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No. 211,556. Patented Jam-2i, 1879.
Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 211,556, dated January 21, 1879 application filed J une 24, 1878.
To all whom it may concern.- 1
Be it known that I, A'rwoon ORosBY, of Waterville, in the county of Kennebec and State of Maine, have invented certain Iniprovements in Burglar-Alarms, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, in which like letters indicate like parts, and in which- Figure l is a view, in perspective, showing the alarm with certain parts broken away to disclose the mechanism. Fig. 2 is a view, in perspective, on reduced scale, to show the alarm as in position on a window-sash for use.
My invention consists in the construction, arrangement, and mode of operating a burglar-alarm, to be attached to the window-casin gs of buildings in such a manner that when in position, and the sash with which the alarm is connected, as hereinafter shown, is moved to open the window, the bell of the alarm will be rungand the inmates of the building warned.
In the drawing, A denotes the window-casin g B, the window-sash, to which the ratchet O is fastened.
Upon the casing, or to a plate, D, which may be secured thereto in any usual manner,
are fixed the various partsof the alarm. These consist in detail of lever E, having its fulcrum near its upper end, and spring F. The lever has its upper end pointed or otherwise adapted to engage upon teeth 0 of the ratchet, and near its lower end is connected, by rod 0, with the spring F. Said spring is secured or fixed at one end in any convenient way, and is retained in suitable position for acting upon the lever by means of pins or angle-pieces h h. At the lower and free end of said spring is the hammer H, which is intended to strike the bell I. This bell is suitably set in position above the parts before mentioned, and as now shown in the drawing, where the bell conceals the greater part of the working parts of the alarm.
J is a button. The lower end of the lever E is notched at 6, so as to make a seat for the end of button J when said end is turned against the lever to throw its upper part free from the ratchet.
It is evident from the arrangement of these parts that when the sash is raised the action of the ratchet on the lever I draws back the free end of the spring L, which springs back against the angle-piece 0 when the lever is tripped, and the extreme end bearing the hammer by its momentum passes slightly by and strikes the bell.
When the alarm is not in use the lever I may be raised or disengaged from the ratchet and held in position by the button J, thus allowing the window to be freely moved up and down. By a similar arrangement this alarm may be applied to doors.
I am aware that heretofore in devices used for this same general purpose a bell has been sounded by means of a lever operated by a ratchet on the sash; also, that sometimes means have been used to throw the alarm out of connection with the sash or ratchet; but I do not broadly claim that I am the original inventor of all the means now used or the first to devise a burglar-alarm; but I am not aware that heretofore the several parts have been constructed as now shown, or combined in one 1 device as now described, or that any alarm of this general character has been made in such a compact, simple, and usable way.
Having thus described my invention, what I consider new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is
The ratchet 0, having teeth 0, lever E, pointed at its upper end, and notched at 6, spring F, rod 6, hammer H, hell I, and. button J, the several parts constructed and combined substantially as and for the purposes set forth.
S. W. Burns, J. G. SoULn.
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