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Виктор Михайлович Буров
Павел Тихонович Максименко
Яков Львович Самбур
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Burov Viktor M
Maksimenko Pavel T
Sambur Yakov L
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The invention relates to dentistry, namely to the tips of the reciprocating dental machines.
The aim of the invention is to improve the usability and simplify the design.
The drawing shows the tip to the drill, a longitudinal section.
The tip includes a housing 1, in which a shaft 2 is mounted on bearings, secured from a longitudinal misalignment using a sliding sleeve 3. A shaft 4 is fixed on a shaft 4 and a cam 5 with an oblique ring groove 6 of the “braid washer” type. On the cylindrical part of the housing 1, a sleeve 7 is freely attached, fixed from longitudinal mixing by a split ring 8 installed in an annular groove on the housing 1, and screws 9 with which the split ring is attached to the sleeve 7. The sleeve 7 is rotatably mounted on the housing 1. In the case 1 and the sleeve 7, a rod 10 is mounted, at one end of which a working tool mounting unit 11, for example a collet, is mounted, and a cylindrical protrusion with an annular groove 12 is mounted on the other. On the stem 10
a key 13 is installed, preventing its rotation relative to the sleeve 7. The connection between the shaft 2 and the rod 10 is made by a slider 14 having two projections 15 with which it fits into an oblique annular groove 6 and a groove 12. The slider 14 is installed in a slot 16 made in the housing one.
Tip to Bormaschina works as follows.
With the aid of the sliding sleeve 3 and the driver 4, the tip is connected to the drill sleeve. When the transfer roller 2 rotates, the cylindrical cam 5 rotates, while the slider 14, interacting with its protrusion 15 with an oblique annular groove 6, slides in the slot 16, making a reciprocating motion, while another protrusion 15 entering the annular groove 12, the slider 14 entrains the stock 10 carrying the tool. The operator, holding the tip of the sleeve 7, brings the tool to the surface of the tooth being processed, if necessary, rotates the sleeve 7 with his fingers and, accordingly, the tool acquires the necessary position most convenient for the treatment of the tooth.

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1. TIP TO THE DRILLING machine, comprising a housing with a shaft installed therein, a rod with a tool holder for fastening at one end and a rotation transducer mounted on the shaft, characterized in that, with the aim of improving ease of use and simplifying the design, it is provided with a sleeve, mounted on the housing coaxially with the rod with the possibility of rotation relative to the housing, and the rod has at the other end a cylindrical protrusion with an annular groove for interaction with the rotation Converter.
2. The tip in π. 1, characterized in that the rotation Converter is made in the form of a cylindrical cam with an oblique annular groove and has a slider.
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