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Feb. l5, 19mg;
` Filed April 26. 1925 www0/FINES! Application filed April 2S, 1926. Serial No. 104,539.
5 pockets.
' puzzle Whereinthe In gaines of the character in question e gaine board is usually provided having on the surface thereotl e. plurality of pockets, end 21 common enclosure for the pockets in which the movable members are arranged. By various combinations of tilt-ing nieveinents, the movable members or game pieces are vinserted in the pockets.
The arrangement of the pockets is usuiilly such that the tilting movement or conib'innu tion of movements designed to sent genie' pieces in selected pockets tends to move the game pieces awry from other pockets, and to dislodge gaine pieces which nlreedy may have been sented.
A primary object of the present invention. is the provision of n gaine presenting problems in the solving et' vm'sying degrees of dilliculty, thus to be suitable for persons of different age, and mental capacity.
A. further object is the provision of e interest is increased 'by pockets of varying,T size adapted to receive a greater or less number ot game peces, and wherein the game pieces are distinguished from enen other to enable the genie to be varied by arranging the ginie-)pieces in different order.
A further object is the provision oi zi game 'cepa-ble ot' beingr manufactured :it n lovv cost, und marketed nt n reletiveluxv low rice. y
' lith these and other objects view the vinvention consists in the construction und 55 gamev pieces coopereting therewith.- The board comprises a base l, usually circuler, and liiavineY secured on one. fece thereof en :imm nr rim member 2 spaced inwardly from the periphery of the boord to provide e man lgin 3 between the flange and the beard edge. The rim 2 provides n circula-r tence for restraining the gaine pieces Within the field eircmnscribed by the rim.
The pocket construction includes e loanricr 4: extending clim'netrieelly of the field en euch side of the eentertliereof, and of e length approximately oneliel the diameter of the field. From cach side or' the bei`- rier a. series of curved members 5,' 6, 7 end 8 extend, the said members being curved on n common center, so that they ere per elle und the members 5 Send 7 are spaced spurt fronnezich other et equal distances. llie nien'iber 8 is parallel with the mem bers 5, 6 and 7, but is spaced .from tineI mcn'iber i' o somewhat greater distance than the spacing el the members 5, 6 and Y, and it is et the end o" the barrier 4t clearly shown.
The members 5,'6, "i and 8 graden-ll decrease in length from the memberw te the member und their outer ends et eeen' The gaine pieces. 9; are spheres or "oeilsi und ot n diameter less' then the distance Vbetween any 'of the members 5 to 8 inelusive. so that the genie pieces. will roll easily into and out ot the poelgets constitilted by the/members end the trunk. he gnn'iepieces-'zire of' such 'size endjthe length el the nien'ibers e', t5', 7 end is suoli tliet the ,noch s b etn'een the Amembers: 5 end t? et. euch s e/oftlie trnniionberrier i will hold three' .gaine pieee's'.- These between t-liememberso and-7 et each side ot the troni; will hold two, those liet'vveent-lie mein bers and 8 will hold one eeen. The mein .ber .8 maires a single pocket 'for receiving oney genie pieoe..v
'The' puzzle in its simplest form is to urrengetbe gerne pieeesin tile vpeelzefs' ien lns
he coul with the specied number in @ech pocket. That is with three in eech pocket between the members 5 end 6, two in each pocket between the members 6 and 7 and one in each of the remaining pockets. This is done by combination of tilting movements and winging of the board to cause the game pieces to roll upon the board. When the game pieces are ell et the bottom of the board, that is at that end of the trunk remote from the member 8, e swinging movement of the board which will impart to the game pieces a rolling movement` toward the high part of the board will enable the plee ing of the balls in the pockets of the hoard which incline upward. .A rolling movement may be imparted to the game pieces, by tilting the board, or by swinging ,movement and either or both may be utilized to piece the gerne pieces in the pockets, Careful manipulation is required however whencue side has been filled, to place the gerne pieces on the other side, and at the same time prevent displacement of the game pieces elrendy placed. I
ln solving the puzzle, the pleyer will naturally incline the board et various en- 'g1es, depending on the force of? gravity to roll the ieces in eny desired direction, and (l) place some of the pieces in. the pockets vin this manner, but wouid sind it dicult or impossible to complete the trilling of the pockets. l
To place the remainder ofthe belle; the Player will hold the beard with the bottom inclined downward, and will tilt er incline it laterally with e continuous movement to rivht and lett, ,which movement censos the upper part of the heard.4 The pieces ere haills to be swung or thrown te the eidee and.
thus moved to the upperpert ci? the hoardv without having ,incline the tege4 dewn'werdand when the pieces thrown7 e slight tilt of the boerd wili direct tu 'i `contee to the center end deposit- .in ij pockets Interest muy be added to the pn cle, end the diculty of soiving the seme weee-eti? by distinguishing the belle from other5 end requiring that they be :arranged in the pockets in e. selected order.
