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UNiTnD sfrn'rias PATENT opinen.


Specification of Letters Patent.


Patenten oct. 3,1, 1911.

Application filed-August 3, 1908. Serial N o. 446,531.

. i' To aiwiom 'it may concern: I'

13e it known that we, Romana? ELDER and WALTER T. KnaUsoH, citizens of -the United States, residing at La Grange, Cook county Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Hoisting Mechanism, ofwhich the following is a specification.

Our invention relates to hoisting .mecha A nisin adapted for thehandling of granular material capable of `flowing, such iis coal,

ore, stone, gravel, etc., and the objectthereof is to provide for such mechanism a hoisting bucket cooperating with an automatic gate which not only controls the iow of the material into the bucket but also insures a full'bucket and no more than a full bucket Aat cacho eration.

'Q'Hereto ore itA 'lias been the practice to lmanually opeii'ito"a` gate for controlling the 2Q.

tlow of v:the material' into the. bucket, but this method is objectionable particularly because the receiving pit, in -which the bucket is positioned in the loading oper- "ation, is ordinarily filled withdust, s o that the operator cannot see the material flowing into the bucket to ascertain when the proper amouiithas been introduced, butinust judge by souiil 1when it is full. As a result vthe operator frequently closes the gate before the bucket-fis full ,but sometimes permits it to overflow; thereby causing delay while such overliow is being shoveled up and removed.

Speaking in lQeneral terms, our invention comprises in connection with the hoisting bucket a gate which is adapted to control the flow of the material into ,the bucket and 'to be automatically-`opened and 'closed by result `the the bucket itself as it descends' and' ascenls,

with the result that a full' bucket is always assured witlwiit'any care or attention on=tlie part of the' operator.' To accomplish this gate is permitted to swing inwardly into-the bucket during the loadiiig operation, so that an open space is at such time formed in the bucket below the gate, which space becomes filled With'the material when su'ch gate is operated to close oil" the flow, this spacebeii'ig equal iii area or cubical contents to the amount of material located .in front of the gate and above the 4level of the top ofthe bucket. The bucket and gate are so constructed and related that the operation of'lowering the bucket will' automatically openthe'gate and t-heoperthe 'same are well known. i

act of hoisting the bucket; Fig. 3 'a plan viewofthe parts illustrated in Figs. l and 2; and Fig. 4 a view showing in full lines the position of the parts when the gate' is o en and in dotted lines the position when c osed, the bucket being removed.

Inasniuch as our invention relates to the hoisting bucket. and the gate (-.operatiug therewith, we have not illustrated the details of the complete hoisting plant, especially as Referring to the prescrit -embodiment of our invention, the material designed to Iflow from a hopper 1 through an opening or chute 2 into ya pit iii which the bucket. 4` is adapted to be raised and lowered, 'lhisl bucket is provided with a bail 5 which has .a vertical movement independent of the bucket by means of a pin and slot connection therewith. As shown, the members or arnis of the bucket bail are provided with slots 5 and the bucket with laterally extending pins 4 entering the slots 5a. As a result of this construction, the bail continues its downward movement after thebiicket has come to'rest upon its support in the bottoni of the pit until the upper ends of said slots contact the -piLns -t as illustratedin Fig. 1. In the hoisting operation 'the bail moves upwardly a distance equal "to the length of the slots before taking up and raising the bucket. When the bucket begins to rise lits pins 4* are at the bot-toni of said slots, as illustrated in, Fig. 2. Itwill be understood that this bail is connected Wit-h any of tin, usual Vhoisting ropesior cables usually`ei'nployed -it'i/A hoisting plants .of this erciice the bail and consequently t-lie bucket are guided vertically during their travel by means 'of vertical guides 6 in\which-travcl the rollers 7 jouriialed on the sidbs'of the bail, Ias clearly indicated iii Figs. l and 3. 4 The gate consists of an arc-shaped porgeneral character. Iii practice and by prefton' forming the gute proper and a three- Y vsided frame 9 to .which it is attnchedand by which it is swung into open or closed condition as' the ease may be. This frame eomprisesthe two parallel arms Qand the cross bar l0, which la'tter is' secured to the gate proper. This frame is pivoted to the inner sides ofthe pit at the points 11 intermediate the length of said arms, which are bent or curved in the. 'manner indicated in the drawings. 'This gate frame is counterbalanced by means of the weights 12 adjustable upon the outer ends of the arms 9.

