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Cheng-Gung Chen
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Shu-Bin Liu
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Dev Center Biotechnology
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The present invention relates to a stable solid type prostaglandin drug, particularly a Misoprostol (± methyl 7-[3(Α)-hydroxy-2-β-(4(RS)-4-hydroxy-4-methyl-trans-1-octen-1-yl)-oxycyclopenta-1Α-yl]heptanoate, which comprises an ammonio methacrylate copolymer. The ammonio methacrylate copolymer used in the stable solid type of the present invention comprises Eudragit RS series copolymers, Eudragit RL series copolymers, Eudragit S, Eudragit L, and a mixture thereof.
TW86109178A 1997-06-30 1997-06-30 Improved stabilization of prostaglandin drug TW446561B (en)

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TW86109178A TW446561B (en) 1997-06-30 1997-06-30 Improved stabilization of prostaglandin drug

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TW86109178A TW446561B (en) 1997-06-30 1997-06-30 Improved stabilization of prostaglandin drug
JP23496697A JPH1135488A (en) 1997-06-30 1997-08-29 Prostaglandin agent improved in stability

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TW446561B true TW446561B (en) 2001-07-21



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TW86109178A TW446561B (en) 1997-06-30 1997-06-30 Improved stabilization of prostaglandin drug

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JPH1135488A (en) 1999-02-09

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