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(NOM Qde L) v H. F. STAHMER.
" Patented May 29,1883.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No.
278,463, dated May a9, 1883.
Application filed October 31, 1882. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, HERMAN F. STAHMER, of the city of New York, in the county and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Coaches, of which the following is a specification.
The objects of my invention are to provide a more easily riding coach and to lessen the soundproduced in running, which is annoying to the occupant of the coac The invention consists in the combination,
' I in a coach, of a fifth-wheel provided with arms extending therefrom in opposite directions, a spring or springs connected with said arms, and a body the front end of which is supported by said spring or springs.
The invention also consists in thecombination,with the front and rear axles of a coach and a reach extending between them, of a fifthwheel connecting the reach with the front axle, springs supported on the axle, an upper fifthwheel supported by said springs and provided with arms extending in opposite directions, and aspring or springs connected with said arms and supporting the forward end of the body. In the above arrangement two king-bolts are used, one for each fifth-wheel.
In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 represents a side view of such parts of a coach as are necessary. to illustrate my invention, the axles being in section. Fig. 2 represents a plan of one longitudinal half of the runninggear, the body being removed; and Fig. 3 represents a front elevation of one longitudinal half of the coach. I
Similar letters of reference designate corresponding parts in all the figures.
A designates the body, and B C respectively designate the front and rear axles.
D designates a reach, connected rigidly to the rear axle in the usual way, and connected to the front axle bya fifth-wheel, E, and king bolt 11-.
Upon the front axle, B, are secured two elliptical springs, F, of common construction, and surmounting them is a cross-bar, F.
Above the cross-bar F is mounted a fifthwheel, G, and b designates the king-bolt thereof, passing through said cross-bar. The upper fifth-wheel, G, differs from those commonly used, in that its upper part has arms G projecting from it upward and outward in opposite directions, one of said arms being clearly shown in Fig. v
H designates a spring extending transversely to and secured to the under side of the front portion of the body, and having its ends secured to the arms G by means of a leather brace, H. In lieu of the spring H, a spring or springs of other form may be used. The use of the springs above and below the upper fifth- Wheel conduces to the easy riding of the coach, and as the reach has a fifth-Wheel connection with the front axle the latter is enabled to turn readily.
Idesignates the futchells,to which the shafts aresecured in the usual way.
Upon the rcar'axle, O, are mounted-elliptical springs J.
K designates leaf-springs, which are secured at one end to the rear portion of the body A, and are supported upon leather braces K. The leather braces are attached to irons a, which project from the springs J, and thereby is the body supported. The leather braces K and irons 0 form a convenient means of connecting the springs Kwith the springs J; but
springs of other forms may be used, and may be connected together in any suitable way. The arrangement of springs at the back, as shown, conduces to easy riding, and by myinvention I produce a coach which may be run with little noise, desirable.
What I claim as myinvention, and desire to secure byvLetters Patent, is-'- 1. In a coach, the combination of a fifthwheel provided with arms extending in opposite directions, a springor springs connected with said arms, and a body the front of which is supported by said springor springs, substantiall y as and for the purpose described.
2. In a coach, the combination, with the front and rear axles and areach extending be tween them, of a fifth-wheel connecting the reach with the front axle, springs supported on the axle, an upper fifth-wheel supported by and which is therefore very said springs and provided with arms extending in opposite directions, and a spring or springs connected with said arms and supporting the forward portion of the body, substantially as and for the'purpose described. I
3. In a coach, the combination, with the axles, B O,thereach D, the' fifth-wheel E, and [o frontand' rear axles and a reach extendingbeking-bolt a, the springs F, the upper fifthtween them, of a fifth-wheel and kin g-bolt conwheel, G, provided with arms G and the king? meeting said reach with the front axle, springs 1 bolt 1), the spring H, and the body A, all arsupportedon said front axle, and an upper ranged substantially as herein described.
fifth-Wheel and king-bolt between said springs HERMAN F. STAHMER. and the forward portion of the body, substan- Witnesses: tially as and for the purpose described, FREDK. HAYNES,
4. The combination of the front and rear ED L. MORAN.
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