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A wireless data communication unit includes a data interface, which receives data from a first computer for transmission to a second computer having a similar wireless data communication unit, and conveys data received from the second computer to the first computer. The communication unit further includes a plurality of wireless communication transceivers, which communicate over respective wireless links with corresponding transceivers in the communication unit of the second computer. A multiplexer distributes the data received by the data interface from the first computer among the plurality of transceivers for transmission thereby over the respective links, and assembles the data received from the second computer over the links into a single, ordered stream of data to be conveyed by the data interface to the first computer.


582145 V. Description of the invention (l)

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION I. Field of the Invention The present invention is roughly related to data communication in a wireless communication network. 11 · The background is particularly related to the data rate transmitted between two points in the honeycomb r: 5. The rate of data transmission between the two points is higher than that between the two points. The industry knows that in this case, multiple links are used in parallel to ^ Ϊ (ppp) ° η # ^ ^ ^ ^ t ^ ^ Point-to-point accounted for qf tr) agreement, you can pass the power of ppp from ^ J will use Ye p Xi link agreement. This agreement was described by Sklower in the Request for Comments (RFC) No. 1 990 (August 1996) of the Internet Engineering Project (ρΕτρ) Network Working Group, and is described here for reference. Logical data links such as multiple integrated services digital network (I SDN) bearer channel splitting, reassembly, and method of sorting data.

Even though the heavy link protocol requires special multilink modems, the standard telephone modems currently installed on most computers are not compatible. In the honeycomb field, the IS-9 5 standard coded multidirectional proximity (CDMA) communication developed by the Telecommunications Industry Association (T IA) provides what is known as the medium data speed (MDR) and high data speed (HDR) for the South Speed Features of data service transmission. When the user data rate between the mobile station (MS) and the base station subsystem (BSS) exceeds the data channel rate of the ordinary CDMA, MDR and HDR allow multiple simultaneous

Heavy data channel. Since one direction often has a larger amount of data to transmit than the other direction (most commonly in the forward direction, that is, from to ...), the number of channels opened in both directions need not be equal. In MDR, it is used in all directions, typically there is a basic code data channel, which together with the data carries the signal and up to 7

Page 5 582145 V. Description of the invention (2) The total data rate of the supplementary code data frequency is similar to the phase 2+ standard case, and multiple rooms are configured to carry high-speed data HSCSD or MDR, etc., and the original network transmission on the new device. This program uses data transmission method. The current information distribution of this information information communication unit makes the inter-unit rights intended to be marked to be output to Su Mingruo and the network transmission to the multi-declaration of the network is more than the letter unit of the letter unit issued in two The quasi-data channel availability rate is used to invest in high-speed time-sharing materials as needed. Great standard. Significant stem features. Stem features of the brain. Parallel use of the bee at the South Speed and the material service circuit cut. Mostly nearly half of the current implementation of this investment. Inventive aspects include improved equipment. For the nested key information. The supplementary channel is based on anytime action. Provided by Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Telecommunications Exchange Data (HSCSD). Such high-speed standards such as TDMA time slots are not supported by the honeycomb system deployed by ms, and other high-speed standards will need to describe the infrastructure. The purpose is to provide the means and methods of communication through honeycomb. Another purpose is to provide a way to be transparent to the application, enabling the application program and transmitting between computers and devices. Another purpose is to provide a honeycomb type that is compatible with devices that are completely compatible with the road infrastructure. High-speed network setting and method. In a preferred embodiment, a pair of computers are connected to individual and wireless, and they simultaneously exchange data through multiple wireless links. It is better to communicate through a cellular network. Multiple links are connected to each or more bee-like transceivers to establish a 'transceiver' while groaning in parallel. Each unit has a data interface, which is typically serially coupled to the data port of an individual computer.

Page 6 582145

V. Description of the invention (3) Ports. Applications running on a computer preferably use standard point-to-point (ppp) protocols to exchange data via wireless units' but are unaware of the use of multiple links. The multiplexer of the wireless unit is responsible for allocating data frames by individual computers ^ for multi-link transmission and reordering the data frames when receiving, so the operation of each unit is essentially transparent to the computers using these units.

