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APPLICATION FILED MAR. 26, 1912. 1,076,743. Patented 0013.28, 1913.
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APPLICATION IILBD MAILBB, 1912. 1,076,743 Patented 001:. 23, 1913.
10/772-3551; WM 5.. gm
Patented Oct. 28, 1913.
Li 4. 11/44 i) flu! M 5 a Q VWQ M W. BUTLER.
APPLICATION FILED MAILZG, 1912. Patented 0013.28, 1913..
W/r/VAZssA-S m SW lid lid
sunscreens rocnnarron AND s'rauoruna.
Specification of Letters has.
.lppliont'icn am March as, we. Serial an. asaqa Patented on. as, isle.
The object o my invention is to provide an apparatus by means of which a concrete bed or structure can be formed on supportin piling or other supports, the concrete or structure being either entirely below the surface of the water or. entirely above, or extending partially above and below. the water surface, according to the char acts! of the work to be done. a The invention consists madly in providing a grillage adapt to rest on the to of p' ea or other supports and which wil be embedded in and protected by the concrete entering into the structure.
Further, the invention consists in suspending a flexible fabric beneath the grilage which will sag down below and around the; tops of piles or other supports when the grillage 1S placed upon them and will conform to any inequallties in the heights or level of the supports, thus permitting the concrete'to conform to any irregularities of the supporting surface and form a perfect bearing for the structure to be built thereon, and, further, supporting'the concrete whilein plastic form, so that when the concrete is set it will inclose the u per ends of the piles andeiiectually lock t 'm mst oscillation and also protect the meta grillage against the actionof any deteriorating agencies. a a
In the accompanying drawings forming part of this specification, Figure l is a perspective view illustrating the manner of filling the formsupportcd by the piling, with concrete, Fig. 2 1s a similar view, looking at the bottom of theconcrete bed and illustrating the manner of filling the form with concrete and the manner. in which the concrate embraces and embeds the upper ends of the piles, Fig. 3 is a plan View of a portion of the form and the metal grillage embodying my invention, Fig. i is a sectional view showing theconstruction of the term and the manner of resting the grillage bars upon the tops of the piles, and the locking of the piles between the dependmg sections of the concrete bed, Fig. 5 is a detail sectional View showing-the pile supports, steel grille e, walls and artitions of the form, also c concrete dllin which surrounds the rods formin the grillage and protects them against eterioration. It also shows the flexible fabric sagging down from the load of concrete and surrounding the to of the piles, Fig. 6 is a perspective view coking at the bottom of a portion of the grillage, showing the flexible fabric attached to and supported from it p a In the drawings, 2 represents the apparatus employed for feeding the plastic concrete through suitable pipes 3 to the form restingupon the piling beneath the surface of the water. This method, employed quite generally in subaqueous. construction, is known as the Tremie system. The piles 4 having been driven in the usual way, are cut oil below the surface of the water at the desired grade or level andlthe form 5 is lowereduntil it rests on the top of the piling. This form is preferablydivided by partitions 7 into a series of s aces or cham here, the walls of which con no the plastic concrete and prevent it from flowing out and becoming absorbed by the water. The concrete flowing down through the ipe 3 under a-head equal to the height-of t e col umn of cement will work upwardly from the bottom, as indicated in Fig. 2, and being confined bythe wallsand partitions of the form will radually fill the form with out exposing e concrete to the washing action. of the water while being deposited, as plainly shown in Fig. 2.
The bottom of the form is open and pro vidcd with a grillage consisting, preferably, W
of the piles or other supports. Beneath the grillage li provide a means for retaining the concrete until it is set, comprising a flexible fabric of suitable material, consisting, prefera'bly, of an upper wire mesh 10, a lower or outer mesh ll and an intermediate flexible canvas or cloth 12, the whole being secured to the bars of the grillage in such a way that the fabric will sag or hang down in loops below the bars of the gril ge, as plainly indicated in Fig. 2, the loops depending between the upper ends of the piles or other supports and ging the surface of the piles, as shown in 1g. 5.v When the plastic concrete is allowed to flow down into cealed and protected against the deterioratstable in its nature.
ing action of the water or agencies therein. In time the fabric exposed to the ,water may rust or wear away, but this will be immaterial, as the concrete will then have set and the fabric will have served its purpose as soon as the concrete has become hardened sufficiently to remain in place around the upper ends of the piles or supports. The dependin portions of the concrete bed will not on y lock the iles 'or other an ports against oscillation, ut the bed willie securely locked on the piles or supports against dis lacement from any cause.
e introduction of the concrete into the form fills the flexible bottom, causing it to sag at all points and conform to the pile heads or other supports and makesit possible to provide unsuitable foundation on which to rest sub-aqueous foundations or superstructures, particularly where certain grades are desirable and the natural sub-aqueous formation is irregular and un- It will also be found valuable in structures resting on piling or other supports above the water.
The form may be divided into areas of any suitable size, according to the local conditions, and the of bars of any suitable size and arranged a I I suitable distance apart, according to the character of the foundation and the load.
I do not wish to be confined in this application to the arrangement of the partitions in the form or the arrangement of the grillage bars, with respect to one another, orthe matcrial emplo ed for retainin the plastic concrete unti it has set aroun the bars and A the head of the piling or other support, as
various modifications will suggest; themselves toany one skilled intliis artand still be within the scope of my invention.
grillage may be composed I claim my invention combination a series .of. iles, a form supported thereby, and having a bottom, a fabric supported by said grillage bottom, and concrete fill bottom that the concrete supported by fabric passes through the grillage bottom -and surrounds the head of each pile,thereby locking said piles against oscillation when saidconcrete has set.
2. A sub-aqueous foundation including in combination a series of piles, a form supported thereby, and having-a tom composed of metal bars resting upon the upper ends of said piles, a-fabric supported by said gril bottom, and concrete fill ng said form, sai fabric being so disposed relative to'said "lla bottom that the conrte bytfi w.
crete su po through the gril age bottom and surrounds the head of each ,pile, thereby locking said piles against oscillation when said concrete has set. w
3. A sub-aqueous foundation including in combination 'a series of piles, a fo ported thereby and having aagrillage botof an upsaid form, said fabric being so dlspose' (1 re ative to said e grillage botto i 1. A sub-aqueous founda -'on including-in 4. A sub-aqueous foundation, including in combination a series of piles, a grillatge composed of metal bars resting upon e flattened upper ends of said piles and sup rted there y, a form inclosing said gn and comprising upright side and end wi a flexible fabric suspended in loops from said grillage bottom, said flexible fabric consisting of an u per and lower wire mesh,
and an intermediate suitable textile; mesh, and concrete fillingsaid form, and-extending through said grill bottom into contact with said fabric, w ereby said concrete. "is provided with pockets engaging and surrounding the u p r endvof each pile.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this. 20th day of-March, 1912.
Gruzvmvn E. Soanxssu, Enwasn A. PAUL.
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