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1,634,355 J. HEALD 0 1.! III! I. ll L" QHTILIIIIA BY g Q (by-Raw ATTORNEY.
July 5,1927.
CONCERT HORN Filed- June 1923 Patented July 5, 1927.
. Application filed June 13,
This invention relatesto improvementsin concert horns and one of its leading objects isto provide a horn of thistype with means whereby thetone may be muffled or modified i by directing the bell of the horn against the side of the body of the player.
*lVit-h the above and otherobjects in view,'
the invention relates to certain new and useful improvements; constructions, combine tions and arrangements of parts, clearly described in the followingspecification, and
fully illustrated in the accompanying drawhorn, by shortening the air passage thereof.
Fig. 4 is a horizontal cross section of Fi 3 i i Referring to the accompanying drawings,
5 designates the mouth-piece of the instrument which is det-achably mounted in the usual manner on the intake pipe 6 which communicates by various passages with the tapered hoin pipe 7 which carries the hell 8 which forms an outlet for the instrument.
In Fig. 1, I show one arrangement of the connections between the intake pipe 6 and the horn pipe 7 The upper portion of the intake pipe 6 is shown't'o be disposed in a horizontal plane and to have connection with the right angular downwardly directed branch 9 which communicates by a detachable U-shaped union on the branch 10 with the downwardly facing leg 11 of a U-shaped switch branch 12. The other legof the U-shaped switch branch 12is adaptedto be connected at 13 with one leg of the extension 14, the other leg of which is connected at 15 with the short branch leading to the valve chamber-in the lower end of the valve casing 16. The valve casing 16 communicates with the valve casing 17 through the by-pass 18. A U -shaped halfnote branchv 19 is connected atits ends with the casing 17. The casing 17 communicates-with the valve casing 20by means of the by-passQl. A full note branch 22 is connected at its upper end with one portion ofthe valve casing 20 and at itslower end with another portion of said valve casing. Valves-controlled by finger pressed keys 23 work in said valve 1923. Serial No. 645,193.
casings to control the flow of air in the diiierent passages in accordance with old and wellknown practice. The valve casing 20 has an outletv at 24 with the U-shaped branch 25 and its opposite leg 26 extended upwaiwily and connected at 37 with the downwardly directed leg of the tapered horn pipe 7 leading to the hell 8. The various parts of the instrument here describedare suitably-bracec'i with each other in accordance with standard practice. such details forming no part of this invention.
The union 1O iii-provided with a drain nipple 10 which is controlled by means a lever valve 10 of the lug 10" carried by said member '10 in accordance with the usual practice. The extension member of the branch l lfis provided with detachablesections 14-. or 14 whereby the instrument may be adapted to play in B flat. By removing the extensions the instrument will play in C, when the terminals of the U-shaped member 14 are connected as shown ii'rFig. 1. By removing the member 14. entirely and connecting the leg 10 of the union 10 with the branch 15 the instrument will play in E flat, the inverted U-shaped union 12 being thus cut out from the air circulation system of the instrument.
ported in a plane considerably below the mouth-piece 5 so as to not interfere with the vision or comfort of the player. This construction is such that the bell is supported so as to occupy a position adjacent the side of the player when the instrument is being used and this arrangement permits the player to place the mouth of the bell against his side so as to regulate the velocity and volume of the air moving through the horn by placing the mouth of the horn against his side. In this way by skillful adjustment of thehorn against the side of the player he may mufile the tone to produce a muting action at will, without in any way requiring a modification of the technique of the playing. By means of the sivivelled connection between the bell and the horn pipe this muting action can be controlled to suit the convenience of the player or his sitting or standing position or the bell can be adjusted to an angular position facing away from the player to permit of the discharge of the full volume of the tone Without any muting, and the direction of such discharge can be controlled at will so as to face forwardly or rearwardly or to either side of the player.
Having described my invention. I claim:
1. A musical horn con'iprising a mouthpiece, a bell, passages providing communication between the bell and mouthpiece and valves controlling said passages, the bell being located at one end of the instrument and the month-piece at the other end and the bell facing laterally of the axis of the instrument to permit the player to press the same against his side to mute the tones produced in playing the instrument.
2. A musical horn comprising an instrument having a series 01 'alve controlled passages and a mouth-piece at one end of the instrument for said passages and a bell at the opposite end of the instrument, the bell having svviveled connection with the instrument and being disposed laterally of the axis of the instrument to engage the side of the player to permit of a muting action.
3. A musical horn con'iprising an instru ment having a pipe at one end of which is a mouth piece and at the opposite end of which is a bell, the bell being disposed below the mouth piece in normal playing position and being adapted to be moved against the body of the player to permit the player to mute the sounds produced in the instrument.
4. A musical horn consisting of a pipe provided with a mouth piece atone end and a horn at the opposite end, such pipe being provided with plungers and different passages and valves controlling said passages. the bell being located below the valves and month piece and an adjustable connection between the bell and the pipe whereby the bell may be moved to .muting engagement with the body of the player or out of said engagement.
Signed by HM at Springfield, Mass.
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