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l E. PMHE.
APmcATioM man 35m28.191s.
mmm m1519182 e v7, 3 SHEETS-SHEET'I. @Maggi 60m@ )Mi FNVENTOR A rroiwe'jv .si www@ il EMILE PATH, GF PiRS,
Application led September 2S. 1916.
ln the zic-companying` drawings Fig-'tire l is a fragmentary top plan View of machine constructed in accordance with this invention; Fig. 2 a fragmentary front elevation of the saine; Fig. 3 a fragmentary side elei'ation of the saine; Fig. e a fragmentary horizontal section on line 4 1; of l" c. 5 a fragmentary section on line oi" l 1;' F G a fragmentary top plan vieuY or a modified forni ot' sound box arin constructed in accordance with this invention; and
Figs. 7 and 8 are a fragmentary side elevation and fragmentary rear ele *ation respeotively of a modified torni of sound box arm constructed in accordance jivitli this invention.
Referring' to the drawings; one einbodi nient oi this intention comprises a talking machine including a cabinet having a sul stantially rectangular body portion 'i0 and a. corresponding' rectangular' hollow cover li superposed thereon and horizontally oonnected thereto or otherwise movable with respect thereto. The body a substantially horizontal rigid top Wall L?, through which projects a vertical turntable spindle 1G which isarranged to rotate about a xed vertical axis coincident with its lon- 'gitudinal axis and which carries upon its upper end a rotary turntable or disk record support 17 adapted to carry a disk sound record 18. The spindle 16 is arranged to be rotated by any suitable motor (not shown) which arranged within the body portion l of the cabinet and outside of the forwardly iai-ing sound amplifier ivhich is also arranged within the body portion l0, as `will appear hereinafter.
For coperating u'ith the sound record i8, any suitable sound box or sound reproducing means may be arranged above the record. In the forni of this invention sho\vn` a sound portion lG incl udes' Specification of Letters Estant,
Patented dan i, i918, Serial No. "122,605,
box is provided ir tially cylin lrical casina' 2O containing a vertical cireular 2i, ivllicli is arte-i.. by a stylus bar 22 in a substanbout a substantially alined spaced pivots lugs 2st? which are fixed LO. The. lower ser is preferably ari yardly and obliquely of oscillation and is proend with an axial socket aal or any suit-able stylus v gni the loyer portion of tlie i provided with Xtension or i, inunicating is curved longitudiii of about 90 degrees and o end of a longi- J' sound box arm or tone 'l A asubstantially hou- 'oin the neck 30 to a hand rear corner porl top wall l of the body then curves doi nwardly ,es and e ends vorend i'reely through a cirproi'ided therefor in the rnnnates Within the body ,1, tlirou .tits tudinal A,
top Wall portion open end. 37.
u the sound box arin in s as to permit the sound box '20 to laterally across the record 18 or vertically toward and away from the' record, an annular vertical cylindrical sleeve 4:0, provided its lower end with a liat rectangular nge el, loosely surrounds the vertical portion of the sound box arm 35 and is rigidly secured to the upper surface of the top wall l5 by means or screws l2 or in any other suitable manner. lloosely and rotatably surrounding the sleeve 40 and. resting slidably upon the flange el is an annular carrier to which is rigidly secured lone end of a tempered steel spring t6 which is curved longitudinally upV-ardly from the carrier 45 through an are of about degrees and is then extended above and longitudinally of the substantially horizontal portion of the sound box arnrj and the forward end of iicli comprises a substanl means ot a set screwv eX- ngit-udinally curved andthis einall means or" the screws e7 which extend through the spring and are threaded into a lug El 'which is rigidly secured to the upper surn face of the sound box arni.
For adjusting the position of the sound boi; arm 35 with respect to the spring e6, so that when the sound box Q0 is in operation the vertical portion of the sound box arm 35 will extend freely and centrally through the sleeve Ll0 and t aperture 36 without contacting at any time with the sleeve D or the' wall of the aperture a boss 50 is rigidly secured to the upper surface of the spring 46 at a pointr approximately midway between the ends of the springy and an adjusting screw 51 is threaded downwardly through the boss 5G and through the spring d6 and engages at its lower end against the upper surface ot the sound box arm By turning the screw 5l so as to more the screw downwardly through the spring 46. the vertical portion of the. sound box a rin B5 will be forced toward the right as viewed in Fig. 2, and by rotating the screw 5l so as to move the screw upwardly with respect to the spring- 46 the Vertical portion ot' the sound box arm 85 will be permitted to be moved'toward the lett as viewed in Fig. 2 under the action of the spring e6. Thus, by a proper regulation of the screw 5l the vertical portion of the sound box. arni 3 5 may be so arranged with respect to the sleeve l() that when the sound bei; 2O is in operation the vertical portieri of thc sound box arm 35 will be centralized with respect to the sleeve e0.
After the screw 5l has been thus adjusted to centralize the Vertical portion o1PA the sound bor; arm 35 when the sound oon arm is in operation7 any number or sound records spring is rigidly secured to the er end of the sound hos arin by may be played without changing the adjustment or the screw 51. vl/hen the screw 5l has been thus adjusted the spring d6 serves as the sole support of the sound bor: arm 35 and the sound bei; 20 carried thereby/excepting suoli support may be furnished by the sound record` 18 through 'the stylus E25 when the stylus is in operative position upon the record. vW nen the stylus 25 is removed from the record, as shown in Figs. l and 3, then the spring le permits the sound box 20 to fall slightly so that the lower end of the stylus 25 is slightly below the hxorilnontal plane or the upper snrface of the sound record 18.
For preventing` 'the withdrawal o' the sound bon arm upwardly from the sleeve 4G, a substantially horizontal pin or stop 55 'is threaded into the sound box arin 35 at a point normally spaced slightly below the top wall l5.
