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Sept. 7 1926. 1,599,027

- M. M. MEDIGOVICH APPARATUS FOR TREATING coRRbsIvE: GASEOUS FUMES Filed May 26, 1924 Patented Sept. 7, 19263 MITARMuMEDIGOVIGI-I, or msBnnAmzoNA.

' urinates sea realities ec'ano'sivn GAsEo'ns FUMES.

n' pntat on filed ma 26, 1924. Serial no. 716,016.

' This inventiofr'relates to apparatus for treating corrosive gaseous fumes such as areproduced intlic treatment of suliid ores.

As is well k nown to" those skilled in the art t hes e' fumes ar 'highly' destructive of vegetable and animal life and unless treated they become a menace in the territory adoin ng the furnaces. v

It is also well known that the fumes generated often contain valuable compounds which, if recovered, add materially to the profit resulting from the ore treatment.

It is an obj'ec't ofthe present invention to provide apparatus which will act ei'licieiitly to recover values contained withintlie injurious fumes and the smoke or other gas eous products of a burner and at the same time neutralize the harmful gases or else prevent their escape into the surrounding atmosphere.

With the foregoing and other objects in view which will appearas the description proceeds, the invention resides in the com bination and arrangement of parts and in the details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention herein disclosed may be made within the scope of what is claimed without.

departing from the spirit of the invention.

In the accompanying drawing hasbeenshown, more or less in diagram the apparatus constituting the present invention.

Referring to the drawing by characters of reference 1 and 2 designate the furnaces and 3 the converter of an ore treating apparatus, these structures being connected by fines t to a main stack 5 the outlet end of which is adapted to be closed by a damper 6. EX- tending downwardly from the upper portion of the stack 5 is a separating flue 7 provided, in its lower wall, with a pocket 8 for trapping solids. The lower portion of flue 7 opens into the bottom portion of a tank 9 provided, above the level of the lower end of the flue 7, with a perforated partition 10. A stack 11 projects upwardly from the flue 9 and is provided with a damper 12 and, if desired, another flue 13 can be extended downwardly from stack 11 into the bottom portion of a tank 14 similar to the tank 9'. A pipe 15 extends downwardly from the bottom portion of the pocket 8 and opens into one end of a collecting trough 16, the bottomv of which is divided into separate receptacles 1 -7 or can be provided with separate containers. I

A fan 18 is mounted for rotationwithin the flue 7 and can be driven by one or more motors 19 as shown. Another fan 20 can be located in the flue 13 and can be: drivenby one or more m'otors'Ql. A water spraying pipe 22 is located in the upper portion of the stack 5 and another water spraying pipe 23 i'sloc'ated in the upper portion; of

the fine 7. A" damper24 can be mounted in flue 7 for closing communication between the lower portion of this fine and the stack 5 when it is desired to clean'out or repair said flue and the parts with which'it'coinmunicates. An'other fine 7 can be extended from the flue 7 at a point above damper 24 and also be'provided with adampe'r' 24 This flue 7 ca'nbep-rovi'd'ed witha fan. 20 and can open into a tank 9 and thence through a stack 11 into a flue 13' having a fan 20. In other words the stack 5 can communicate with either or both of two separating units which are of the same construction and either of these can be used while the other is being cleaned out or repaired. A watcr supply pipe 25 opens into eachpocket 8 and 8 and is provided with a valve 26. A gauge glass 27 or the like is also provided at each pocket 8 or 8 so that the level of the liquid in the pocket can be determined readily at any time.

, As before pointed out the apparatus herein described is particularly useful in treating the gaseous fumes from furnaces used in treating ores. In practice it is especially useful where copper is being treated. The fumes generated in the furnaces 1 and 2 and converter 3 will rise within the stack 5 and, being intensely hot, will convert into steam the jets of water sprayed into the stack from the pipe 22. The steam will combine with some of the gaseous products both in the stack 5 and in the upper portion of the flue 7 where the water is sprayed from pipe 28. The steam treated combustion products will be sucked downwardly within the flue 7 by the fan 18 and heavy solid particles contained within the mixture will be precipitated into the pocket 8. The remaining products will be forced into water which is contained within the lower portion of tank 9 and extends above partition 10. The pressure willbe sufficient to force the fumes upwardly through the body of Water and through the partition 10 so that they are then free to flow into the stack 11 if any gaseous portions are remaining after this treatment. From stack 11 this remaining portion of the fumes will be pulled downwardly by fan 20 and forced upwardly through another body of water contained in the lower portion of the tank 14 which tank is likewise provided with an apertured partition 10 corresponding with the partition 10. It is not always necessary to use flue 13 and the parts with which it communicates because often all of the parts to be recovered are properly retained before the stack 11 is reached. Such being the case the damper 12 can be opened to permit air and any gases mixed therewith to flow into the atmosphere.

At desired intervals a valve 28 located in the bottom of the pocket 8 can be opened to allow the contents of the pocket to drain downwardly into the conduit 16: From this conduit the fluid can pass outwardly to a suitable receptacle while the solids will be deposited within the receptacle 17. After valve 28 has been closed pocket 8 can be refilled from the pipe 25.

It has been found in practice that by using apparatus such as described an efficient treatment of fumes can be effected and practically all values therein recovered.

lVhat is claimed is Apparatus of the class described including a stack for receiving fumes from furnaces or the like, a tank having an inlet at the bottom and an outlet at the top, said tank constituting means for holding water with its level above the inlet, a flue inclined downwardly from the upper portion of the stack to the inlet of the tank, a pocket between the ends of the fine in the lower wall of said flue for receiving solids gravitating within the flue, means for spraying water into the stack and flue, means for supplying water to the pocket to maintain a predetermined level therein, a separating trough, a pipe for establishing communication between the pocket and the trough, a valve normally closing communication between the pocket and pipe, and means within the flue for setting up a forced circulation of fumes downwardly within the flue and into the water contained within the tank.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, I have hereto affix-ed my signature.


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