In this way, the present invention can transmit data through a wireless network through multiple data rate exhaustion of a single channel rate. This feature is particularly important for cellular networks, which have limited bandwidth and slow data transmission on a single channel. Use = cheap hardware without changing the existing cellular infrastructure ie 4 data rates. It is also not necessary to modify the computer or the software application using the present invention to exchange data without units. The v port therefore provides a letter unit according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention including: ri ... Greenpeace computer receives data for transmission to two computers, and transmits and receives from a data interface, which is applicable to Similar data from the second computer of the wireless data communication unit to the first computer; multiple wireless communication transceivers adapted to communicate through the corresponding transceivers of the computer communication unit; and a multiplexer adapted to allocate borrowed data Introduce,

The data is used by multiple transceivers to receive the data from the second computer through the link through the individual link. The data interface is transmitted to the first computer through the data interface. The orderly data flow capacity of the earlier, better, and better wireless communication transceivers, including the bee, are achieved through the cellular communication network. In order to establish the wireless link, most of the 582145 pairs of pairs are compared with the pair of devices. The description of the invention is (4) The transceiver sends the data to the first computer through the corresponding transceiver. The data system agreement seems to be received in a better way. The reception is combined with each frame to form a single method. According to the present invention, the method includes inputting from the corresponding transmitter, including the first to the second computer multiplexing, receiving the communication link, and receiving. Outgoing calls are made via the cellular communication network. The interface of the communication unit of the second computer is suitable for the first computer. Among them, the data standard is the mode of the data modem. Because the first computer: the RS-232 interface is included. Step-by-step applications executed on the first computer use standard points and send. / 、 There is only a single circuit between Zhuo Er computer and I #-numbered layers of the first computer;: Divided into multiple frames' and multiplexed an ordered data stream. The better specific implementation of the data frame transmitted through the link: | Further provides a wireless data-computer data for 'the second computer between multiple pairs of transceivers; a transceiver coupled to the wireless communication link Each pair: Wang Diyi computer and the second transceiver are coupled to the individual units of the Mm data transmission unit of the first computer = and thus are formed through a combination of multiple wireless wireless communication links in parallel; r '' Sequence lean material stream is to be output to the second power supply \ wireless communication from the link and the link and the second power supply establishes a two-way link from the second power supply. Therefore, it has multiple wireless communication chain-computers. Including the establishment of the better through honeycomb communication

V. Description of the invention (5) Links to the network, issued multiple calls to these links, including through cellular communication networks where there are links that become non-beer calls, so decide when to rebuild the non-operating link ^ The link established by the eight orders includes making a call and it ’s better to take a turn to connect it to the first-electrical :, the brain's data includes analog standard data modem " -computer r; jf = suspect: the data modem includes Received from the point-to-point communication protocol received; the third entry data includes the use of standard data, as if introduced; ^ m 'you' the best input for applications running on the telecom: only single-chain between the two computers Road operation. The data includes the first computer receiving multiple data frames, and multiple jobs can be combined into a single ordered data stream. According to the frame 2 transmitted by the link, the frame of the Bedding ten dagger is reordered according to the numbering layer, and the frame sighed after receiving is removed from the numbering layer. The link is operational. The invention is explained in the drawings. The drawings together with the drawings will be more complete and the drawings will be briefly explained. Figure 1 is a block diagram schematically illustrating a multi-link cellular data communication system according to the present invention; 2 is a flowchart schematically illustrating a method for transmitting data according to the system of FIG. 1 丨 Father 4 specifically implements the embodiment. FIG. 3 is a flowchart schematically illustrating a method for receiving data according to the principle in the system of FIG. 1; and a preferred specific implementation Example: Page 582145 5. Description of the invention (6) FIG. 4 is a flowchart schematically illustrating a method for implementing a new sorting of the data frame received using the method of FIG. 3 according to the preferred embodiment of the present invention. Example 1 Detailed description of a preferred embodiment Figure 1 is a block diagram schematically showing a preferred embodiment according to the present invention