For holding the sound box arni- 35 securely in a fixed position for convenience in trans- ,elevation presents the appearance orf porting the talking machine, a vertical screw 60, provided with an eccentric head 'l is threaded into the Flange el and is arranger` so that the head 61 may be rotated into posi tion upon the upper surface of tno carrier lo to ela-nip the carrier in a .fixed position upon the ange el and to hold the sound box arm in a given position during transportation. `When it is desired to operate. the sound box, the screw is rotated into such a position that its head 46l will be ontJ ,of engageinent with the carrier and will permit the carrier to rotate freely about the sleeve 40.
For amplifying` the sound waves delivered downwardly through the sound box arm 35, two vertical forwardly flaring sounding boards and 66 are arranged within the body portion l() of the cabinet and are connected at their inner ends by a vertical suhstantially semi-cylindrical partition 6i. (lne of these sounding' boards G5 is substantially dat, while the other sounding board 66 is curved lonoitudinally and has a substantially convex surface 68 which faces toward the liront of the cabinet. A substantially flat soundingl board 69, which is horizontal in transverse section, is spaced slightly below the lower end 37 of the sound box and slopes downwardly and forwardly troni the rear semi-cylindrical wall GT to the front lower edge oit the inner surface of the liront wall of the body portion l() orf the cabinet and connects the lower` edges ot the two tical sounding boards and 66 and terms, in combination with the Vertical sounding` boards 6.3 and 66 and the top wall a fori wardly Haring sound amplifying TO through which the sound waves are delivered outwardly throug'h a rectangular opening provided therefor in tue 'tron-t wall ot the body portion l0 o'l the cabinet. rl`his opening 7l may be provided wit doors or with a suitable grill in a well known inanner.` l
instead ot' hav: e' the lower ends oli the sound lo :i arm curved longitudinally as shown in l, 2 and 37 the lower; end oit the sound box arin inig'ht he made substantially straight and vertical as shown at in Figs. 7 and 9, and in this ca se the lower end ot the tone may terminate in an obliquely arranged open end haring" a longi- Jrudinally curved edge wall C76, which in side cornpound curve shown in and which in rear elevation presents approximately the appearance of an ellipse slightly flattened at its smaller ends.
instead of having the smaller end of the sound box 35 constructed ass-hewn in Figs. l, 2 and E, the smaller ond ot the c sound box arm may he constructed as shown in Fig. 6., in which the smaller portion of the is' provided wltli a; cylindrical L en end :i iai-arci;y projecting;
connected to said arm and fofming the soie support ci said :um and said sound reproducing maling ccegting such suppor as is piovidcci by the sound fecoid when said soun@ iclsroducing means is in operation. 70
En :i mixing machine7 the comioination i` un annular Smiiciimy member, of a ai :amin can ling' zijn extending d i'hicugi simi :i millar member, sound 1c inducing iii-2ans by arm, 75
" 1" Said ami, and cui. with .i1-aspect xviii me? i ci o Said yiciding meany to ccntzihzc said the Souiii;L i'c ci wm with respect t@ Said fiiimiiaf member. l5- lie. cxtciiqm of i. a talking machine, the combiimificn S0 "t with means providing im. opening, of a tubu- 2c shown in 'l i piiiagm of d pendicuin" Sound box imi im $011-10. @ciuffi-ying um cxiending through openingva sciuid rcpio/iuciiig means cai'- iicd by n iid zum, means for supporting' Suid ziini, and means for adjusting said arm in zi fiiii'ectioix tmnsvei'sc the longitudinal axis of said Opening io centi-alize scid arm with icspcct i0 Suid owiiiiig when said arm is in operation.
5. Enc Lziiiiig machine, the combination Wiii ixlcaiis providing :in cpcniug, of :i tubuscimii coiivcyiu im extending tiimugh i "iv" i yeprcducing means cnil'- zum, yicfdiiig means supafirii, und xms2-iis iur mijiistii'g 'J5 versc i piane prima thc scuiiii Lux i ius the mmbriaion l" ieans picvid'ac with an i i'ici'icw council bei: arm having l alicia-sii ein iiing upwariy hmugii said b opening, :i lsou Ni bc; fariicf y said :umi a spring supper; i1 said md mcaiis cai- 165 ricci.' by said spiig and cngziging Said arm to ccitralizc said arm with iespect to said 4c piminciiig mean c ioimblc buzzing ci i sometimes i "demi which iie Sc confusi w fina, the combination i c mi hcidig santi arm in 3 av portie h Ji Liiig machive, h@ combinaicn J a. Staioimiy, Sii'csantiaiiy cyiiniical sieeve, cf 'iciicw sound mi extending 12% 4 i i ari( ed y nei-:1y thym Said secvc, a Soun box carmid iccoid, and ming the rim by said afm, annular cariei' rotasoic Aapport of said .sommi i grcducing aby suricunding saisi sleeve, and a spring nies; eI-Ceping such supp 1;: an 1s povific secuicd to said caiic and to Said arm for cinc-bins: scim i0 by the @und iccqifi Wh @und 'cpfcsupporting said arm in an cpcmitive posi- 125' duciiig' inc-:ms iii 0339i tion.
'2. u a talking; iiinciiinc. filmar Smm@ 9, in a talking machine, thecomhination conv 1 mund with a staionay Substaimly cylindrlcal iiiu @mi ai' A sleeve, o1@ a hollow icngimdinaiy curved a?? 'fi-i n vssc-mii icccff, zaini "A scimci box @im extending rceiy through Sayid mul pwvldn bmx arm. 0
rm. with r9 p31. ma C@ b mbhf Surya 11 .1d 00X arm cured no su of su sleeve Wh som l2. with a hom 3o
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