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APPLICATION men MAR. 26. ms.
Patented Oct. 28,1919.
INVENTOR. fllz'lfm Mar/r BY A TTORNE Y.
l ,320, 3 35. Patengegfiig; 1:919. 3 3 n um 4' I I I I I g1 40 mm H r 4 if IN VEN TOR. Mli'on Marx A TTOR NE Y embodied.
Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Oct. 28, 11919.
Application filed March 26, 1918. Serial No. 22 1.31.54
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, MILTON MARX, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city of La Grange, county of Cook, State of Illinois, have'made anew anduseful inventionto' wit, Improvements in Packing-Racks; and do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, concise, and
exact description of the same.
The invention relates particularly to racks for assembling miscellaneous articles for insertion into inclosing containers.
Among the objects'of the invention are to provide a rackwherein can be-asse'mbled miscellaneous articles within predetermined dimensions, in graduated sizes to fit fabricated containers in various sizesto fit the aggregation of articles whereby the packing of the same is facilitated.
Another objectis to save time and guard agains-t'the' injury of such articles being packed. Other objects and advantages will appear as this description progresses.
In this specification-and the annexed drawings, the invention 'is'illustrated in the "form considered-t0 'be the best, but it is to be understoodthat the invention is not 7 limited to such form, because it may be em- =boclied in other forms, and it is also to .be understood that inand by; the clalmsfollowing the description, it is desired to cover 1 the invention in whatever form it maybe In the accompanying one sheet of drawingsr" p w Figure 1 is aperspectiveview from in front of a packing rack constructed in ac.- cordance with this invention. I i
Fig. 2 is a plan viewin perspective of the same from above and to the rear, having I a container in position thereon.
perspective View from "in front composed of sheet metal, having the solid bottom 1, with end. portions rising perpendicularly thereto and slotted as at 2, 3, 4
' and 5, dividing the ends into the divisions at opposite ends of the rack.
6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, in horizontal alinement The back of the rack conslsts of a plate 11 perpendicular tov the bottom 1 and having a central opening 12 dividing the back intothe plates 13 and 141. The whole {rack is preferably compose'dlof an integral piece 5 of sheet metal, such as steel, properly blanked and in the drawing. Such a construction is within the province of the sheet metal worker, and the'design may be variously modified to accomplish economy in production and it may be made up of any number of independent parts joined by riveting, welding, or otherwlse, all of whlch is within the purview of" this invention.
It is necessary that thisrack be ralsed above the surface of the table 15 to permit the introduction of a portion of the contamer thereunder. For th1s purpose the rack is supported on the offset legs 15 and 16-, fixedt'o the-back plates 18 and 14 and having the feet 17 and 18 fixed to the sur-' face-of thetable' 15, in such a manner that the-legs 15fa'nd 16 support the total weight of the articles assembled in the rack.
In this present embodiment the rack is designed particularly to receive laundried articles of clothing to be packed in modern steam laundries, although I do not wish to be understood as limiting this invention to that use, as it is obviously applicable to "various other uses. I The tops of the strip from 6 to 10 are preferably respectively 2, 3%, 5, 7,and 9 inches from the bottom Land the rack is about18inches'long by 9 inches wide. Into the rack is packed such articles as starched and folded shirtsand otherarticles of laundry that come from the processmg machines,- folded to conventional lengths, 1n
" segregated quantities representing each customersquota. The wrapper soon learns to stack these articles in the most efficient manner to conserve space within the appropriate sizes of the fabricated containers. If the stack of articles within the rack rises to the 810134, as in Fig. 2, the container of that sizeis selected and applied by having its cover 19 and attached backing 20 slid under the bottom 1 of the rack, and with its bent toltake the general form illustrated top 21 slid into the slot 4, With the sides 22 and 23 inclosing the strips 6, 7 and 8 at the ends, and the back 24 extending across the front of the rack. These containers are fabricated in the form of paper bags or cartons, supplied in foldedor collapsed shape adapted for the purpose. Thus assembled on the rack, the container entirely incloses the bundle of laundry within the rack. lVith his hand, the wrapper presses against the bundle through the gap 12 in the back, forcing the container off the rack with the contents of the rack therein. The cover 19 is then closed over the top of the bundle, and pasted or otherwise secured, or the whole pack is wrapped with string, if its Weight necessitates. The same operation applies where the bundle entirely fills the rack or only a thickness'equal to the sides It is good practice to increase the strength of the containers relative to their sizes, ranging from light paper bags for No.
, 6, to pulp paper cartons for No. 10, thus avoiding the necessity for the use of string, which in addition to being costly is also a time consumer.
Figs. 4 and 5 are modifications of Fig. 1 showing the sides 26 and 27 slotted to form the divisions 6', 7 8 9 and 10, with the opening 12 located in the center of the end wall 28. This rack is raised above the ta- 30 ble similarly to Fig. 1 and is supported by the offset legs 30 and 31 fastened to the floor by screws 32 and 33 each leg formed respectively from a single piece of strap iron 34 and 35 secured along the full height of the end wall 28 as at 37 and 38 and bent back from a point near the upper edge of the rack to form the supporting arms 40 and 41, secured to the table by the screws 42 and 43. This supporting construction is desirable where the rack has a length greater than its width.
The upper edges bordering the divisions 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10" are turned over as at 44, 45, 46, 47 and 48 to form :smooth edges permitting the container to be slipped freely onto the parallel sides of the rack and over the stacked articles in the rack as previously described. It will be noted that the free ends of the members 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are beveled as at 49 to facilitate application of the container.
Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,
' articles to be packed having an open front;
a partially open back; andend Walls slotted at graduated heights for the purposes specified.
4. A packingrack of the kind described including a boxlike structure 'to receive the articles to be packed having anopen front; a back plate with a hand gap therein; and slotted end walls for the purposes specified.
5. A packing rack ofthe kind described including a boxlike container having an open front and slotted end Walls; and means.
for supporting said container above a table surface, leaving the container With an unobstructed front end adapted to have the walls of a bag or carton inserted selectively in said slots and under the container, whereby the contents of the latter may be removed into the former,as set forth.
6. A packing rack of the kind described including a boxlike container having an open front and slotted end Wallsyand legs fixed to back of the container andextending outward and downward therefrom.
7. A packing rack of the kind described including a boxlike container having an open front; a partially open back; and legs fixed to said back and extending obliquely outward and downward. from near the rear corners of said rack.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand at San Francisco, California, this 28thday of February 1918. f V V MILTON MAR-X.
In presence of LINCOLN J OHNSON,
Washington, D. O.
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