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1,053,410, Patented Feb. 18,1913.
elf/bomma? H, C. LIDEN. lGRAIN CLEANER AND SBIARATDR. APPLICATION FILED APR.2. 1912. 1,053,410. Patented Feb. 18, 1913.
aumento@ HJCnLi/del/ y l Maggio; "j
1 l nuisance. Lioran, 'or 'risinrnrvnn rams, MINNESOTA;
C. Linen, a
Tanzen bathe Uaifedazstaas, lraiding at ,Thief River' Falls,
in' 'the county of lenning ton `and State A of Mi nnesota, have 1 invented certain new and usefull'.Improvements 1n` Grain Cleaners andSeparatorQ-'fof which the fol-lowing is a specification, referen'cebeing had tothe accomp'anymg drawings. v
This invention comprehends certain new and useful 'improvene'ntsinv grain cleaning i and separating devices, .and the invention proceeds,
.has for its'primaryobject an improved device Aofthis 'character- Whic'hgvyill bef selfoperating.- l if' 1 l The, invention also has for its object a separator and'f'oleaner'provided With spiral internal flanges which will bythe Weightof Athe `grain and the inclination of the cylinder;
, impart 'automatically a ,rotary movement to and 4ulrich-Will embody means the latter whereby the lower or dischargeend-of the cylinder may be adjusted to diferentelevations so as to maintain therevoluble cylinder at the desired inclination.UV
Thel invention has 'for ajfurther'object a grain separating andV `cleaning device, vthe partsof Whichmvvillbe easyrto manufacture and capable of being-easilyfassembled, which 'will be durable and notv liable'to' 'get out of order `and alsoeiiicientin operation. And' the' invention also aims to generally improve devices of .thisclass and to"y render' them more useful 'and commercially desirable.
With these and other objects in' view, as Will more fully appear as the description the invention consists incertain constructions, arrangements and combinations of vthe'parts thaty l shall he reina-iter full'ydescribeandclaim.
kFor 'a full understanding of 'the invention, reference isto be'had to the following proved grain separator andcleaner.
description and accompanying drawings in which', f I u Figure 1 1s a 'side elevation ot my nn- Fig. 2 is a.longitudinal sectional 'View thereof, the cylinder beingshoivn in horizontal posi- Fig. 3 is a sectional view on thel'ine 3--8, of Fig. l. Fig. 4 is a ,detail Viewof the receiving end of cylinder, and, Fig. 5 is a trans-l verse sectional view on the'lne 5-5, of
y orrespond-ngand like parte are referred to in the following description kand desig' `a: shaft- 5)l is connected, said enn'ru'cnnn'unn nniiisjuraneron. s
l: Paten-ted Feb. 18, 191s.
hated the' accompanying ldrawings bylike reference characters.
'Referring to the drawings, the numeral l designates, as ayvhole, the` frame-work of 'my improved grain `separator and cleaner,
the saine being of any 'desired constructionI "or design-so long as it will support. the
operating parts and being preferably higher 1at one end than thevother, in view ofthe fact that the revoluble-,cylinder will at., all times be h eld in an inclined position.
yAt one end of the frame-Work l, a feed hopper 2 is supportedV in any desired Way, said feed hopper being provided With a spout 3 designed to discharge the graininto one end `of the revoluble cylinderv 4. The cylinder 4 includesa main body portion 5 of any desired length and diameter, constructed of a plurality of longitudinally extending spaced bars 6 and any desired number of reinforcin g hoops or bands 7 Wise Secured to the bars. The end hoop at' the inlet or receiving end` of the'cylinder vis secured to the arms of a spider 8,7to which s shaft being jour nai-led in albea'ring 10 formed lon or secured to the upper end of a standard 1l supported by the higher end of the frame-Work 1. Sur
rounding the spider8 and .projecting from the end hoop 7` of the main body portion of the cylinder 4, is a preferably tapered annular receiving spout ll', into Which the discharge end of the spout 3 projects, `Where- -by a continuous How of grain may be maintained from the hopper 2 into the cylinder. The body portion 5 of the cylinder 4 also `embodies', in addition to the frame-work which is composedo the longitudinal bars 6 and hoops 7, a screen 12 of relatively fine mesh secured to the bars, and Within the screen and in engagement with the ,inner I'Wall thereof, are any desired `nurnber of spirally disposed blades arranged in two sets, with the blades of one set alternating with the blades of the other set. "Qne set oit' blades is designated 13 and the other set 14, the latter being 'shorter than tbl to'rmer. All of these blades are .secured vto the hoops and bands, the blades being se'cuedat one end to the end hoop 'l' at the receiving end vof the cylinder, and being secured at ltheir opposite ends to the bands and hoops at the junction of the same. Any desired fastening devices may be used in securing these spiral blades in place,-
At thejdischarge endofthe main bodyy riveted or othereov lio
portion 5 4of the cylinder, there are any delsired vnumber' of concentric and substantially cylindrical skirts,.the same, in the present .'instance, being four in number and extending varying distances from the Amain body portion 5. In order to identify them these skirts are designated, respectively, 15, which is the smallest in diameter, 16, which is next to the smallest in diameter, 17, of somewhat larger diameter and 18,'t-he largest of them all. The screen or wire mesh which is embodied in the main body ortion gofthe fcylinder, extends from the 1nlet end o-'said body ort-ion to the hoop 19 at the outer end o the outermost skirt 18 andis of relatively fine mesh. The screen 20 which is of slightly coarser mesh, extends from the hoop 21 to the hoop 22 at the outerend of the skirt 17, the scre-n'23 which is'of still coarser or larger mesh, extends from thehoop 21 to the hoop 24 at the outer end of the Skirt 16, and the screen 25 which extends from the hoop 21 to the outermost hoop 15, longitudinally considered, is still coarser.
