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Patented Noiz. ,4., 191@ El. am, AND w.. A. Hmmm@J HJM LM 1.4km -PEfN l MPM-EMMEN FILED MMI.. 13. 1:9119. l 9323393@ WIT/VESSES annum) mmmnousron, or MINNEAPOLIS, mmmsore, Aem w fl:
. HOUSTON, or' sIoUxoI'rY, Iowa.
Specification of Letters Patent.
ratentea new. a', wie.
- Appnnonaied Haren e, 194,8. serial navaanaea. Y
5 Hennepin and State of Minnesotaand'WIL- L'IAM ANDREW HoUsToN, a citizen-ofthe United States, and resident of Sioux City,
in' the county of Woodbury and State of Iowa, 'have invented a new and useful Im- Our invention relates Ato improvements in fountain'pens, and it consists intheN conf structions', cmbinations, and arrangements herein vdescribed andy claimed` Anobject ofgo'ur invention is to provide afountain nvlincluding a 'barrel having a plunger movable in boethereofto draw in a quantityo'f by suction, the bore Of the barrel being enlargednear the point of the pento form an expansion chamber into which the plunger" is adapted to ex- .pand after the ink Jhas been'draw'n in.
Another Objectv of the invention is to provide a fountain pen including kanink barrel with a plunger movable in the bore thereof, the plunger having a plunger rod connected thereto, and bein adapted 'to engage the end of a sleeve o an en -plug when it is quantity of ink, the plunger being subselquently separated from the end of the sleeve-by moving the plunger rod to open `the plunger into -a chamber above it.
i in the4 following specification, reference beinghad to the accompanying drawing in Which-r 40 Y n Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of a fountain pen' embodying the features ofour invention, theplunger being *in the outer position.l f r Fig. 2 is a section ofthe v"-`fountain pen showing the plunger about to be moved ad,- jacent to theexpansion chamber. l Fig. 3 is af side 'elevation of the fountain pen parts being shown in section, showing the plunger in vposition in the expansion chamber andthe ink passage open.
In carrying out our invention, we provide anink barrel l which is made of any suitv `able material such ,as hard r bber, and maybe made Oia transpallnt-material if it be provement in Fountain-Pens, of whichthet desired to move the' plunger and draw iii' a\ I a passage and permit the ink to fiow through 35l y Other objects and advantages will appear so desired,'so that the user of the pen can see how. much ink it contains. The barrel 1l has a bore 2 which is enlarged near one end as at 3, to form an expansion chamber.
f'v'lhe bore 2 of the barrel 1 counterbored and threaded at 4: and V`5in the plug and point ends, respectively.' The point.
end .of the barrel 1 has "external threads upon which a cap maybescrewed.
A nozzle 8 which'carries a pen point 9, is screwed into the counter-bore 5 iny the point end of the ink barrel 1. The nozzle 8. has the usual ink duct 10 through which the ink flows to' the pen point when the fountain pen isused in writing, and through which the ink flows into the bore 2 of the barrel 1,*when the pen is being filled, in a' be described. g y A' vpl ger 11 slides in the bore 2 .of the barrel 1, and has a central ink passage 12' which communicates at one side with a port 13. The ink passage 12 is enlarged at the top to forma valve seat 14 with 'a conical lor rounded surface to properly receive a similarly' formed end of a sleeve 15 which Visv adapted to engage the valve seat 14 and form an air-tight joint atIv certain times.
A plunger rod 16 is movable in the bore of the sleeve 15, Aand is' connected to the 4plungelll by a cross pin 17. The plunger rod 16 s'longer than the sleeve 15 as will be evident :t'rom'the'A drawing, and extends toward the outer surface of an end plug 18 to which the sleeve 15 is secured in any suitable manner.' The `end plug 18 has a conical recess 19 into which a button 20 of the plunger rod 16 is adapted to be pressed.
The inner end of the end plug 18 is restricted in diameter at 21 toforni an `an nular shoulder 22. When the parts are-in -the position indicated in Fig. 2 of l.the drawing, 'they restricted portion 21 enters the threaded end 4 of the barrel 1, and the annular .shoulder 22 restson the edge of the bore. The portion 21 is not threaded but simply slides into the threaded bore so that the end plug 18 may readily abe withdrawn by simply grasping the end plug at the throat Of the `plug and pulling it out.
which are screwed into-the threaded plugA Xend 4, as plainly shown in the drawing.
fIhe plunger l1 S made of some elastic or v sponge-like material and is adapted to ex-l pand into the expansion chamber 3 atthe point end ofthe barrel 1, when it is moved to theoperative position of the pen indicated in Fig. 3. The plunger 1l may be `made of .soft rubber which is at once elastic enough to expand into the expansion chamber 3, and also strong enough to provide a proper support for the cross pin 17 of the plunger rod 16.
The manner of operation in lling the pen is as follows: The normal ,position of the plunger 11. when the pen is 1n use, is in the position indicated in Fig. 3, wherein Ithe vplunger 11 is shown as having expanded to lill the expansion chamber 3. rllhe end of the sleeve :15 is also unseated from'the valve Seat 14 in the plunger 11, so that the ink in the bore 2 of the ink barrel 1 above the plunger` 11l may freely o'w out through the passage 12, the port 13, and the duct 10.
