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    • A47L11/00Machines for cleaning floors, carpets, furniture, walls, or wall coverings
    • A47L11/32Carpet-sweepers
    • A47L11/33Carpet-sweepers having means for storing dirt


2 SheetS-S'neet 1.

H. H. HERRICKf Carpet Sweeper.

Patented Aug. I7, 1858.

2 SheetsSheet 2. H- H. HERRICK.

Carpet Sweeper. 7 No..2l233. Patented Ag. w, 1858.





Specification forming part of Letters Patent l\To. 21,233, dated August 17, 1858; Reissued November 20, 1860, N0. 1,079; again Reissued. 1V[ay 19, 1874, 1\To. 5,8 75.-

T0 all w/wm c't mag concern:

Be it known tl1at I, HIRAM H. HERRICK, 1

cf East Boston, in tl1e county of Sufl:olk 21ncl State 0f Massachusetts, have inventecl 21 new 2111cl Improvecl Machine for Sweeping Carpets, of 1vl1ich the following is 21 full, cle21r, anal ex21ct clescription, reference being l1acl to tl1e 21ccompanying drawings, 11121k1ng part o-f tl1is specification, in Which Figure 1 1's 21 plan. Fig. 2 is 21 ve1tical section 011 tl1e line m, w of Fig. l. Fig. 3 is 21 vertical section 011 tl1e line 3 y of Fig. l. Fig. 4 clet21il to be referred 110 hereafter.

My invention has reference to cert21in im provements in m21chines for sweeping floors 2111cl c21rpets, in which tl1e rot21tion of the brush is efi'ected by the movernent of cl1e bo-x which contains it, across the fioor. The cl1ief clifficulties encountered in the construct-ion of tl1ese machines arise from the 21ccumulation of dust, 21nd tbe wr21pping of threacls 21round the journals.

T0 overcome these 21ml other clifficulties, is the object of 111y present invention, which consists, 1st, in c21using the brush shaft 10 incline 2uvay from its encls, an-d from its central bearing, whereby 2111y thre21cls whicl1 m21y loe c21ught by it, 21re guicled 21way fron1 the encl bea1ings, and 21re wound up 011 the bocly of tl1e shaft. 211d, in protect'ing the be21rings f1om the dust by means of a peculiar 21rmngement of pl21tes, as Will be here- 21fter describecl, 2111cl my invention also 0011- sists in 21 peculi21r construction of olust p21n, whereb-y tl1e clust is preventeclfrom accumul21ting upon the top of the dus p2111.

When the brush is very short it 11121y loe connected at one encl with one of the clriving wheels; when it is l21rger however more power is requirecl to operate it than 02111 thus be obt21inecl, 211111 .if for this purpose the driving Wl1eels be botl1 connected Wih the brusl1 shaft, tl1e machine Will not operate, 21S it 021111101; turn without dr21gging one of tl1e wl1eels upon the carpet and injuring it. T0 remecly these clifiiculties I l121ve divided the brush shaftin the center, 21nd connecteol the outer end cf each portion Wih one of the clriving wheels; 2111d in orcler that the continuity of the brush may 11013 be interrupted, the inner encls of the semibrush shafts are hung in 21 suspenclecl bearing as will now be 11101e fully sei; forth 21ncl clescriloed.

