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Patented Dec. 30,1919.



vApplication filed October 2, v19,19.

To all l0/1,0m it may 60126677175.'

Be 1t known that I, MARRY A. Bownn, a

citizen of the United States, residin at tate Boston, in the county of Suiolk and ot ldassachusetts, have invented new and useful Improvements in Drums, of which the following is a specification.

'Ihis invention has for its object to provide certain improvements'in drums of the general character of that set forth in Letters Patent No. 1,252,878, granted to me on the Sth day of January, 1918, in which the shell is provided with a curved bead over which the head or diaphragm is stretched.

In accordance with the present invention, the bead is formed separately and consists of an endless tube having a continuous slot into which the edge of the shell extends.

On the accompanying drawings,-

Figure 1 represents in plan View a snare drum embodying my invention.

Fig. 2 represents a side elevation of the same.

Fig. 3 represents a plan view of the shell and bead assembled.

Fig. 11 represents a section on the line 1l1t of Fig. 3.

Fig. 5 shows portions of the shell and the beads.

The improvement, which I. shall herein describe and claim, is applicable for and may be embodied in snare and bass drums as well as for tympani, and, though I shall' describe a snare drum as embodying the same, it will be understood that the invention is not restricted thereto.

Xs illustrated, the said snare drum has a cylindrical shell 10, which may be made of any suitable material, though I prefer to make it of hard fiber which is obtainable in sheets. A sheet of such ber, cut into the desired length and breadth, is bent into cylindrical form and its ends are joined together in any suitable manner. As shown, the ends are brought into fairly close proximity, and an insert l1 is placed between them. Inside of the cylinder there is a strip 12 of fiber which laps the ends of the body and the insert, and which is secured thereto by rows of rivets 13. This strip 12 does not extend to the ends of the cylinder, so as to extend into the beads to be described. 14

The beads are illustrated at 14,

Each preferably consists of a metal tube bent into a circle, with the ends welded to- Specicaton of Letters 'Pa-tent. Y "Patented De0g-30, 1919.

gether, to form a continuous tubular ring. By a suitable tool 14k a narrow slot 15 is cut in what may be termed the side of the tube,Y

so that the end of the shell may be inserted into and fit therein. Of course the diameter of the circular slot 15 must be approximately equal to the diameter of the end of the shell. The slots in the two beads are naturally on opposite sides thereof, so that the beads will fit the opposite ends of the shell. The unslotted side of the bead presents an unbroken convex surface on which the skin of the head rests.

The drum heads may be like those set forth in my said Letters Patent, in which the skin is described as having its margin tucked around a combined skin and tension hoop of adequate diameter to encircle the shell, as indicated at 16. These hoops are drawn toward each other by hooked tension rods indicated at 17. The snare attachment, indicated as a whole at 1,8, need not be herein described, as it forms no part of the present invention.

/Vhen the shell and its beads are assembled, and the heads are located in place, the tightening of the heads, by the tension rods, crowds the beads toward each other until the ends of the shell bear tightly against the interior surfaces of the beads opposite the slots, as shown in Fig. 4, and the beads and the shell are clamped together. If desired, the slots in the beads may be very slightly narrower than the thickness of the shell, so that the opposing walls of the slots are wedged or crowded apart when the ends of the shell are inserted in said slots, in consequence of which the slot-walls haye a spring-clamping action against the shell.

In some cases, the shell may be made of two or more layers, as, for example, a layer of fiber and an external covering 19 of brass or other material, as shown in Fig. 5, especially where it is desired that the drum shall have a highly ornate appearance.

Having thus explained the nature of my said invention, and described a way of making and using the same, although without attempting to set forth all of the forms in which it may be made or all of the modes of its use, what I claim is 1. A drum comprising a shell and a rigid slotted ring into which the edge of said shell projects, said ring having a convex surface for engagement with the head.

2. A drum comprising a shell, a head, a slotted tubular ring' into the slot of which the end of the shell projects, and having a convex surface against which the head rests, and tension devices for tightening the head and thereby securing said ring on said shell.

3. A drum comprising a cylindrical shell, beads on the ends of said shell consisting of tubular rings having slots into Which said shell projects, heads stretched across said 10 beads, and tension devices for tightening said heads.

In testimony whereof I have axed my signature.


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