These arl'usare each provided with brackets 13 which are so formed as to provide slots 14, between them, and the upper edge of said arms. These slots are designed to co! Qpcrate, wi'h rolls 1 5 .jonrtnaled'upon the Outer ends, of brackets A16 securedto' and movablewlth the bail. result, atter lthe bucket has come to'itsposition of rest,

the bucket bail in its independent movement wiltcau'sc its rolls l5 to press upon'the. upper edges of the arms` 9 of the gate frame and, owing to V4"the described' curvature thereof, such 'trame will be rocked so as to remove `the gateV frmthe hopper opening v"and lie-'swung in the inner side of the bucket,

whereupo'u'the parts assume the relative poi sition indicated in Fig.' 1. The gate is maintainedin this lowered or open position by 'means-o1` the brackets 13 inasmuch as the :.thc'buckct,. inasmuch -as the bail has ay eer- -tain amount. of independent vertical travel,

but such tirstvumovement of the bail is at 1 once ,communicated tothe gate frame bythe rolls 1.5 whichare caused to rock said frame i. to the position indicated in Fig. 2, owing to the engagement of lsuch ,frollswith the brackets 13.

' f'the bail,V this action of opening and closing -the gate takes place after the bucket is in position Aand before it 'begins to rise with its load. Whenthe gate 1s thus swung, inl

the bucket the same occupies a position at one side' thereof,- that as the material flows from thehopperi'n'to the bucket a space 17 -will be left or'greserved, 'as'substantlally indicated in 14Tig.'"1, withthe result that when the gate is raised, as -the bail begins its upward movement, that portion of the ma teria-l lying in front ofthe gate and above the level4 of the top of the .bucket will'fall Thus, because of the slots in into the space thus provided. It will be understood that were it not for the provision of our invention and unless the' .gate was closed before the bucket -wasfilled and coal between the bucket and hopper had come t0 '70 rest, a portion ofthe coal would be left above the level ot the top ot the bucket, sc that when the bucket. was raised. ,such vportion would necessarily fall into the pit. In. prac? tice the How ot' material automatically stops 75 when the line of flow is as shown in Fig. 1,

at which time, to use the technical expression, the line ot' tiow is at the angle of repose. Ofcourse this action is true only of material such as coal, stone, etc., and it would not be true ot Vfluids such as water or thelike. By the use of our invention 'we'are thus enabled to always insure a full' bucketv load and no more and this without any -particular, attention lromv the operator other g5 `than starting the hoisting operation assoon as he observes that the flow of the material has ceased, indicating that the bucket is fuli. What would otherwise amount to Over- Iiow in th(` absence of our invention is compensati-d t'or b v` space provided underneath `the gate when in its lowered or open position. .Xs soon as the frate is automatically y raised to clear the bue ret, the bucket load is automatically leveled, inasmuch as what would otherwise beove'rtiow is taken care of by the described space. r

Ve claim:

1. In' mechanism ofthe class described,the combination of a hopper and gate for closing the same, a bucket, hoisting means for raising and lowering it to a position to be filled from the hopper, said means adapted to engage and operate the gate, and connections between the hoisting means and the bucket whereby initial movement inde endent of the latter is permitted the hoisting means.

