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`Aug. 4, 1925. 1,548,236
F. ZEHNER v SELF LOADING PISTOL Filed Oct. 17, 1923 Aug. 4, 1925.
F. ZEHNER SELF LOAD'ING PISTOL y Filed oct. 17. 192s s sheets-sheet 2 Aug. 4, 1925.
F. ZEHNER SELF LOADINGA PISTOL Filed Oct. 17. 1925k 5 Sheets-Sheet 3. *i
ma g @a a i@ 6. 1w .4 FZ
w 7. @aww .y F x 34 n. 4
messed Another iobeetiDf-theimprow fgerzfbair,
' e '1.5i 'degail seetional Vieyylehewngand rear ends f semicylindrical 'portions8,1',l
and 82 which are open at their bottoms, and
for the passage of therod4-and itssnoses V5 therethrougln The cylindrical rearportion k82showsa notch 25 correspondingto and guided on the head 251. In assembling the gun the receiver `8 is placed on the "barrel from above with the semi-cylindrical part Sl-piojectingbeyond the barrel and the'lugs =9 passing through the recesses -7 and into the gui-de grooves 6. whereupon the receiver is shifted rearwardly, the' notch 25- engaging the lugr251. Y 'Y 'The open Vpart rof the receiverlisadapted to have Ithebreech lblock 12 mounted therein. .'As appearsffronilFigs. 9-13 the breech block is'lforrned with an axial bore receivingthe firingpin lf3 and Aits spring 14e Flg. 21), which bore opens to the bottoni sideto 3aclcorrnnodate alug 3 2 ofthe firing-pin adapted for engagement'byethe sear njthe as sembled positionfof the parts the spring 14 bears on the cylindrical lug 251. At one side the breech-block shows a recess 17 receivling a catch 1 6 adapted to 'lock theV breech block inthe rear position within thereceiver. The-catch 16 is rockingly ,niountet on a'pin27-and1it is actedupon by a leaf spring 18 vtending/ to forcethe saine with its rearwend upwardly. Y y bloelris forni-ed V`with a groove 151 acconilnodating an extractor 15. The side faces .are
each formed with a longitudinal grooveJ 22 the bottom [walls ofV which are recessed, as is shown1 atl-221.V
E01" inserting the breech lblock .-12 the Areceiver 8 is shifted rearwardly until it is locked in position bye catch-19 to be described hereafter, a nose2O` of the said catch engaging Vin anotch 21 of the receiver. New the breech block is inserted into the receiver from above, the recesses 221 perinitting'the passage of lugs 23 formed onfthe innerwalls of the flanges 88, which 'lugs engage the grooves` 22. The blockis shifted rearwardly and rigidly connected witlrthe receiver'by. Jcliccate-i116 engaging'in asl-ot 26 and'tvo* lugs V21 of the block eng Yging in a cut. out portion 241 ofthe receiver. y
Itnow the receiver 8 is released andallowed toY nieve foru-iardly; the catch 16 is supported on the body vof;the butt so as to be locked thereby in engagement with the receiver.' `Therefore the catch can not beset in' non-locking position without first retracting and locking the receiver, and the breech block andreceiverare lockedin a reliable Way. Y
Y228 and a notch 2Q-1L.r
The -top of vthe 'breech lock thetlringpin in cocked position by engaging-ting 32 ofthe said bolt.
' The trigger` rod has been illustrated in Vjlligs.g3, 16, 16@ and 17. As shown in the said figures it is formed with an arm 34 engagin'ginarecess 438of rone of the flanges 88 or' thefreceiiff'er.A To one side of thelrod 29 a plate 291 is secured which isforined its frontend-with a proj eetion Soin the form of a @hookl adapted forengageinent by' the trighv ger, and at its rea-r end withvadaterally pro jecting nose 292 `having a beveledrear face The plate 291 7 is fittedfin a slot v295inade'in onefof the side wallsof thelbuttyand the projections and 292pass tl'irougl'l holes 296 and 297V into the inner part of thebutt. Bythus constructing the roditv isheldin positionon the body of the-butt evenifthe shells 36-and 38 'aredis'i inountedvg-andlit canfbe removed only `after disinounting -the recei ver.' Onthe rod 29 an arin lO'is'roclringly*mounted which is acted upon by a spring 39 and embedded in a re cess 297 ofthe body ofthefbutt. By the arm 4OAtherod29 is forced forwardly., The notchY 29% is engagedby hafinger 49 of the Sear roclier v 8O.
For .locking the Ifiring-pin a lever 19 is niade vintegral with -a spindle tlfwhich spindle ez-te1idstl1ioiigl1 a' cut-out Yportions-2 of the scar rocker SOJJThe spindle is formed with a reeessll, vand in the non-locking position a nose E113 ofthe yrocker 8O is adapted to engage injthesaid recess so as toretractthe sear fronithelnose 32 of the firing-pin. F or setting the safety the spindle. 41 is rocked byfnieans of the arni'19 into-the position'in which the nose V48 bears on the circumference ofthe spindle, sotthat` the said rocker. can notbe operated by the rod 29 for retract-ing the sear.
#The shells36 and 37 are secured to the body 1. of the butt-by nieans of nuts L15. The construction ofthe magazine Vis known in the art. VIt isgheld in position by means of a spring pressed rocker 47 having a nose 49 engagingbelow the rearedge of the niagazine. A. spring 48 secured to the said rocker bears on the rearend 49,0f the rockerBO for elastically forcing the saineupwardly.