> (rJ's wireless data communication system 20. The system 20 includes a pair of personal computers W 22 and 24, which are coupled to the individual cellular units via cables by the individual cellular data communication units 28 and 30, The typical connection is a standard serial cable connection of the RS_232 port of each brain. In addition, virtually all wired data connections known to the electrical industry can be used for computers and wireless units. The cellular communication network is better for CDMA network operation. In addition to 9 °, other types of networks and other cellular standards can be used. In the specific embodiment shown in FIG. 1, the computers 2 2 and 24 execute the application program 26, and the application The data under the program is exchanged between computers. As known in the industry, it is better than the point-to-point (PPP) communication protocol exchange. In each computer, the ppp protocol = the data generated by the program is encapsulated in a series of data frames, and then 2 applications = Computer. In addition, any other appropriate communication protocol can also be used for computers that are preferably capable of generating breeding boxes or data packets. 4. Cellular unit 28 (and similar cellular unit simulator 32 'is connected to the aforementioned by a cable Computer The data frame of =: module = is distributed among multiple cellular phone modules 2 and 38 by multiplexer 34. Each module, like the industry, 37, includes -cell transceiver with: ti: Yi △ w — There are logic circuits and control circuits on it. The Lei Nianji group is not marked with PHONE 1, PHONF 9 η electrolysis, 7 _ 2, · · ·, PHONE η and indicates that any predetermined number of modules are clear. Lingbei can be used for this predator. The inventor found

582145 V. Description of the invention (7) The number of convenient telephone modules used by the nested unit 28 is between 2 and 6; 30 equal-numbered modules are used. For convenience and robustness, the transceiver uses a common antenna (not shown). Each phone module is in a cellular type _ = its own phone number, in order to facilitate the execution of the number, it is preferred that each phone module 36, 37, 38 of the cellular unit 28 transmits data to the unit 3 over a cellular network. _Module. J = The received data is demultiplexed by the corresponding multiplexer 34, according to which: the second multiplexer 32 is transmitted to the individual computer. ^ For clarity of multi-hygiene devices and numbers ", the individual and power blocks are used to explain. These two functions are preferably performed by the same processing unit, and most preferably by a general-purpose processor with appropriate input / output nodes and software. In addition, the modem simulator 32 and the multiplexer 34 can be executed on Yuan hardware or a combination of software and hardware components. Figure 2 is a flowchart illustrating a preferred communication unit 28 according to the present invention. And 30 is between 22 and 24 of the computer's transmission data. For clarity, the method described below refers to 4 ^ :: transmitted by the computer, but it must be understood that the computer communication usually through units 28 and 3. The computer communication is for dialing instructions. Step 50. The user of the brain 22 uses standard Microsoft dial-up connection. From the arrival & +,? To the Mingyi prompt, enter d, the formula: dial-up request. Typical user by The soft electric home is just the code. In response to this, the user sets the phone number of the first phone module 36 in the bee 30 (pH ONE, factory J code: planned by the pre-program. When the user's input 2 is received ^; When the electric rule of WJ is broken, t brain 22 sends a dialing instruction to unit ⑼. 王