2. In mechanism of the class described, the

'combination of a hopper, a gate for. clos- 11o ing the same, a bucket, hoisting means for raising and loweringit to a"position tobe lled from the'hop'pler, vsaid means adapted to engage and bperate the gate, 'and lost, motion connections between the hoisting means and th'e bucket whereby initial move ment independent' of the latter is permitted 'the hoisting means. 4 3. 'In mechanism ofthe class described, a1 A hopper havingadischarge opening, a plate forming a gate ,for controlling the dow of' material therethrough so mounted that when open it is in a position outside the hopper opening to form a chute and support a body of material and in closing cuts ofi" such materialoutside the hopper. v

4 In a device of the class-described, a

hopper having a discharge opening,I a plate forming'a gate controllingthe same, a support for the gate pivoted out-side of andi-at v .lafpoint rem'ote from 'the gate maly be swungdown into a position terial-'and swing u p toterial outside the opening' and -tofclose the latter. I

l hopper, a plate orminga Vgatecont-rolling the discharge'opening thereof lmounted to swing substantially .edgewise `from a osi-- tionl to form a chute .and support a bo material outside the y of opening to a position .to close the opening.

.6. In' a device of the class described', a hopper having a dischargeopening2 a bucket -mou'nt'cd to be -lowered into a lposition to receive theA discharge from the hopper, a. gate bodilyin'ovable edgewise to a' position in in which itsupports a body of material discharged from thehopper within the bucket.

7. In' hoisting linecbanisin, the combinaported from pivots outside' of and remote i from the hopper discharge opening for controlling the flow of lsuch material and arranged to be swung into the' bucket during the loading thereof whereby a space is preserved in the bucket below the gate, and means for normally holding the gate in closed condition; substantially as described.

8. In hoisting?mechanism, the combination, with' the hoisting bucket structure Vadapted to receive `matcrialfroin a hopper .tiow of such or theV like, of agate .for controlling the material and arranged to be swung into the bucket during .the loading thereof whereby a. space is preserved inthe bucket below the gate, a swinging frame on which such gate is mounted pivoted on an axis remote from the hopper opening, and means on the bucket forengaging and operdescribed.

yf). In hoisting mechanisii, the combination, with the hoisting bucket structure adapted to receive material from a hopper or the like,V of a gate for controlling the flow of such material and arranged .to be swung into the bucket during the loadiiig thereof 4ating said frame and gate; substantially as whcreby a sp'ace is p iesprved in thq..bucket below the gate; a swinging frame oniivhich such {ziteis mounted and which comprises parallel arms on opposite sides of the bucket pivoted outside of and-at a point rem'ote from the hopper and a cross-piece connected with :the gate proper, and means on the 'bucket for ischarge such niawhich it closes the opening from a position -niaterialg substantially as describe 4flow of such material and arrangedto be' I swung into the bucket during tht-.loading thereof whereby a space is preserved iin the which such gate is mounted and which coniprisespai'allelarms on opposite'sides of the 5.-.Ina device o'f .the class described, a

bucket pivoted outsideof and ata distance from the opening 'of the hopper and a crosspiece connected with .the gate proper, .and projections extending laterally from. tlfel bucketI struct-ure for engaging and operating saidframe and gate; substantially Vas described. tLfIn hoisting mechani m, theeombination, with vthe hoisting nicket structure adapted to receive mfiiterial from a hopper. or. t-lie like, of a gate for 'controlling the flow' .of such material-and zii-ranged to be swung intr) the bucket whereby a -spaceispreserved i thc bucketbelow the gate,- a swinging "traine on which such gate is mounted 'aiid which comprises parallel arms on" opposite sides of the bucket pivotedoutsde of and atradistance from the opening of the hopperV and a cross piece connected with the gate proj'ici, and

rolls extendinglaterally from opposite sides of the bucket structure for engaging and (iperating said frame and gate;`subs taiiti ally as described.

12. In hoisting'inechanisimvtlie combina.-

d uijiiig'the-'Aloading thereof tion, with. the hoist-ingbucket structure L adapted toreceive material fromja'hopper i or the like, .bail on the -bucket having some travel independent thereof, and a'gatc'gov-- erned by `the movements of said vbucket bail.

and adapted to control the owof such'mzii terial; substantially as described.