When the fountain pen becomes empty, the end plug is grasped by the fingers and pulled out to the position shown in Fig. 1.
The bore 2 of the barrel l` is thus cleaned of ink which may adhere to the sides, and such ink passes through .the passage 12 which is now open -because the end ofthe sleeve 15 is unseated from the valve seat 14. When the end plug 18 is pulled out as just described, the plunger 11 moves l in the ,bore 2, `opening .the passage 12. Thus the plunger 1 1 does not move against any back pressure, as it might'do were the passage ll2 ,not opened,
.whereupon lair would be compressed behind the plunger.
After the end plug 1 8 ,is pulled out to the position shown in Fig. I1, it is `again pushed inwardly or downwardly toward the point of the pen. Theact of pushing the end plug 18 downwardly .or inwardly, causes the loutton 2O to become unseated from the recess 19, and the end of the bore of the sleeve 15 `to tightly engage the valveseat 14. The parts just described being in `this position, the -inward pushing of the end plu@ 18 continues, and a vacuum is formed .in t e chamber belhind vthe plunger l1. The plunger 1,1, of course, expands -into the expansion chamber 3 when it reaches said chamber. The ,point of the pen is now laced in the ink and the button 2O -is pushe into the recess 19 so that the plunger 11 may fully expand into the expansion chamber 3 and open the passage 12 at the valve seat 14.
The .passage 12 having been opened, the ink rushes in through the duct 10, the passage 12, and the valve seat 14', Ainto the charnlloer above the plunger, thus .filling the barrel of the pen.
While the construction and arrangement of the device as illustrated in the accompanyingdrawing is that of a generally preferred form, obviously modications and changes may be made without departing from the I spirit of the invention or the gageable with the end plug when the plunger seat and the-end of the sleeve are vin disengagement.
2. A Afountain pen includinga barrel having a bore, a plunger in the bore and having a passage and a valve seat, an end plug having a sleeve adapted to disengage the valve seat when the plunger is drawn outwardl7 to pre'ventthe formation of a back pressure` against the plunger, a plunger rod in the sleeve connected to the plunger,'and a button on the end of the plunger rod adapted to engage the end plug when. the plunger is drawn outwardly.
3. A fountain pen includinga barrel having a bore, a plunger in the bore and having a passage and a valve seat, an end plug adapted toengage the end ofthe barrel when in .the inward position, the end plug having a sleeve disposed in the bore, the end of the .sleeveengaging the valve seat when the,. Y plunger-1s pushed into the bore, a plunger rod disposed in the sleeve and. connected to the plungenand a button o n the plunger rod adapted to disengagethe end plug when the plunger is pushed inwardly in` the bore; by the end plug.
4. A. fountain pen including a barrel havllglg a bQI'e Mld m eipmon chamber .near 'the pen end, a plunger movable in the bore and havingl a passage and ,a valve seat, an end plug aving a sleeve .disp-@Sed in the bore, the end ol the'sleeve engaging the Y valve seat when the plunger ,is -pushed int-o-y the bore bythe end plug, a lplunger rod in the sleeve and havin disengagement with the end plug When the plunger is pushed into the bore, 'said button plunger ada te to expand into and lill ,the
expansion c amberfan end plug having a sleeve engag'able with the plunger to push the plunger toward the epansee Chamber,
connection with thel plunger, and a ybutton on the ,plunger rod in.
the end plug having a loose connection With the barrel, and a plunger rod in the sleeve connected 'to the plunger to subsequently disengage the plunger from the sleeve and push4 it into the expansion chamber, the expanded plunger forming a key preventing the casual rel. Y
7 In a fountain pen, an ink barrel having a bore provided with an expansion chamber l and an adjacentthreaded counter-bore, an
. elastic plunger adapted to lill the expansion chamber, the plunger having an ink passage.
Aplul'iger rod connected with the'plunger and Workingin the sleeve, said plunger rod being adapted to move the plunger when the sleeve ceases to move the plunger.
'9.111 a' fountain en, a barrelhav-ing a bore, a plunger mova le inthe bore and hav# ing across pin, a' plunger rod connected to the cross pin, an end plug having a sleeve displacement of the end plug fram the barsurrounding the plunger rod, the end of the sleeve being engageable with the plunger to push the plunger inwardly, said plunger rod being adapted to subsequently `move the plunger independently of the sleeve When the plunger reaches the limit of movement under the action of the sleeve.
10. A fountain pen including a barrel having a bore and threaded counter-bores at the plug and point ends, the bore having an expansion chamber adjacent to the point end, a' plunger in the b'ore, the plunger hav' ing an ink passage, and valve seat, a nozzle in the point end 'counter-bore, a packing in the plug end counter-bore, an end plug having a restricted boss forming an yannular shoulder and having a 'sleeve' passing through the packing into the bore, the end of the sleeve engaging the valve seat to push the vplunger adjacent to the expansion chamber, the annular shoulder being adapted to then engage the adj acentrim of the plug end counter-bore, a plunger rod in the sleeve and connected to the plunger, and a button on the end of the plunger rod exposed at the end plug, said bottom being adapted 'to be pressed to move the plunger .into the expansion' chamber subsequently to the inward movement of the plunger through the mediumof the end plug and sleeve.
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