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PatentedJune 7, 1870.

Ina e vista r,

With: 5 5&3,-

lug drawing forming Shniiar letters of reference indicate corresponding 62,41twere granted to me on the 26th day of Febthcmnchinery operating the signal.

Mill-inf THOMAS s; HALL, on STAMFORD, Assrenon no nan/s ELEGTRIG RAILWAY-SWITGH AND DRAW-BRIDGE SIGNAL consume onusw HA EN, oonn'so'rrco'r.

Letters Patent No. 103,875, dated June 7 187: 0.


The Echedule referred in these Letters Patent and shaking part of the same.

Z'o all whom it may concern: r

' Be it known that-l, THOMAS S. HALL, of Stamford, Fairfield county, Connecticut, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Electric Signals for Railroads; and'I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear and exact description thereof, which will enable others skilled in the art to make and use the same, rei'erencebeing had to the accompanypnrt of this specification. Figure 1 reprenentsa front elevation of my improved electric si goal, the front plate of its casing having been removed. Figure 2 is a vertical central section of .the same, taken on the plane of the line :c-z, fig. 1.

parts. A

This invention relates-to certain improvements on the signal apparatus for which Letters Patent No.

rum-y, 1867. I

The invention has for its object to so arrange the apparatus within the signahbox that the motion 0t thesignal will cause a series of wires to be coimeetcd, to-pmducetelectriccurrents, which will work we: other signals on other parts of theroad. Thus a whole chain of signals can be operated automatically, by the displacement of one single switch.

The invention consists in connecting the armature of the electro-magnet in the signal case, by rods or otherwise, with some swinging 'levcrs, which serve, when drawn down, 'toconnect otherwires, to oi other circuits as aforesaid; I

The invention also consists in the peculiar arrangement of parts, as hereinafter specified.

A in the drawing represents the electro-magnet to Which'thc wire '13, from a battery, is secured.-

This eleetro-magnet is airanged within a signalcnsebr box, 0, that is set npon'thc road and protects The case or box 0 is made of sheet metal or other suitable material, and is provided with perftcd ides, the apertures of which are cl hy gl um D. I), through which the signal mu be. The "electroqmagnct A is arranged station withinthe is its armatures I The same is pivoted to l injecting hem the e end-is, bye end is,

with a pivoted bar w ioh is,,h y a haul rhmnnected with a pulley c on Whenever the armature E is drawn upon themagncts 'A, by the charging of the same, the bar c is swung up, sothat the signal will be swung opposite the openings of the case 0,

W/Vlien the current through the wire B is broken by the proper position of the switch, the disk E drops down again by its own weight. I

- A spring, s, or weight, may used to uni ill raising the signal when the current is estabhshed.

Balance weights it are applied on an arrn upro' jecting from the signal, to balance the-same in either position. I

Thearn'i h which projects from the a r-materiel] to hold the rod b, is, by another rod *2, connected. with a lever G pivoted to lugs j that projectfroinlfihe nase C.

This lever G carries'a cross-head K, which, when swung down, connects two metal lugs Z l, thereby establishing a current through a vwire'nt, which has its ends fastened to said lugs'h As long as the magnet'A is not charged the crosshead It will be held away from the lugs I; when, however, the armature E is attracted, the cross-head will,

by the motion of the armature, be carried against the lugs l, to establish a current through the wire m by which another signal may be operated. a

will connect lugs 11 11, as shown, thereby establishing .an circuit through a third wire, 2*, and thus the armatnre E may, by its motion, connect with any suitable numher of wires to establish circuits through the same whenever the switch is. misplaced.

I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent-=- V I I l. The combination of the electro-magnct A and its armature E with the rod b, swinging arm 0, cord cl, dish e, arbor f, and signal-disk F, all arranged [and operating substantially as described, so that the sig r us! is raised when the magnet ischnrged, asspeciiicd.

2. @onne'cting the swinging armature E with one or more movable bare it n, so that, when the arms ture is attracted by its magnet, it will serve tounito other wires to establish circuits through them, as set forth, whereby one signal will be caused to set otlicm, as'desclibed.

Witnesses: THOMAS S. HALL. Ennnx Encounter, l Sewn 0. Keaton.

. fihe lever G may, by a rod,- n, be connected with another lever, or directly with a cross#bar,o, which I

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