13. In hoisting mechanism, vthe combina-- tion, with the hoistingbucket` structure adapted to receive niaterialfroin a hopper or the like, a bail having a pin andslot 'connection with the bucket whereby thc..bai1

has an independent travel subsequent to the time when 'the bucket comes to rest forloadingand 'an independent travelprelimipary to the hoisti'n governed by't e movements of said bucket bail and-adapted to control the dm3 of such of such bucket, and agate- 'I '14. In hoisting-mechanism, the' combina--- tion, with the hoisting' bucket.. structure adapted to receive material from a hopperor the like, of a bail having Va pin and slot a connection with the bucket Whercby-the..hail has an independent travel subsequent to the -.-time when the bucket comes to est for' load.

ing and. an independent travel prclimiiiai'y to the hoisting of. such bucket., rolls projeeting from ythe parallel'arins ofthe bail, and

a lgate adapted'toA be operated by said rolls a d adapted to control theitio'wo'f such material; substantially -as described.

15. In hoisting mechanism, the combination, -with the hoisting bucket structure bucket. structure adapted to :receive'materialvfirom a hopper orl the,4 like, of a'bail having a pin and 4slot connection lwith the bucket wherebyA the bail f has an -independent travel vsubsequent to .the- 5 time' When-.,the bucket comes ing and an indel'iendent ltravel to the hoisting of such bucket;

parallel arms of the bail, anda gate-for con-I trolling the flowof such'material' operated by the movementsof thebail, said-Q'gatef.' t

comprising a gatepmperand lng two a fraine hav parallel i arms path of movement Lof therolls ,substantially f as described. e. 16. In hoisting mechanism, thecombina-- tion, with the hoisting bucket g structure adapted to receive material from* a hopper v or the like, of a bail having a pinand-'slot 20 connectionivith the bucket whereby the bail has an independent travel subsequent to the time when the bucket comes vto rest for load-l mg and an mde Aeiident travel preliminary to the hoisting o suchbucket, and also hav# 1n g brackets. 13 formin'gislotsq 14 vvith'vvhich 'said rolls scribed;l 17. 'In hoisting-, Inechanis'm, thecbiribin'a-v adapted to receivel-materialfromla hopper of a gate governed b y the moveinentsof. the' for controlling the, ilovvVv f suoli xnaterial,

pit outsideof. and

path of movement of the buck as to be operated,thereby; described. Y

18.'l In a mechanism` of th a hopper having` indisch b for controlling the flow otmaterial'om the to restfor loadpreliminaryy .pivotedat points 'atone side of the bail and positioned inth'e.,

" lower terial discharged over the .'withV fa. pit for' the bucket, v

said gate ,being pivotedfuponj l }.-r.emote from-:tbe opening ofthezhoppe'r `and 'positioned inthe; et -"structure so a substantially as class described, arge openinv', aA rate in'a position outside the hop'per o e'ning .orrn lafchuteover which hopper, ,may freely flow andyin closing cuts olf. such material outside thezhopper. l

a hoisting bucket; a hopper for feeding the same; a gate bodily movable edgewise from a'fposition wit the7bucket when the later isfin.; position beneath eframe which is from the hopper' having a :dischar bucketfmeans forV raising an lowering the {Witlithe hopperfopening, V'per opening, curved `in vertical section; and pivoted remote from-the hopper opening and above'y the :flower e e thereof adapted to swinfglfsubstantially" the' arc vof its curve 'frozn'aposition b elovv` the hopper opening to la posit-lonv in* the.j same,-f

v ROBERTELDER. f `f WALTER T. KRAUSCH; lWitnesses:4 f '1-H. 4B. SAUERMAN,

Roscoe C, BAKER.

in lowered posil whenA liopperlso` 'mounted thatwhen'opened it is l to .the material in the 19.1In-a'me'chanism ofthe class describedp the'hopper to 'a V positionin. which itcloses off the iowof l .55 a discharge opening at its part,a Vv bucket and holsting means,

beneath the hopper open-'- afg.

21.-y Ina' mechanism of'the clas's'described,A i

e opening, a

ucket@into)andi lout ofY operative relation a gate' for the hop-v hich it substantially lfpses'

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