The genie pieces .which may he balie ci any character, es, for instence nierhlee are thirteen in'number in the present inetence, end to attain the added interest end diii culty sin for instance of the balie m'ey he ci one color, ce green, sin of another color, es red, and the remaining heli of a distinctive color, es old. The requirement for solution may be t at the lower branches or pockets support three beliea arranged in order, green., green, red, from within outr d3 the 'next pockets green, red, from v. i outwerd, the succeeding pockets rede C" l topmost pocket old. it ie obvio' much greater diihculty will be expe,
ei tiene in so erreninff the graine iecee end not e i l, a
merely placing `them in the pockets in e .se-
lected number.
What 1s claimed as new le: l. A game mcludlng an enclosed ieid, e
plurality of game pieces, and a hazard on* the field, said hazard the conventional figure of e tree including n trunk and branches, the .branches spaced to form e leterelly facing series of pocketsat each side of the trunk adapted to admit game pieces entering from one side only7 and a single pocket et the apex or top ci the trunk Afor receiving e@ branches curved and arranged with concave -v surfaces toward the apex or 'top of the tree figure thereby to provide pockets arched ewey from the apex end of. the ligure.
3. A game including :in enclosed iield having thereon e hezm'dforming the conventional figure ot a tree with the brzmches spaced apart to provide pockets et euch :side of the trunk, and e 'plurality o game pieces to be pieced inthe pockets by tilting end swinging movements' of vthe board5 "the branches eurvedand :wronged with couceve surfaces .toward the oper: or top of 'the'tree figure thereby to provide pocket-e arched ewey from the apex end of the .gcreythe pockets et each side oi'- the tree ligure grad vim nnllvdecreeeing in length tower@ the epexand designed to receive e selected number of game pieces.
veine including. en. enclosed ieldf iet hevingtnereon ,e hezerd teeming the een ventionel figure est e tree with the brenchee spaced apart to rovide poelrete et each side of the trunks en e piureity of gaine pieces to e pleced in the pockets by tilting sind swinging :suavemente of the been/i, 4the branches curved end arranged with contiene surfaces toward the apen or to@ the'trfee gure thereby to provide ,pockets erched. away pockets at each side oit' the tree ti re ginduelly decreasing 1n length towero the apex and designed to receive e selected number of game pieces, the game pieces errenged in sets, each set having distinctive ,merkingm 5.. A ame including e ieid with en enclosing ence, and a plurality of Spherical gerne pieces7 the ield having et approxi-- nietely the center thereof u hazard nicludino c barrier and e series of pockets on each. eine of the barrier, eecli of seid pockets from the apex end of the figure, the l curving toward one end of the herrifn14 the pockets gradually decreasing in depth tc- Werd the seid end ot' the barrier and adapt I' 6. A game 'including ,a field withl anwenclosingaezice, the field hating at the center shaped; tigure,
' lng number of game pieces toward thereof a hazard including a barrier extending diametrically .ofthe field and spaced apart at its ends from the field, a series of pockets at each -side of1 the barrier openin rier, the pockets gTedually `decreasing in length toward the said' end to form with the barriera substantiallyvt-riangular or tree and e. plurality of .game pieces 11: size and number Ysufficient to fill all the pockets when placed therein, the pockets of each series containing e decreasthe apex of the figure, and each pocket containing the same .number as the'correspording number'on the other side of the barrier.
. 7. Afgameincluding an enclosed'field, a plurality'of gaine pieces shaped to roll upon the field, and a plurality of series of pockets arranged about the center. of the field, the 'members of one series :facing in the, opposite direction to the v4members of the other vseries whereby to admit :une pieces fromy one side only, Aand a single pocket between the series at one end thereos disposed to receive a game 0 piece coming from either side of the field. Y
' closing fence,
8. A game cumin@r 1howard one end of the barrier the 2D l l g pockets 'gradually decreasing in depth tor outwardly and toward one end of the barward the said end of the barrier and adapted to contain game number, and a single pocket at the top of the barrier.
9. A game including a field with an enclosing fence, and a plurality of spherical .gaine pieces, the field having at approxiinately the center thereof a hazard includ- ,lng a barrier and a serieslof pockets on euch side of the barrier, each of said pockets'curving'towerd one end of the barrier, the pockets gradually decreasing in depth toward the said end of the barrier and adapted to contain game pieces in decreasing number, and e single pocket at the top of the barrier, said last named pocket curved on substantially'the seme are es the irst named pockets. i
Signed at N ew York city in 'the count-y of Kings and State ot New York this 20th day of .April i926.
including -a field with en env and a plurality of Spherical pieces in decreasing i
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