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    • F01K15/00Adaptations of plants for special use
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    • F01K15/025Adaptations of plants for special use for driving vehicles, e.g. locomotives the vehicle being a steam locomotive


Nov. 8, 1932. BELLUZZO 1,887,178

TURBINE LOGOMOTIVE Filed Feb. 11. 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet i gmento'o ww mw yaaf f3? NGV. 8, 1932. G B Z 1,887,178

TURBINE LOCOMOTIVE Filed Feb. 11. 1931 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 yzzmzp me BeZZz /Z Z0 Q 14M 0% W Patentecl'N'ov. 8, 1932 i UNITED STATES mm;

GIUSEPPE IBELLUZZO, or ROME, ITALY; 'ro BREDA PER cos'rRUzIoNI mncelituciifioi MILAN; Ir'Ai'Y Application filed February 11, 1931, Serial li o: 515,127; aria in! navraruari 2819*);

The present invention is related to a new plant arrangement intended to alter thegeneral structure of the conventional locomotive to such a small extent as to allow any type of piston engine locomotive being rebuilt into a turbine locomotive with a moderate expense and with few and verysimple structural changes.

Generally, the invention comprisesthe positioning of a steam turbine withina steam disposed transversely of thelocomotive and locomotive and operatively connecting the same to the usual driving wheels of the locomotive. The turbine is the rotor type having admission valves for controlling the forward and backward movement of the locomotive, said admission valves being located outside of the body of the locomotive. Attention is called to the fact that the turbine is at the forward end thereof within the smoke box of the boiler. I The advantages of my inventionare mam- 'fold, as will be apparent from the more detailed description thereof hereinafter set forth.

Other secondary featuresformalso a part of the present invention and they will be particularly specified hereafter. I i

In. the attached drawings: I

Fig. 1 is a side view of the turbine locomotive;

Fig. 2 is a cross sectional View of the same, taken on line 2-2 of Figure 1;

Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view in part taken on the line 33 of Figure 2;

Fig. 4 is a plan view in part of the rotor of the turbine showing diagrammatically the steam pipes for controlling the forward and backward movement of the turbine.

In the embodiment shown the turbine is fitted on the front of boiler (O) and in the smoke-box (F) between the two side frames (L). On shaft (2) of the turbine are keyed two pinions ('3) meshing with 'two wheels (4) of a counter shaft '(5) on which are keyed two other pinions and two wheels (7) transmit power to a 1ack-shaft (8,) appropriately balanced w1th balance weights adapted for transmitting its motion through connecting rods (9) to the central driving turbine is bolted to thje sideframes andv the lower half of itscas'ingofiers two saddles (10) on which the boile'r ,is fixed. j

.. The exhaust steam of the, turbine disch'a-rges to the smoke stack (12) a through an exhaust cone (11,), causing a draft for the boiler. Thelivesteamfor feeding the-tar .bine comes from the collector (13);.of the loco- .I IlOlSlVQ' and through two; large pi es (14:) is

brought to a cylindrical valve chest (15) .mounted outside the smoke'box,ai1dinwhich are s x valves govermng the admission ,of live I steam to as many pipes, four of which (16) go to the forward motion distributing vanes and. two (17) go to the backward 'motidn, dis- ,tributi'ng vanes of the, turbine, which, as

stated above, is provided with rotors for forward and rotors for backward motion. The regulation of the speed and the reversal. ofthe engines motion is controlled from the" cab by,means ofa hand wheel (18) a screw (19) and a rod (20) as in conventional turbine and the gearing.

When the turbine has to-be taken down for inspection or repair it is not necessary to take down the boiler, as, by opening the front door of the smoke box, free access is given to the turbine whose upper half covert can be taken out of said smoke box door. The rotor, after having been lifted clear of its bearings can be taken out from apertures (27 cut-in the sides of the smoke box in.

correspondence to saddle (10.) said apertures are normally closed by tight metal sheets.

Of course the various accessory parts and devices, may vary in design and structure according to locomotive types to be built or the locomotive.

my hand.

rebuilt, without exceeding of course the limits of the present invention.

What I claim is:

1. A locomotive with a single steam turbine, comprising a rotor with a number of wheels adapted respectively to control the forward motion and the backward motion of the locomotive by operating the respective admission valves, characterized by the feature that said turbine is placed transversely on the front of the engine, inside the smoke box of the boiler, the casing of the turbine providing a saddle for supporting said smokebox, said turbine casing being mounted and .4

secured to the side frames of the locomotive and being provided with a spur wheel reduction gearing, withat least one 'countershaft driving, by means of connecting rods, one

pair of the coupled driving wheels.

2. In a locomotive, a turbine secured to the side frames thereof, a casing for the turbine, the lower portion of said casing forming saddles to support the. boiler of said locomotive,

and means to operatively connect said turbine withthedriving wheels of the locomotive.

3. In a locomotive, a turbine positioned in thesmoke-box thereof, and means in the sides of the smoke-box to allow access to and extraction therefrom of the turbine.

4. In a locomotive, a turbine positioned in the smoke-box thereof, and doors in the sides of the smoke-box to allow access to and extraction therefrom of the turbine.

o In testimony whereof I have hereunto set GIUSEPPE BELLUZZO.

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