V. Description of the invention (8) ^ In response to the dial-up instruction, the caller 90 is called the initialization step 52, and the caller module 36, 37, 38 is set up to the caller to establish an n-way call. When the corresponding module of Bayou Zaofan 30 called. As shown at the same time, when the return of Step 54 is successfully established, the call is successfully established, the unit 28 is ready to connect to the finger link :: to the computer 22 'send a notification to the computer, and the data unit 28 is as if the unit is; Count; Dagger: The computer can start sending data to Dan when using only a single Hive: D modem-like. However, the data transmission rate is roughly the same as the receiving data frame; it can reach Π times the rate. Receive PPP information frame. In the computer simulator 32, the computer 22 sequentially displays its dedicated-to-frame pointers in the sequence. Then the multiplexer 34 adds the frames 36, 37, and 38 to the frame: Better multitasking? Assign each frame to the phone module. However, the f phone module == sends the data frame to the corresponding part of the whole unit in a bad way. … Passing step 62 will pass the data frame to the slip. It will be sent during the link between units 28 and 30… link lost. This loss of connection is often caused by unit 1 but may also be due to unit 28 or 3. Hardware failure of Gongyi 34 regularity test phone module%, 37 cases. If it is confirmed that it is still connected to the other unit, it is still valid. When the link is no longer valid, multiplexing: = Sending, with-Degree becomes a data frame for transmission. When the honeycomb link is operated again, the data transmission speed between the computers 22 and 24 is still maintained. Once the module is rebuilding its honeycomb chain: Then V. Description of the invention ( 9) Know the multiplexer, and then resume sending data. "When the data communication is over, the computer 2 and the module will give it back. Computer 2 2 ends the connection with computer 2 4. The user 2 instructed the car body # to hang up at step 6 4 to end the connection. The same dial-up unit 28 of the computer initialized the connection instructs the telephone modules 36, 37, and sends a request to cancel the connection to the unit 28, 30 also notifies the computer 24 that the connection has ended 38 and hangs up its individual call. Unit FIG. 3 is a flowchart schematically showing a preferred embodiment of the present invention for receiving a transmission between units 28 and 30. The method of data transmission described above with reference to FIG. This method is performed with and continues until the end of the link. Can be completed in parallel between units 28 and 30 at the same time between units 28 and 30. #Receive the bell instruction 'in the modem simulation step 6; = number: "" 26 received the information to the modem of unit 30 to cry 32. = data stack initialization message. At this time, the computer 24 is ready to receive data from the computer 22. In: In the material receiving step 70, the multiplexer 34 receives the data frame from the telephone module ⑼, =, 38. The multiplexer system The forks are received in the order in which the data frames arrive at the module, but the order is often different from the order in which the computer 22 sends out the data frames. For this reason, in the reordering step 72, the multiplexer buffers the data frames, and The unique numbering information added to the data frame is reordered. At step 74, the numbering layer is removed from the data frame. At the sending frame step 76, the modem module 32 is sequentially connected through the cable between the modem simulator and the appropriate computer port. The data frame is presented to the computer 24. " Figure 4 is a flowchart illustrating the details of the reordering step 72, thereby


The data frames received by $ 工 & 34 are sorted for output in the proper order. This step is triggered whenever a new frame is received, or in addition, when Γ has not received a frame when the timer has expired. Typically, the timer is based on "the network's message response characteristics are set to expire after 7 seconds. The number of parameters" is used in the flow chart to indicate that a special period is added at step 5 8 (Figure 2). To each box number. "Second Count" is a parameter used to indicate the number of the next data frame sent / received in advance. Received the out-of-order second; if the box's comparison is determined with the current next-count value, then: I, the buffer is collected until its number sequence is reached. Value: When I data unit 34 receives a data frame, its count value is larger than the current next count. If the values are different, the comparison value is different from the predetermined window, and the amine is different. The window size is typically set to 8 frames, and the window size indicates the extent to which the data frame ‘ϋίϋ remains within the collection. If the difference between the count value and the time of this exchange is greater than 0 but within the window size, the current frame is increased to 24.框 All the frames in the collection are sent to the computer in the order of their counts. The second episode: The record and the slot that can hold the received data frame are marked as Delivery: To Correspondence = # 料 架 has been sent out. Then times—count value reaches;. Take the value of the last box count value greater than 1, the multiplexer waits for the second-frame other face, the right multiplexer 34 receives a box whose count value matches the next one, and the effect is given to the computer 24, and the corresponding registration mark is collected. Suspend for 1 $ state, and check the rest of the registration in the collection, and '办 定 Αθ 隹 j㊉ will be sent. For each registration, the corresponding registration in the next count value recursive " 疋-determines whether it holds a valid suspension of capital ":: 汇

Page 14 582145 V. Description of the invention (η) Yes, this box is sent to the computer, and the next registration of the collection is checked in a similar manner, until the invalid registration is found. At this point, if the sink 'set has not been empty', in other words, the S set has a valid login, then the timer will be restarted (if the collection has been empty, there is no need to restart the timer until another data ° box is reached). The multiplexer 34 will wait for the next frame to arrive. F timer has timed out before the arrival of the box. $ Correspondence in the collection. Ϊ: Description: ί I check the exchange-set the registration process for each person: as long as a single: 30 Ji 'Although, female 02 / catty:' < Multi-tasking The device 34 continues to cycle through step 72. Wonder :: Invention :: = Honeycomb communication describes a preferred embodiment, but for example, personal communication system (pc, ..., line communication ^ system communication. It is necessary to understand the front and He Xing ,, first, and application to The ground invention is not limited to Chong Er ^ The specific examples are for illustration purposes only. This case is specifically shown and explained, but the case is too small. Μ = a combination of the foregoing multiple features and sub-combinations "and =; :: Wen-Ming will obviously be easy to know that has not been revealed in the prior art == 582145

