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Callh l l `*Hunan1Sn"Aldino ANDFRANK ELLIOTT, or BooNEsoRoUeHfIoWA.
- that @like Letters Parental. 112,243, dated February 2s, 1871.
,1 'iMFnoVEMENr 1N BEE-HlvEs..
1'1he Schedule referred to 1n these Letters Patent and making part of the same.
of Booneand inthe State of Iowa, Vhave invented cer-V 1 tain new 1and`juseful"1Improvements in Bee- Hive; 1and do hereby declare that the following is a full,
clear,`and exact descriptionthereot', reference being l 1 had to the accompanyingdraiving and to the letters `of reference `marked thereon',l ma king a `part of this specification. 1 11 1 1 The nature of 1our invention consists in the `construction and arrangement ofa bee-hive, as will be hereinafter fully vset forth. 1 1
In `1o`rder1` to enable others skilled in the art to 1which our invention appertains to make and use the `sani`e,i1\ve will nov/proceed to describe its construction andoperation, referring tothe annexed drawing, in
11whie11-r-11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 h'Figurel s'a longitudinal vertical1 section 1of our Figure 2 i's a front elevation, `part in section, of the same. 1 1
ber. 1 1 1 1 1 1 Figure 4 is a `plan view ofthe division-board.
Figure 5 is a bottornview oi' one of the blocks for 1` 41Figure 9 is a side view fof one 'of the chambers in the queen-nursery. 1 :1 1 1 A represents the brood-chamber of our hive, providedlon` the sides with observation doorsB'B, the openings whichsaiddoors close being provided with glass plates a, as shown iug. 2.
The11bottom, O, of the hive `is movablefor the purpose ofcleaniug'the 1hive,`11 removiug"lth,185e., and 1 alsoforhiving natural swarms of bees.
11 Anopening extends from side to side of 1'the hive l 1 above1 the bottom 0,1ivhich1 opening forms the beef entrance to the hive, and said entrance is regulated by means of the blocks D11), which slide through 1 1 holesmade in thesidesof the brood-chamber.
11 1`Withiu 11the brood-chamberis placed a Aseries of comb-frames, E" E,`the upper bars, b, ofwhich are 1 rounded or val,as"show`nfin iig. 2, and provided with a thin;1 tou gue, Ye; `forming the comb guides.
11`iT1hese guides b 1),11withtheir tongues le e, are so arranged that the beescannot fast-en or build their `Figure"31 is a section ofthe surplus or honey-'cham- 1 lcomb upon l anything but the thin tongues, the bars 'themselves being oval.4 1 1 y l 1 1 `This prevents the bees fron. joining the combs, the
one to the other, and any frame can be removed withont disturbing the rest.y
On top` of the brood-chamber A islpllaced the division board G, to keep the bees in the brood-chamber until they have filled it. 1
`In this division board are openings covered with Wire-cloth d, which give an upwardventilation.
This board rests upon wire points f j, as shown in ig.i4, thereby preventing the bees from fastening it tothe brood-chamber with honey or wax.
The division board is intended to be removed when the bees are Wantedto Work in the surplus-chamber, and allow all the .heat from the broodchamber to arise and aid the bees above in making comb.
` Above the' brood-chamber anddivision-board is placed the surplus-'chamber H, provided with frames or racks E E,constructed in the' same manner the comb-frames E E, with the addition of a central vertical bar, g, as shown in iig. l.
This surplus-chamber is arranged for removing the surplus honey without disturbing the bees.
In the winter season the surplus racks E are to be removed, and the space filled with dry and light sub- `stance to absorb the moisture and keep the bees dry and healthy.
The frames E and E' are all provided at their upper ends with pins or Wire points for suspending them "from ledges formed in their respective chambers; and
1cloth, for the purpose 'of admitting heat from lthe brood-chamber below. 1
Through the center passes a partition, k, andfour chamberslJ are suspended inthe same, said chambers having wire-cloth bottoms, as shown Vin iig. '7;
In each chamber is a comb-rac K, to be filled with brood-comb. There is also in each chamber a feed-box or trough, m, to which, admittance is gainedl 1. The movable bottom G, and 'grooved entrance blocks D, in combination with the brood-chamber A,
lall substantially as described.
mm, and entrances m' n, all substantially as and for the purposes herein set forth.
In testimony that we claim the foregoing we have hereunto set our hands this 10th day of October,
H. S. HARNED. F. S. ELLIOTT. Witnesses:
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