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User input back channel for wireless displays


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Vijayalakshmi R Raveendran
Xiaolong Huang
Xiaodong Wang
Fawad Shaukat
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Qualcomm Inc
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As part of a communication session, a wireless source device can transmit audio and video data to a wireless sink device, and the wireless sink device can transmit user input data received at the wireless sink device back to the wireless source device. In this manner, a user of the wireless sink device can control the wireless source device and control the content that is being transmitted from the wireless source device to the wireless sink device. The input data received at the wireless sink device can have associated coordinate information that is scaled or normalized by either the wireless sink device or the wireless source device.
SG2013049671A 2011-01-21 2012-01-20 User input back channel for wireless displays SG191763A1 (en)

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