lIn order to hold the overlying hoops, just views of theaccompanying drawings, it will' be understood that as the grain flows/from the hopper'2 through the spout 3 into the upper and receiving 'end of the'revoluble cylinder 4, it will, by its own weight acting against the spiral blades -13 and 14, cause said cylinder to rotate and the rain will be tumbled and at the vSame time tlgow downwardly, the finest grain flowing out fromthe discharge end of the skirt 18, the next finest grain, as to grade or size, flowing out from the discharge end vofthe skirt 17 ,the next finest grain flowing out from the"dis charge end ofthe skirt 16, and the trash finally flowing out from the end of the skirt 15. The dlscharge end of the cylinder is tapered inwardly from the hoop 21 tothe extremity of the cylinder, as is clearly shown in Figs. 1 and 2 of' the drawings. This construction retards the flow of the grain and trash and thereby allows the grain to be 'thoroughly separated from the trash before cylinder.
In order to catch the grain of different sizes, I provide transversely extendingand laterally vinclined spouts designated 27, 28
the trash isdlscharged over the end of the 'and' 29(i said spouts being, respectively,
mounte underneath` the discharge ends of I the skirts 18, 17 and 16, so that the grain -will be conveyed laterally out o f the machine anddeposited into sacks or any other desired receptacles. In order to support these spoutsylf preferido uprights 30 which are secured to theside sills of the framework intermediate of the ends thereof and that are formed with a plurality of apertures. 31 in a vertically disposed series designed to receive bolts for connecting to said uprights, one 'end of s outsupporting bars' 32. The other ends o said spout supporting bars 32 are correspondingly connected to the end uprights 33 at the discharge-end of the yframe-work 1, said uprights being formed with a plurality of apertures 34, as shown, whereby the bolts which connect the bars to said uprights, may be shifted in order to vary the elevations of the s outs in accordance with the elevation 0 the' cylinder.
` The entire cylinder. as above indicated, is
held to rotate about its longitudinal axis in aninclined position, the receiving end being higher than the discharging end. The rear or discharging end of the cylinder 1s supported to be vertically adjusted by the fol'- lowing instrumentalities: The hoop 15 has a spider 35 connected. to it, said sp1der being provided with a shaft 36 which is mounted in a bearing-block 37. The block 37 is formed' with a transversely apertured ear 38, through which a bolt -or pin 39 asses, said pin also passing through any esired pairs of apertures 40 that are formed in the curved side membersll of a vertically disposed supporting Vbracket 42 secured to the rear upper and lower i cross bars of the frame-work 1, as best illust-rated in Fig. ,1. The bearing block 37 is mounted between the members 4l 'and bears against inturned flanges 43 that are formed on the bracket, whereby both side and end bearings are pro- 'vided for the block. Manifestly, by removing the pin 39, the block 37 may b e shifted upwardly'or downwardly and the pin 39 re placed, whereby to hold the lower end offthe revoluble cylinder at different elevations..y and consequently, the entire cylinder at. different elevations.
As the operationof the device has been described in connection with the details of construction and relative arrangement of thc diflcrent parts, no further description of theoperation is deemed necessary. /W'hile the accompanying drawings illustrate what vI believe to bc the preferred embodiment of my invention, it is to be understood that thc invention is not limited thereto, but that various changes may be made in the construction, arrangement and proportions of the parts without depui-tinor .from thc scope of the invention, as define in the appended claims.-
lVliat I claim is l. In a separator and cleaner of the character described, including a supporting frame. a cylinder mounted in the frame, means carried by the frame vfor holdin" the lower end of the cylinder at different enleva` tions, a plurality of screens secured to the discharge end of the cylinder; a plurality of spouts arranged between said screens,v and means carried hy the frame for adjusting said spouts at diliierent elevations independent of the cylinder, as and for the purpose described.
Q. ln a separator and cleaner of the char acter described, including a supporting trarne, a cylinder mounted in the traine, means carried hy the frame for holding the lower end. ol the cylinder at different eleva tions, a plurality of screens mounted on said cylinder at the discharge end thereof, spaced uprights mounted in said frame, each ot' said uprights being provided with a vertical series oi' 'openings therein, bars extending longitudinally of the frame between said uprights, a plurality of spaced parallel spouts arranged transversely upon the upper edges of said bars and in alinement with the discharge ends of said screens and pins disposed in the opposite ends of said bars and adapted for engagement with the openings in said uprights Wherehy said spouts may he adjusted at different elevations independent of the cylinder.'
3, ln a separator and cleaner of the charnient with the discharge ends of said concentric skirts7 substantially as described.
ln testimony whereof I hereunto affix my signature in the presence of two 'witnesses HENRIK C. LIDEN. lVitnesses THnoDoRn H. LIDEN,
US68805712A 1912-04-02 1912-04-02 Grain cleaner and separator. Expired - Lifetime US1053410A (en)

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