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A. wALaATH. ABroom-Corn Sizing-Mchine.

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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 165,458, dated July 1.3, 1875*; application filed April it, 1875.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ALPHONSO VVALRATH,

drawings making a part of this specification,

and to the letters and 1i gui-es of reference marked thereon.

Figure l of the drawings is a representation of a plan View of my machine, and Fig. 2 is a side view of the same. detail view. Y

This invention has relation to improvements Fig. 3 is a sectional in machines for sizing broom-corn. The object of the invention is to devise a means whereby broourcorn may be cheaply and expeditiously separated into lengths suited to the manufacture of the varioussizes of bro'oms and whisks known to the trade. To this end the nature of the invention consists in the employment of a series of spurred carrying and distributing belts, of different lengths, except the outer ones, which are of the same length, supported by guide-strips, in combination with a bin divided into several compartments; and it further consists inthe employnient of spurred feeding-wheels, in combination with springtingers, a supporting-plate, anda cutter, as will be hereinafter more fully set forth.

l In the annexed drawings, A designates a rectangular box, which is open at one side,

and is divided, by means of partitions a, into a number of bilis, b. This box supports a' preferably-inclined frame, B, which affords bearings for a number of spaced rotating shafts, C G1 C2 C3, upon which are keyed pulley-Wheels c c1 c2 c3, carrying endless belts D D1 D2 D3, having teeth d, as shown in Fig. 2, for a purpose hereinafter explained. These shafts are mounted in frame B, just over, and, preferably, slightly in front of, the partitionwalls of each successive bin. Shaft O, as shown in Fig. 41, has two pulley-wheels, c, shaft C1 a single one, as has also shaft C2, while the shaft C3 at the feeding end of the machine has four. The outer or lateral Wheels c c and c3 c2 on the shaft G and C3 sustain and carry endless Vbelts D D3, while the intermediate pulleys 03 ou shaft C3 and the pulleys ,c1 02 on shafts G1 G2 sustain the intermediate belts Dl D2, which latter are each shorter than belts D D3, and theV belt D2 shorter than the belt D1. it i2 'i3 i4 designate longitudinal strips arranged at a suitable distance apart causing the shaft C3 to be operated the longest straws will be carried, by teeth d on belts D D3, along strips t' i4 to the last bin, into 'which they will fall, and the shorter lengths having been previously distributed by means of the strips above described, into their appropriate bins. Motion is given to the `endless belts D D1 D2 D3 through the medium of an endless belt, E, a pulley, F, on the end of the shaft G3, and amain actuating cone-pulley, F, and the latter pulley being of greater diameter than the former a very rapid motion of the carrierbelts will be obtained with a corresponding rapid distribution into their appropriate bins of the various sizes or lengths of broom-corn.

With a view of guiding the spears of corn so that they will fall into the appropriate bins, and not lodge upon the partition between the said bins, l make nse'ot' guide-strips jj1j2j3, arrangedat the end, and in the continuation of strips z', fil, t2, and 3, asufficient space being left between them to allow the spears of corn to fall through.

Gr represents an inclined platform rigidly secured at the feeding end of the machine, and provided with a metallic springV guidingplate, G', of such length that when it is secured in position it shall extend from strip i on one side of the box to a point slightly beyond strip i3,- and H H represent two studded wheels secured upon a suitable shaft at one side of the box, and extending through plat-l UNTTED STATES PATENT GEEIoE.

form G upward on a level with the plate G. Between these wheels, and rigidly secured to platform G, is arranged a spring-linger, g, which is curved concentrically to the peripheries ofthe said wheels, and extends downward below platform G nearly to belt D3. This finger is overhung by a second vspringnger, gf, sustained by means of a shank, h, on a post or upright at one side of the frame. Rotation is given to studded wheels H H' by means of a trundle or lantern wheel, I, keyed upon a shaft, l, through the medium of a pulley, l', on the other end of the said shaft, an endless belt, m, and a step conepulley, F. When the latter is actuated by any suitable motor the carrier-belts-and studded wheels H H will receive simultaneous movement, and they are-used in the following manner, to wit: The operator, standing at the end of the box, places the broom-corn across and in Contact with the wheels H H', between fingers g gf, when it is immediately seized by the studs or teeth of the said wheels, and is carried over ,them to a point within reach ot the teeth d of the carrier-belts, thecorn being accurately guided to said belts by the downward continuation of finger g and a number of preferably elastic strips ot' wood or metal, o, connecting platform G and strips 1 2 3. While the corn is being carried over wheels H H the upper spring-nger will hold it in contact with their teeth, and the 'lower linger lwill prevent the corn from being bent or broken by the action of the. upper one. Guideplates G will hold the corn in a horizontal position, and will cause it to be delivered to the carrier-belts in a position transverse to their length, so that the spears will be allowed Shaft n is caused to rotate, imparting movel ment to the cutting-blade J, by means ot' a pulley, r, on its end, and an endless belt, t, passing around the cone-pulley F', which also actuates simultaneously feeding-wheels H El and endless carrier-belts D Dl D2 D3.

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

l. rEhe spurred and distributing belts D Dl D2 D3, of different lengths, except the outer belts D D3, which are of the same length, and the guide-strips l 2 3 4, in combination with the bin, divided into several compartments, substantially as described.

2. The spurred feeding-wheels H H', in combination with the spring-fingers g g', supporting-plate G', and cutter J, substantially as specified.

. In testimony that I claim the above I have hereunto subscribed my name in the presence of two witnesses.




l m r ne

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