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No. lSZ/, Patented Sept. 19, 1876.
IMPROVEMENT IM CARPETSWEEPERS Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. hlil, dated September 19, 1876; application led J une 6, 187C.
To all rwhom it may concern Be itkhown that 1, MELVILLE R. BIssELL, of the city of Grand Rapids, county ot' Kent and State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Carpet- Sweepers, of which the following is a specifi-v cation:
The nature of my invention relates to a carpetsweeper in which the brush-roller has no end bearings, but is operated by one or more cogwvheels and pinion at or near the center of the roller, and has its bearings adjacent to and on either side of the wheels, as more fully described hereafter.
The object of my invention is to adapt it to sweeping carpets and lioors with uneven snrfaces more readily than the ordinary sweeper.
lu the drawings, Figure 1 is a view from the under side of the sweeper, showing the brush-roller with the operating cog-wheels and bearings. Figa 2 shows a section cut thronghbetwecnthe bearings; Figa and 4, the adjustable bearings; Fig. 5, an adjnstable and removable slide arranged beneath the brush-roller in order to hold it in place, and also to allow of its easy removal; and Fig. 6, a detail view, partly in sect-ion, showing the journals of the brush-roller and` the adjustable bearings.
.ln Fig. 1, F F represent the frame ofthe sweeper, constructed with curved ends, as shown, in order to facilitate sweeping close to the sides ofthe room or furniture. W W are the driving-wheels, which in the drawings are shown ns crown-wheels with side cogs or pins, which engage with the cogs of pinion P, and thus operate -the `brush-roller B B. D D nre dust-pans, and El H are tufts of brush projectingl from either edge of the frame, designed to brush the dust aside from the cog-wheels and bearings of the brush roller.
ln Fig. 2, X shows the set-screw, by means of which th'e bearings are raised and lowered. P shows the pinion and the manner of its en: gagement with the cog-wheel.
Instead of using the crown-wheels W W, as show n, ordinary cog-wheels may be used, and in some cases such wheels may be preferable.
.ln Fig. 3, T is a block adjusted vertically by means of set-screw X, in Fig. 2, and is slotted at the bottom and grooved out, as shown by Gr, and thus forms two bearings for the brnshlroller. The slot is shown by S in Fig. 4 and the beni-ings by E E in Fig. 4. The set-screw X may, however, be omitted entirely, in which case the brush-shaft will rise and fall in accordance with the irregularities of the floor-surface, carrying the bearing-block E E with it.
Fig. 5 is an adjustable slide fitting into cross-piece Y Y, so as to hold the brush-roller in place. It may be held in place by means `of the slide Z, or in any other suitable manner, so as to be readily removed.
The cog-wheels W W act not only as sup porting-wheels, but as driving wheels operating the roller. The supporting wheels being near the center of the brush-roller, the frame mav be tilted either way, so as to t to uneven surfaces and to press more upon one portion of the door or carpet than on another, tlius enabling the'operator to catch small refuse-matter and to sweep the carpet more closely than with any other sweeper in use.
The bearings being near the center of the brush-roller, which roller plays loosely in tho grooves, allows a tilting motion to the arushroller, independent of the frame, which causes it to adjust itself more closely to the hoor or` carpet. i
At eachl corner of the frame, on the under side, is a small friction-roller, as shown, and around the curved ends may be placed an india-rubber band to prevent mari-ing the fnl-niture.
In order w make the dust-box tight, Yfit a strip of india-runner into the upper edge ot the frame, being inserted in a beveled slot, so as to make a close-iittug joint when the cover is pressed down upon them.
Having thus described my invention, what ll claim to have invented and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
1. The combination of the driving-wheels W W, pinion Rand brush-roller B B..havmg its bearings near the center, substantially as and for the purpose described.
2. The brush roller B B, having central bearings only, in combination with the adjust- OFFIGE.
able bearings E E, and set-screw X, for the a carpet-sweeper, having its bearings at the purpose specified. center of said shaft, the bearing-block E E,
3. In a carpet-weeper, the brush-roller B as and for the purpose set forth. B, havlng central bearings, with no end bear- MELVILLE R. BISSELL ings, for the purpose described.
4. The brush or tufts H H, in combination Witnesses: with the frame F F, as described. C. A. RENWICK,
5. In combination with the brush-shaftof EDWARD TAGGART.
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