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Mar, @1925. I 1,528,379 I U. J. LA FRANKIE.

FOUNTAIN PEN Filed Feb. 29, 1924 I figwgm Patented ll lar. 3., 3925 unuren stares PATENT? OFFICE.



Application filed. February 29, 1924. Serial No. 635,924.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that 1, DAVID J. LA FRANCE, a citizen of the United States, a resident of Cambridge, in the county of Middlescx and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Fountain Pens, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to that class of fountain pens in which a rubber sack is connected to the pen section and arranged within the barrel, so that when the air pressure in the barrel is sulliciently raised above atmospheric to cause the suck to collapse, on removal of the excess air pressure, the sack will resume its former shape by its re-, siliency and. draw up the ink, such devices being distinguished from thosein which n eclianical means are employed for positively enuaging and collapsing the sac? rior to my invention, various means have been employed for temporarily increasing the air pressure within the pen barrel, such as a sliding piston or a rubber bulb, which are temporarily attached to the pen barrel, and which are primarily objectionable, because they are liable not to be at hand when needed.

The objects of my invention are to provide a simple and ellective arrangement for producing an. increased pressure within the pen barrel which is permanently a part ofthe pen, but does not change its size or exterior appearance from the type now generally in use, which enables the use of a resilient ink sack which will be of but slightly, if any less size than that which would otherwise be employed, which will be ellective in causing the sack to be collapsed to the fullest extent and will enable the sack to be quickly and conveniently filled.

I accomplish these objects in the manner hereinafter described and as illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which Fi l is a central longitudinal sectional view of a fount in pen embodying my invention.

Fir; 2 is a similar view showing the parts in position for beginning the. sack compressing operation.

Fig. 3 is a similar view showing advanced stages of the operation. Fi 4 is a detail view of the inner barrel which I employ, and

Fig. 5 is a detail sectional view of the stop which is interposed between the inner-barrel and movable barrel section.

In the drawing, the pen illustrated is of suck 3 is attached.

According to my invention, the pen barrel v which, as a whole, is of the usual form, is

divided into two sections 4; and 5, the section 4 being relatively short and being tightly connected to or practically fixed on the pen section by an air tight joint, a slip joint being shown, although the ordinary screw joint may be equally desirable. These parts are all preferably made of hard rubber, as is customary.

I further provide an inner barrel 6, which consists of a tube of thin metal which is" open at one end and has its opposite end tightly and securely fitted into the opposite end portion of the barrel section 4 from the pen section about the mouth of the sack 3. The sack 3 fits as closely within the tube 6 as practicable and the tube extendssomewhat beyond the bottom end of the sack. The barrel section 5 is slidably fitted on the tube 6 so as to make a close and practically air tight connection therewith, the length of its bore being sullicient to receive the tube portion which projects beyond the section 4, whereby the ends of the sections 4 and 5 may be engaged and will 1, form, when the 'pen is vin use, a smooth continuous exterior, so that the oint between the sections is not readily observable. The opposite end of the'barrel section 5 is closed, but is provided with a central aperture, or air vent 7, wh chis adapted to be readily closed with a finger, or thumb, by pressing against the end, as indicated in liig. 3. groove 8 is formed in the barrel section 5, adjacent its end next the section 4, and a spring linger 9 is struck out from the metal of the tube 6 and is bent outward so that its end portion will engage the section 5 within its groove 8, as shown in Figs. 4 and 5. The finger 9 is arranged to extend obliquely towards the pen section end, so that when the barrel section 5 is slid onto th tube 6, the finger will be pressed inward and permit the section to be readily slid An annular internal "g f the secaiien is .dmwn from the tube, permitted to remain in the normal 150siti011 0 ment wifi. net; be impeded b the until it is necessary i o, repeatthe opez api qn.

prinmpie"dlsloed, partly fron'l a manufamtm'mg standpomt and partly from the barrel 0% tube for com'emence as the fixed harm 5? n pmcti ally. complete collapse of the sack, is A HM emu ail'ciwm'g for some leakage be stzindp'oin 1 axial-101 and increase the fsyezg XIQCQSSliiit 511 3d wage a" f a we f f d sack and beings m1:

ia'dlgac end of the sack and said movable barrel section being slidably mounted on the extended portion of said tube and having an air-tight connection therewith and a ventaperture at its opposite end from said fixed section arranged to be closed to confine the air therein.

' 2. A fountain pen comprising a pen section having a resilient ink sack connected thereto, a fixed barrel section having a fixed connection with said pen section and enclosing the mouth portion of said sack? a cap arranged to enclose said pen section and the adjacent end portion of said barrel seciion and to beconnected thereto, said barrel section extending beyond the end of the cap, when in position, to provide a finger hold, an open ended tube enclosing said sack having one end portion disposed within, and havine' an air-tight connection with said barrel section. the opposite portion of said tube beng extended beyond said barrel section to air-tight slidable connection therewith at its 'end adjacent the fixed section permitting movement thereon between a position in which its inner end engages the adjacent end of said fixed section. to form a continuation thereof. and one in which it is nearl withdraii'n from said tube. and a vent at the opposite end of said movable section adapted to be temporarily closed to confine the air therein. In testimony where-oi. I have signed my name to this specification. Y


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