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Filter for phosphorus release from wet condensate


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SU47624A1 SU181211A SU181211A SU47624A1 SU 47624 A1 SU47624 A1 SU 47624A1 SU 181211 A SU181211 A SU 181211A SU 181211 A SU181211 A SU 181211A SU 47624 A1 SU47624 A1 SU 47624A1
USSR - Soviet Union
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phosphorus release
wet condensate
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П.М. Ниженец
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П.М. Ниженец
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Application filed by П.М. Ниженец filed Critical П.М. Ниженец
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phosphorus, characterized in that it consists of an inclined grid 3 located in a vessel having a water seal and dividing the vessel into two compartments, the lower of which 4 are two-way (or the like) by crane 5 communicated with the higher-lying 3 suck

House 7 on the one hand by means of pump 6 and pipe / 7, ending with an open end in the upper part of vessel 7 and on the other hand through pipe / 5 ending with an open end at some distance from the bottom of vessel 7.

SU181211A 1935-11-28 Filter for phosphorus release from wet condensate SU47624A1 (en)

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SU47624A1 true SU47624A1 (en) 1936-06-30



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