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    • A63C17/00Roller skates; Skate-boards
    • A63C17/02Roller skates; Skate-boards with wheels arranged in two pairs




No. 245,950. Patente-d Aug. 23,1881.




SPECIFICATION forming' part of Letters Patent No. 245,950, dated August 23, 1881.

Application filed May 23, 1881.

To all whom it may concern:

Beit known that I, MICAJAH C. HENLEY, of

-Richmond, Vayne count-y, Indiana, have in- Vvented certain new and useful Improvements in Roller-Skates; and I hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to the drawings which accompany this specification, forming a part thereof, and to the letters of reference marked thereon.

My invention consists in making the axle upon which the hanging frame of thefoot-piece rests,and upon which it oscillates,detachable and capable of being easily and quickly removed while the skate is on the foot, by this means allowing the trucks and truck-frame to be detached from the upper portion ofthe skate.

My improvement further consists in securing the said axle iirmly in position by a leverspring.

The nature of my improvementl consists in the employment of an independent adjustable pressure-plate in conjunction with a rubber spring, by which the rigidity of the rubber spring is graduated, and its flexibility made to conform to the weight of the wearer by means of a temper-screw operating on the said pressnre-plate.

It further consists in the use oi' a removable axle or pivot-pin,in combination with a spring and lever, said axle or pin connecting the trucki'rame with the foot-piece, and permitting them to be disconnected at the will of the wearer without being removed from the foot.

In the drawings, Figure lis a side elevation ofthe front end of the skate. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal vertical section ofthe same. Fig.3 is an end elevation of the truck or wheels and frame. Fig. 4 is an inverted plan of the platform of a section of the skate, showing the metallic frame by which the trucks are attached to the skate-platform, and the detachable axle and spring in position.

Like letters refer to like parts.

ln Fig. l, C is the platform or foot-piece of the skate. A is the wheel. B is the axle on which the wheel revolves.

L L are supports secured tothe platform of the skate, as shown in Fig. 2, the inside surfaces of which are parallel to each other, and


are constructed at an angle with the plane of the platform C, L being the shorter. These supports L L are united at the top by a plate, l, upon which the platform rests and to which it is secured. The support L is made shorter than L, producing an angle in the bearings. The plate Z, which forms the top of the frame, in connection with the supports LL,is extended forwardin the form of a curved lug, l', which forms a bearing for and receives the point of the temper-screw K..

F is a pressure-plate, pivote-d at the rear end on a V-shaped rib on the plate l, the corresponding end of the pressure-plate F being provided with a recess across it of the shape and form corresponding with the rib upon which it rests, and which allows a perpendicular motion of the opposite end.

The lower surface of the plate F is provided with a recess traversing its width to receive and retain in place a rectangular spring; and K is a temper-screw working in the end of the pressure-plate,which is provided with a thread forming a nut for said screw, by which a greater or less pressure is given to the spring E. The screw K has its point resting on the lug l.

The pressure-plate is constructed with an openingor slot, in which the support L is fixed, and which also incloses the lever H of the spring H. The pressure-plate F is allowed a vertical motion on the -support L, which at the same time prevents a lateral motion.

E is a rectangular spring, made of rubber or other suitable material, placed in a position between the under surface of the pressure-plate F and the upper surface of the truck-frame Gr', which is fitted to receive it. By the elasticity of the spring a lateral rocking motion is permit ted in the platform of the skate, at the will of the operator, and which is graduated and regulated by Ithe density imparted to the spring E by the action of the temper-screw K on the pressureplate F. The support L has a hole in its lower .portion to receive a lug, a, attached to the upper surface of the truck-frame G. The support L is provided with a similar hole in corresponding position to receive the axle i.

The upper plate of the truck-frame G has an opening, e, at a point opposite to the lug a, in which the end of the axle t, after passing IOO through the support L', is received. The lug a and the axle 'i thus form bearings upon which the platform and the devices attached are permitted a lateral rocking motion. The axle@l is form'ed with an c ve at its outer end to receive the lever H of the spring H', which is attached to the rear end of the plate l. The truck-frame G is in stirrup form, the upper portion made with a plain surface, the front of which is provided with a lug, a, and the rear of which has an opening, e. The sides of the truck-frame, near the lower part, are bored to receive the axle of the truckv upon which the Wheels revolve, and constitute the bearings ofthe frame G of the truck, and also serve as shoulders for the inside ofthe wheels. N is the axle, having its bearings in the sides ot' the truck-frame G', and provided with openings at the ends to receive such devices as may be required to conine the wheels.

I am aware that a pressure plate has been used in connection with a temper-screwoperating on its surface to give greater density to the spring, in -which the screw only operated in one direction; but it will be seen that in this case the end of the pressure-plate is both raised and lowered by the action of the screw K,wbile the opposite end is at rest.

I am also aware that a set-screw has been used in the hanger-frame, the point of which formed a pivot upon which the rocking motion of the upper portion ofthe skate was permitted, whereas the axle t', as herein described, forms a stronger and more durable bearing, and is held rigidlyin position bythe spring H and lever H, allowing it to be withdrawn quickly and without the use of tools, thus disconnecting the trucks from the foot-piece without removing the skate from the foot.

Having thus fully described my said invention,what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

l. The pressure-plate F, pivoted at one end and adjustable'at the opposite end, provided with a recess on its lower surface, and constructed with a slot or opening, in the manner and for the purpose as herein described.

2. The combination of the temper-screw K, the pressure-plate F, and bearing l', as set forth.

3. The combinati-on ofthe axle t", spring Hf, and lever H, in the manner and for the purposes as set forth.




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