way to the gas-outlet. I y
In lieu of leaving the bottom of the fine I) open, I may close its bottom and perforate its side, as shown in Fig. 4, for the admission of the air; or the air may be admitted through perforations in its bottom. .This is not a matter of much importance, the main thing being theadmission of air to the fines from the ash-pit, whereby heated air is supplied to the partition E.
. I have shown a flue I) at both sides of the stove; but I do not limit myself to this. Only one flue may be employed. I prefer two, however, where they can be arranged so as not to interfere with the side door of the stove, or where such a door is not employed.
I am aware that it is not new to take air from the ash-pit of a stove and deliver it to the furnace or fire-box above the grate. This has been done in various ways. One method 1 is to carry it up through a flue at the front of the stove and discharge it through a wedgeshaped perforated nozzle above the fire. Another is to take it in from the ash-pit at side and front flues and discharge it into the firebox over the fire-bed. My device, however, differs from these in that I employ a hollow avedge-shaped partition, which divides the ash-pit through side flues and discharged into this portion, which has perforations along its lower edge, out of which the air eventually passes, and mingles with the gases flowing under said partition from one chamber to the other. 'Ihus nearly perfect combustion is attained at this point or line.
Having thus described my invention, I claim- 1. In a stove wherein a hollow perforated partition with the ash-pit of the stove, substantially as set forth, and for the purposes specified.
2. The combination, with the hollow perforated pendent partition E, arranged to partially divide the fire-pot into two chambers, of the flue or fines 1), arranged at the'side of the stove and to extend down into the ash-pit 0, whereby air from the ash-pit is supplied to said partition by the natural draft of the stove, as set forth.
In witness whereof I have hereunto signed my name in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.
' J N O. A. MILLER. Witnesses:
' J OHN Moxrnrrn, Jr., JOHN A. MILLER, J 1-.
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