For dismounting the parts of thegun I proceed `as follows: After removing the magazine .,116 'I retract the receiver 8 and I press the zlever 19 upwardly by nieans of the thumb of the right hand, until the nose 20 of thesaid lever engages in the `notch p21 of the receiver so as-to lock :the saine in retracted position. VNow" the catch 16 is pressed downwardly for releasing .the
breech block lG which is shifted forwardly with its front face engaging the rear end of the barrel. Ordinarily the spring 14 of Athe Aring-pin vwill, 'thus' shift the block.
The blockv l2 andthe parts mountedthereon l arelifted lout of Vthe receiver and ,through f5 `the open-portion provided between thev rear receiver.v Now vthe lever A19 Vis pressed'downf, wardly andthe receiveris ,heldfby' the hand and allowedslowly to bemoved forwardly t are slow-lyY brought in'contact with vthe rear face of thefbarrel. The-receiver is `now 1 Jin'its end positionat the' front part ofthey f gun, vand'it'is lifted awayffrom the barrel Aandbutt withV itsaxisvremaining' parallel y' e Vto theaXis of the barrel.` yBy means of a V' screw driver the shells 36, 37 are unscrewed, the nuts 45 being turned tothe right or 'left fthroughV an Vangle of 90' degrees. By pressis removed, thea-lockingv ylever `19 is" turned f rearwardly through Jany angle olfv 'about .180 and intova lposition parallel `to kthe axis jof 5 Vthebarrel and lifted upwardly, ythe ,Sear rockerjO andthe sear arev rocked up-v wardly until thesear .makesvco'ntact with thejportion 82 and Avnally all the parts are Y 'f liftedgvoi'it of the-butt.
"are dismounted. Y
-'As appears from the ldescriptoii.fof the f1 breech bolt 13 is not accidentally thrown cartridge, such forward-movement Vofthe bolt being possible only. yafter vthe breech' block 12 has beenlifted outV of ther'eceiver y not meet any more' the fuse of the cartridge.
jeren'cegha's been lmade to a particularexyample embodying the saine, I wish it to be Y understood lthat my inventionisnot limited -tojtheconstructionshownv in the drawings,
and'thatvarious changeslmay be made in the @general arrangementl of the4` gunA and y the constructionfofv its parts withoutadeparting from the. invention. y Y Y ci Q Q I claim: Y, v 1 1. In a self-loading gun, the combination, L with the, barrel,l and. afframe supporting the .jfsaine and formed with longitudinal guide grooves down ybothsides of thebarrel, the Vuppenwalls bounding' said guide grooves bein'geach formed with'a rlug passage, of a Y, Y breechV slidearound saidfbarrel and at the i yrear thereof and formed .with lugs guided in Y' -endof the barrel and the real' part 83 O the l bythe return spring 3,' vso :thatlthe lugs 23- 0 ying the trigger rearwardly theftrigger ,rod
New an `the Yparte l 'v gun the parts are readily'dismounted. The gun'isfreliable in operation.l Even lif itVA is' "taken apart'when loaded and cocked the *Y I forwardly wheninposition for firing.k the Y fai their@ pantofole breech. taiwan,
` @While ink describing the invention ref?A 5,7111 a self-loading i f.fs aid vgrooves and adapted to pass through l 0.V` saidjpassage', they position 'and dimensions of`v lifted away from said'frame.
f2. `In a self-loading gun,i the with the barrel, and 'a frame ,supportingirthep same, vof a breech slidev orfreceiver guided onsaid frame for movin'glongitudinally of Y. the barrel,- a return spring-connectedm'with f said breech 'slidefor receiver, theguide of ,y f
permitting the receiver when in* its front@vr f' f position to be removed from the lframe with its axis remainingparallelto the laxis ofthel L L barrel, and means to limit the eXpansionfoff if; f ksaid spring sothat'the breech slide'when'in the receiver being provided" witlifportions its forward vposition is notactedjupon'yby thefspring.- Y
3. Ina'. self-loading `gun,the, combination,
with the barrel, and-arframe supportingfthe sanie,', ofa breechsldeor receiver guided on said frame for moving longitudinally fof Y the barrel, a return spring connected jv`viff,}`1 v Y, t n said breech'slide o r -receiver,and*afrod ont; l
which said spring/is mounted and .formed with la shoulder for limiting the expansion ofthe spring, the guide of the receiverloe-vr ing' provided with portions permitting the receiver when yin its; front position tobe Y frnainingnparallel to the axis of 'the barrel,
not acted-upony by said springj VremovedfromVthe'frame with itsaXis re- 3 i90 and said 'shoulder being located Vrsowthattheevv ,j breech slide when iii'itslfo'rward positionis Said frame fr mengiongaudimiiyefthe51 f for locking, ysaid block to the slide;. 'said1 positionlfof the" slide.
l*ed in, said breech slide'orVK receiver, and a lock the` same to the receivensa'id frame barrel, a breech :.block'L reIJfioVabIyy mounted-f' -inr said/breech slide YorV receiver, ,and means v f `100 eans being releasableronlyfinthe'retractedf' I gun, thecombinatioml` with thebarrel, 'and'aframe'suppQrting-the 'Y r same, ofia"y breech slide yor' receiver Y guided on said frame forinoving v'longitudinallyA of vthe barrel, abree'ch block removablymount-, f j p .1'
t' rockable catch on said block Yadapted totV 'I iio .being provided with/fa longitudinal jsur- 'Y 1 face on which said catch bears forfbeing Y heldy in' locking position.
In testimony whereof I -hereunto'aiiiX I i Vgum-,ureim, the pre'senceof `two Witnesses# t f vvrinTZ 1
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