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Method for producing forgings


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The invention relates to metal forming, namely to the methods of producing forgings from ingots and preliminarily deformed billets on the forging complexes consisting of the hydraulic forging presses with one or two manipulators and equipped with four-head devices and can be used for forging the ingots and billets of various steels and alloys. A method of manufacturing forgings includes heating an ingot to forging temperature, its subsequent forging in a four-head forging device on a forging press including roughing the ingot, broaching in several passes through the four-reduction with additional macro-shifts of metal in the transverse plane of billet at each unit reduction by four heads, each of which has a working area containing one central and two lateral areas adjacent from both sides to the central area at an obtuse angle with formation at each reduction of the contact surface of billet with the head, calibration of a forging, feed between reductions and tilting. When broaching the billet of polyhedral cross-section is formed, and at each new passage the billet is formed whose cross-section is turned to the previous cross-section at an angle of 30-60°, while at least in one passage except for the last one single reductions are performed, at which the width of the contact surface of billet with the head exceeds the width of the central working area of ​​ head, but is smaller than the width of the entire working area. The invention provides improved quality of metal forging and improving process performance.
UAa201101714A 2011-02-14 2011-02-14 Method for producing forgings UA98409C2 (en)

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UAa201101714A UA98409C2 (en) 2011-02-14 2011-02-14 Method for producing forgings

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UAa201101714A UA98409C2 (en) 2011-02-14 2011-02-14 Method for producing forgings
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UAa201101714A UA98409C2 (en) 2011-02-14 2011-02-14 Method for producing forgings

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