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G. H. DOWNES. Sty'lographio Fountain-Pen.
No. 225,810.. Patented Mar. 23,1880,
Witnesses- I'n/ve'mt'o r:
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 225,810, dated March 23, 1880.
Application filed February 9, 1880.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, CHARLES H. DoWNEs, of Jersey City, in the county of Hudson and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and valuable Improvements in Stylographic Fountain-Pens; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the construction and operation of thesame, reference being bad to the annexed drawings, making a part of this specification, and to the letters and figures of reference marked thereon.
Figure l. of the drawings is a diametrical section through the lower portion of a stylographic fountain-pen, highly magnified, having my improvements applied to the pointsection. Fig. 2 is an enlarged perspective view, in detail, of the threaded notched section and its screw-plug. Fig. 3 is a cross-section taken in the plane indicated by dotted line as I 00, Figs. 1.
Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.
This invention relates to writing-instruments known as stylographic fountain-pens, having a point-section which is removably attached to a hollow handle that serves as a reservoir for Writing-fluid.
My invention consists, mainly, in adj ustably attaching a notched and screw-threaded tube directly to the interior surface of the point-section and inclosin g the upper portion of the needle, also a spring and an adj ustable p1ug,inside of said tube, secure from contact with ink.
The invention also consists in a single independent externally notched and screwthreaded tube, which is adapted for use inside of and attached directly to the point-section of a stylographic fountain-pen, in combination with a needle, a spring, anda plug for adjusting the tension of this spring and keeping it secure from contact with ink, as will be fully understood from the following description.
In the annexed drawings, A designates a hollow case or handle, which serves as a reservoir for writing-fluid, and which may be constructed in any suitable manner for supplying ink to the point of the pen during the act of writing.
B designates the point section which is shown in Fig. 1 screwed into the end of the handle A. This section B is constructed with a tapered writing-point, a, which has a fine bore through it, and a durable tip, a, of metal or other suitable substance. Inside of the section B is a female thread, b, which is designed to receive male threads 0, that are made in flanges c on the exterior surface of atubular section, C, between which screw-threaded flanges notches (I are made, as clearly shown in Figs. 2 and 3. The tube 0 is endwise adjustable in the point-section B forthe purpose of nicely regulating the desired amount of protrusion of the point of a needle, D, beyond the writing-tip e and compensating for the wearing away of the needle-point. This adjustment may be easily effected by removing the pointsection B from its handle A and inserting the bit of a screw-driver into notches ff in the upper enlarged end of the tube 0. The stem or upper portion of the needle D passes freely through the lower end of the tube 0, and has check-collars g g 011 it. Inside of the tube G the needle D is surrounded by a spring, it, one end of which bears onthe collar g and the other end presses against an adjustable screwplug, is, which is tapped inside of the tube 0, and preferably notched to receive the bit of a screw-driver, for adjusting it and thereby regulating the tension of the spring h on the needle D and keeping the collar 9 down on its seat when pressure is removed from the necdle-point In practice the lower part of the needle D will be tapered and the bore of the point a correspondingly tapered, so that when the needle is on its seat in said bore it will act as a valve and prevent any escape of ink from the point-section.
It will be seen that the small tube 0, which serves as a holder for the needle, its spring, and screw-pin g, is adj ustabl y attached directly to the inner threaded surface of the point-section B. At the same time provision is made, by means of the notches d in the exterior of the tube G, for allowing a free flow of ink past this tube to the point of the pen.
It will also be seen that, notwithstanding tube 0 is entirely submerged in ink, no ink can enter it to corrode the spring h or clog the needle where it passes through this tube.
By removing the point-section B from the handle Athe reservoir in the latter can be supplied with ink.
In this application I do not claim the subject-matters embraced in three interferences, in which a former application of mine, filed September 12,1879, has been placed, said subject-matters being as follows: Thecornbination, with the handle or pen-case of a fountainpen, of the needle holding and SLlDllOlLlllg tube attached to and supported by the walls of said handle or case; in a fountain-pen, the combination, with a sectional handle, of the needle holding and supporting tube inserted and secured in the lower section; in a fountain-pen, a spindle-holder adjustabl y held at the lower end of the ink-reservoir in a fixed part of the outer case; in combination with the needlecarrying tube, the needle-valve fitting loosely within said tube and provided with a stop to limit its backward movement.
Having described niyinvention, I claim 1.111 a stylographic fountain-pen having a section, B, which is provided with an internal screw-thread, a threaded notched section, 0, adjustable therein, as described.
2. The screw-threaded notched section 0, arranged within the section B, and carrying within it a spring, a needle, and a screw-plug substantially as herein set forth.
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