Page 16

Claims (1)

  1. 582145 Six application patent scopes1. A wireless data communication data interface, which is suitable for similar wireless data communication with the data of the second computer to a multiplexer corresponding to a plurality of wireless communication transceiver computer communication units. The transceiver uses a data interface to receive self-streaming through a combination of links and transmit it through the data interface. 2 · If the patent application scope, the transceiver includes the establishment of a honeycomb nested communication network. 3 · If the patent scope is claimed, each transceiver is connected to the computer's communication unit. 4 · If the scope of patent application is used to simulate standard data 5 · If the scope of patent application includes RS-232 interface. 6. If the scope of the patent application is implemented on the first computer, it should be located between the first and the second Raytheon unit, including: a second computer for receiving the letter unit by the first computer, and a computer; The self-device is suitable for communication through a wireless link transceiver; and / or Yu Diyi accesses the borrowing data interface to pass through the individual computer of the Zhuoyi computer: computer data and = to the first computer. The communication unit of the long-term information in the first item, the transceiver is sent, and the communication unit of the second item of the wireless communication system of the Qianxi Department of the wireless communication system of Qianxi Department, is through the honeycomb communication. A. In order to establish a non-compliant transceiver, ° ,, and "send" are called to the communication unit of the second item, the mode of the modem, and the poor interface is suitable for the fourth generation to the computer. D Zao Wu, which uses the communication single program of item 4 for packet loss; I: ® 1 / 、 Medium and negative materials are because there are only ^ 4 point-to-point communication protocols in the brain. 582145 VI. Patent Application _ Computer Information It is divided into multiple frames, and 0 number layers are sent, and a data stream is added to each frame through the link multiplexer. The frames of the winning round are combined into a single ordered 8 ·· Wireless data communication method, including eight. Input data from the first computer ^] to the first computer from the corresponding multiple pairs of transceivers; the transceiver includes the first transceiver coupled to the wireless communication link Road, each pair is connected to the second computer; Device | 禺 multiplexed to receive individual parts of the data transmitted from the first computer ’s data line communication link. 'Thus through multiple non-receivers in parallel through multiple wireless communications: the combination of the received data into a single data'. And computer. Orderly lean material stream to be output to, the second 9 · If the patent application scope of the eighth letter link includes the establishment of a two-way link, which establishes a plurality of wireless communication second computer to send to the first computer. It is also possible to establish multiple links through two links. For example, the k-link in item 8 of the scope of the patent application includes passing through a bee, and among them, establishing multiple wireless communications11. Such as establishing a real communication network to establish a link. T 明Profit-seeking and consumption method 1n The method of sending ^ through a honeycomb communication network, where the establishment of a link includes, 12. If the scope of the patent application is Chuanxi Xiangren two words. Decide when to link one, method, and include monitoring calls To re-establish a non-operational link = work, where establishing a link includes a method of establishing communication, where the input comes from the first power
    Page 18 U. If the scope of the patent application is item 8 ^ 6. The scope of the patent application: The information includes the analog-to-consumption to the first-electricity 4 · If the scope of the patent application includes the number of receipts from the electricity ^姑 t 7 old applications are used in various ways; 苐 there is only a single method between the first and the second computer to receive the item from the scope of the patent, for example, plus the data frame of the first computer and the multiplex number layer, according to This early orderly lean stream is passed through the link wheel. "7. If the method in the 16th scope of the patent application file includes the reordering according to the numbering layer to receive the numbering layer, so it is executed on the second computer = the standard data of the brain, which is used to simulate the input of standard data. ‘Where the input data includes a point-to-point agreement, and the link operation receives the data. The rotation data contains the connection data and the data frame. The material frame can be combined so that there is only one order between the first and second computers. The data frame received by the combination and received by the frame is received by the program. To data link operation. , Page 19
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