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Patented July 25, .1854.

D. WILLIS Range.



Specification of Letters rarest in 11,399, dated Jif1y-25,1854;.

To all whom z'tmay concern: Be it known that I, DANIEL WILLIS, of

the city, county,.and State ofiNew York,

have inventeda new and useful .Impro-vef ment inHeating Ap'paratuses forCooking Purposes and for Supplying Heat for Warming Apartments, and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and

exact description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings,

forming which i 1 Figure 1, is a frontelevation of the heat: ing and cooking arrangements complete. Fig. 2, is a vertical longltudinalgsection of the same through, the line 3 3 in Fig. 3.

part of. this specification, in

Fig. 3, is a horizontal section of the same,

through the line 512,422, in Fig.2.

Similar letters of reference in each of the several figures indicate corresponding parts, i I 3 y The nature of my invention consists 1st. In making thefire chamber insec tions, and providing each section with a broad horizontal ring flange which flanges project a considerable distance beyond the outer periphery of the vertical sections or rings which form the firechamber or boX,

and serve for keeping said rings in place, and as supports for them to rest upon, and also as receivers and suppliers,or. conductors of heat to the hot air chamber, from whence it passes to the flue leading to the apartment or chimney. This peculiar. ar-

rangement of the flanges, it will be evident eflects several important objects.

1st. Increasing the heat to :three times the amount of that which could be obtained were the flanges not employedfwhile the adi t-itlons placed around the inside of the fire ditional space occupied and the expense incurred is very slight compared with other arrangements in use for the same purpose, and securing a perfect radiation of an addltional quantity of heat for warming apartthe cooking chambers or rendering the kitchen too warmit also avoldmg the ne-.

ments without interfering materially with cessity of bringing the whole ofthe addi tional heating surface in direct contact with the fire, the flanges forming circular air chambers and *heating the aircontained in them rapidly, as soon as which takes place i the said air is forced off into the chimney or apartment flue as desired, and its place filled by a fresh supply of cold air from the a1r passages in the side of the casing.

heat thrown oif into the room;

the ovens which are arranged on to'geach other above the hotqair chamber, with eated flame, andhot air fromthefire chamber, the I said flame being introduced directly to the i Oyeirfromjthefire chamber or caused to have a circuitous passage and be slightly re duced inpower before operating upon the oven. i i 3rd. My invention consists in the employment of a damper for shutting off themtensely, heated current and causing ityto have a circuitous passage and become slightly cooled before reaching the oven, thus regulatingthe action ofthe heat upon the oven. 1 I i i It consists, 4th, in attaching to the back of the heater a pipe or flue which connects with the chimney, andthe hot air chamber andxdraws all thecold airpfroin the chimney and suppliesit to the fire, and causes it to draw well, and thus prevents the chimney smoking.

5th. My invention consists in so arrangchamber in front of the front plate of the range for the purpose of receiving cold 'air thereby reducing the temperature of sald plate and consequently It consists, 7th, inhaving a series of parchamber for the grate to rest upon, said partitions allowing of any depth of fire desired being made, for they allow of the grate being raised and lowered.

To enable others to understand more fully the construction and operation of my invention, I will proceed to describe it more minutely. i i

A, represents the casing which surrounds the fire chamber, hot airchamber, and ovens.

B,is the fire chamber made in sections 0, C, said sections being of ring form, and resting upon the horizontal circular flanges D, D, the projecting lips a, a, of the same serving to keep the sectionsC, C, in place as seenin Fig. 2. The flanges D, D, serve as lessening the i additional radiating surface for supplying heated air to apartments.

E is the grate. It has a series of ears I), Z), which rest on the supports or partitions 0, 0, these ears facilitating the operation of raising the grate from one partition to the other the partitions or. projections 0, 0, allowing the grate to be raised or' lowered as desired, they being placed on each section of the fire cylinder.

F, is the chamber which receives the additional heat radiated by the flanges D, D. This chamber is supplied with fresh cold air from the register G,'which keeps up the combustion of the fire; cold air is also admitted through the passage cl, and the flue H, leading from the, apartment into which the hot air is introduced, the air introduced from the flue being supplied to the fire. I, is the flue from the hot air chamber leading into the apartment. These flues are opened and closed alternately by the valve or damper f. This damper is operated by the crank rod 9, it closing the flue I of the chamber, and opening thatJ, when it occupies the position shown in red lines, Fig. 2, and closing the flue J, of the apartment and opening that I, of the chimney when it occupies the position shown in black lines in section. When the flue f, occupies the position shown in red the hot air'takes the course of the black arrows 1, and passes into the apartment, and when it occupies the position shown in black lines, the heated current takes the course indicated by dotted red arrows and passes out through the chimney. This valve then serves as a regulator of the supply of heat to the apartment.

K, is the main oven placed above the hot air chamber F, as seen in Fig. 2. This oven is completely surrounded by the heated flame, as plainly indicated, the flame circulating along or around the flues 7i, i, 7', 70,

as it comes from the fire chamber,'it being I introduced into said flues directly through the passage Z, when the damper m, is opened, and when it is desired. to have an intense heat introduced to the oven; but when said damper is closed and it is not desired to have a very strong heat around the oven the heated blaze is made to take a circuitous course around the passage n, before it reaches the oven, in doing which its eifect is somewhat impaired or lessened. Thus the supply of heat to the oven can be regulated perfectly, the blaze and smoke find their exit through the pipes 0, p, as shown clearly in the drawing. While the blaze is circulating in the flues around the oven the hot air takes the course indicated by the full red arrows 2, 2, and aids in heatingthe outer plates forming the fines of the oven, and also serves for cooking pies or other articles placed in the top oven 9, the heated air after performing its duty escaping into the chamber B, through the passage S,

as indicated by the red arrow 3.

S, is a door for keeping the heated air from passing into the kitchen. door a draft passage 1', is formed for fresh air to pass into the chamber T. i

U, is the chamber for admitting cold air to the front plates of the range, for the purpose of cooling said plates and thereby preventing too much heat being thrown into the kitchen, holes 14, u, being made in this chamber for air torush into it.

V, is the inclined pipe or flue, which connects with the chimney and hot air chamber F, as seen in the drawing, Fig. 2. This flue receives cold air from the chimney p, and introduces'it into the fire chamber and causes it to draw well if its draft is not DANIEL WILLIS.

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