In the clr21vvings A is 21 box 1eft 0pen at tl1e bottom. It is supporteol 2111d runs 011 two cogged wheels B, 011e 011 each side, 21ncl 011 21 swiveling caster C 21tehe re21r end of it. The wl1eels B eng21ge Wil3ll cogged wheels D 011 the oute1 ends of the brush shaf't E, 2111d revolve it in the direction of its arrow (Fig. 2.) Tl1is sh21ft is divirled in the micldle of its length into two portions 1 2111d 2 for tl1e oonVenience of turning the machine while in Operation. I1: is supportecl in the following manner: A removable block F (clet21ched in Fig. 4) fits in e21ch sicle of the box A. It is held in place by pins a, which enter corresponcling grooves in the eclge cf the box, 2111d by 21 hook b, (Fig. 2,) Which is pivoted 21t 0 to the inside of the box A, anal hooks over 21 part of the piece F, which projects in towarcl tl1e brush (see Fig. 3). A journal e passes through each of alle pieces F into the end 015 the sl121f1; E. A metal piece G is suspended fron1 tl1e top of the box by 21 screw 21ml nut f, 21 pin g asses tl1rough this piece und enters the inner encl 0f e21ch of the parts 1 a1nd 2 of t-he 'sl121ftE 211101 serves 21s journals for tl1em. A band z of sheet metal encircles the encls of the parts 1 ancl 2 where they come together, 21 slot being cut in it for the piece G to pass through, t-l1is serves t0 keep the cli1t from the journals g. T0 protect Ehe be21rings 21t e, 21s well as the cogged whee1 D, I have the following arrangement: The block (Z projecting in from the piece F 2111d 21 corresponcling block 71 sec11recl to the side of the box A embr21ce ehe cog wheel D for the greater part of its circumference, leaving only so much of it exposecl 21s is necess21ry to engage Wil1 the wheel B.- A piece of sheet metal Z is z1tt21ched to the inner face of Ehe block 71, 211111 21 3111111211 piece m to the block d. These pieces surround 2111cl come close to the sh21ft E, While 2111 annular metal pl21te n, attachecl 130 the sl121ft 21longside the Wheel D, revolves insiole the plates Z 211111 m, leaving but 21 s1112111 sp21ce for dus1t to enter.

T0 prevent threads 21ml simil21r things which 11121y be apt to Wind around t-l1e sh21ft E from ent21ngling in the gears or journ21ls, I h21ve formed 21 groove 7c around tl1e sh21ft ne21r each of its outer ends, ancl have also enl21rgecl the encls cf l 2111cl 2 so 21s to form 21n inclinecl surface 21t 0. These inclines guiole anything of this nature down upon.

from the bearings. 'Ihe receptacles int which the dirt is swept Will DOW be described. The front end p 0f the box A is made detachable, and is secured to the t0p by a hook and staple at q. T0 ehe inside 0f the end p and removable with it, is attached a sheet metal b0x 1. 'Ihis box has a spring lip ab 5, the edge 01? which comes in contact with t-he carpet 01' floor. The dirt is driven by the revolving brush up the inclined Surface of the lip 5 and enters the b0x r through the throat s. A screen t which extends across the machine is at tached t0 the t0p 0f the box A und hangs down from ic, the lower edge 'resting against che box 1' over the throat s. 'Ihe lower eclge of this piece at 6 serves as a doctor 0r clearer for the brush, while any lighter particles 0f dust which may not enter the throat s are prevented from depositing 011 the top 0f the box r and are carried around by the brush to be received in trough I near the rear end of the machine. This trough I rest-s 011 c1eats u attached 130 the sicles of the box A and 1nay be removecl by opening a shutter w in the top of the box. A suitable handle K :Eor pushing the box over the fioor is hinged to staples Q), secured in the top of the box.

The manner 0f operating this machine is as follows: The wheels B and C rest 011 the surface 130 be swept. The box A is then pushed by the handle K in the direction of the arrow Fig. 2. This causes the brush shaft E to be revolved rapidly in the di rection of its arrow, when the brushes sweep up the dirt over the 1ip 5 and deposit it in the remo'vable box r, while any 1ighter dust which is thrown over by the brushes is caught in the trough I. After the sweeping is finished the trough I and b0x r may be removed and be emptied.

If af'ter considerable use it is found that the brushes er the shaft E h2we become clogged they may be removed for cleaning by simply loosening the nut f 011 the top 0f the box A and drawing back the hooks b, wnen the pieces F and shaft.E may be taken out.

What I claim as my invention and desire t0 sacure by Letters Patent is l. Inclining 0r grooving ehe brush shaft as ab 0 and k, as described for the purpose specifi-ed.

2. I claim protecting the bearings from dust by means of the plates Z, m, and n operating in the manner described, for the purpose specified.

3. I claim the peculiar construction of the dust pan, with its spring lip 5 in co1nbina ti0n with the screen t, operating as set forth for the purpose specified.

4. I clai1n dividing the brush in the center, and connecting each half with 0110 0f' the driving wheels, as set forth, in combination with the method herein described of pivoting the inner ends to a suspended support as described, whereby the continuity 0f the brush is not interrupted as set forch.





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